10 Foods to Shun If You Want to Lose Weight Quickly

Eat the right type of food to help you lose weight quickly

You have decided and started a weight loss program with the aim to lose weight quickly. What is the most noticeable obstacle that can move you away from your weight loss goal? One word that comes into mind straight away is Hunger.

lose weight quickly image003Dealing with Hunger when going through a weight loss diet could be a daunting task. This is because you could easily be blown off your weight loss plans when you start feeling hungry. However, with

you will be able

  • lengthen the times between meals,
  • reduce your craving for food, and therefore,
  • make your effort to lose weight quickly as effective as you want it.

In this article, we look at the types of food that are capable of making you feel hungry very quickly and can therefore have the potential to destroy your weight loss effort. These are the types of food that you have to stay away from when you decide to go on the journey to the quickest way to lose weight.

Sugary cereals

We often wrongly assume that all cereals are very healthy. Unfortunately however, quite a few of them contain large amounts of sugar. In many cases, when we eat sugar, the sugar is converted and stored as fat if the body cannot use it for energy. Thus eating sugar is like opening the doors very wide to your body to store fat. Your blood-sugar levels rises whenever you eat sugar. This in turn prompts the body to release insulin, a hormone that alerts your body to store fat, which in turn results in weight gain in many cases. If you intend to make to make your weight loss effort a success, then it is best to avoid these sugary cereals.

Hint: Always read the packaging label and opt for those with no added sugar like bran or oatmeal cereal. These breakfast cereals contain high levels of fibre and can keep you full for longer periods

Refined foods with no fiber

weight loss diet image01

Refined foods with no fibre, such as white rice and refined pasta enter your blood sugars very quickly. They therefore have the tendency to give you a large blood sugar spike, followed by a sharp decline as the insulin that is released makes use of the glucose in the blood. With a drastic fall in sugar levels, hunger sets in, increasing your desire to have food a lot quicker than you plan. This in turn weakens your effort to lose weight quickly.

Snack Bars

A lot of these are low in protein and high in fat. This makes it very difficult to balance the carbohydrates that are eaten with them. They therefore behave in the same way as both white rice and sugary cereals. They cause a blood sugar spike and a fall in your energy levels, increasing your hunger levels and therefore raising your craving for food.

Protein Bars

These tend to be rich in protein but also high in sugar and calorie levels. It is advisable to check the packaging of these protein bars and avoid those with high sugar and calorie levels.


These have high concentration of sugar and one of the worst foods to have if you want to control your hunger.

Fatty Foods

quickest way to lose weight image006Fatty foods take away any control you have over your taste buds and should be avoided. Such foods include sweets, fast foods like burgers, cakes, fries, whole milk etc. Eating lots of these can drastically defeat your goal to lose weight quickly

Salty Foods

Salty foods increase your cravings as they dehydrate you and should be avoided if on a weight loss diet.

Artificial Sweeteners

Sweeteners that can be found in lots of food tend to trick you into eating more as they give you the impression that they contain no sugar. Pastries containing refined floor and artificial sugar are a typical example. These contain mostly carbohydrates with little or no nutrients.


Most juices have been stripped of the healthy fibre and pulp that can be of benefit to your body and health. Most contain high levels of sugar instead. As explained above, they offer your body very little benefit. Instead, they cause intermittent spikes in your blood sugar levels and, subsequently increase your desire to fall on snacks to help keep your hunger spikes as bay.

Caffeine and Alcohol

These are more like feel good stimulants. Taking food with any of these can make you feel “happy”. You end up eating more than you should. Alcohol is capable of making you mentally weak and pushes you into making wrong food choices. Avoid these or cut them to the minimum if you aim to lose weight quickly

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