20 Tips Guaranteed To Help You Lose Weight Quickly

Your roadmap to a well-toned, lean, healthy dream body

This page contains all the basic tips and information that you need to help put you on the road to long-term weight loss success. Our suggestion is that you should read it over as many times as you can and whenever possible. Take the necessary steps to put the tips and suggestions into practice and see the excess fat steadily falling off.

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Secret to successful and long-term weight loss

Have you been trying to lay your hands on the secret that will help put you on the quickest way to lose weight? Have you been trying to find the secret formula to long-term weight loss? If you have, then, I believe you are at the right place. The only thing is I’ve got to give you some bad news first.

The bad news: The existence of a magic weight loss pill or supplement is just a myth. So, please stop looking for one because you can never find any.

The good news, on the other hand is, as it has been said many times, it is the simple solutions that are often the best.

To lose weight quickly and make it long-term may not be very easy, but at the same time, it may not be as difficult as it may seem. It requires good knowledge, commitment and the ability to make the right decisions and the right choices. If you can put these factors together, you will be setting yourself on the road to weight loss success. A road that will help you lose weight quickly, safely and hopefully, maintain it for a very long time.

If you have made various attempts to lose weight without success, or if you have lost weight in the past only to see the excess fat gradually creep back, or if you are now taking your initial steps to put yourself on the quickest way to lose weight, then we would like you to give serious consideration to the tips below.

Initial preparation

weight loss plans

Tip #1: Understand the reasons for your weight gain

Many of us put on weight unconsciously. Inadequate knowledge, misinformation, emotions, health, stress, finance, lack of motivation are some of the factors that could contribute to the accumulation of excess fat in the body. Thus, you need to identify and understand why you piled on the excess weight. This should be your starting point. We do not believe you can work this out on your own.

A visit to your health practitioner or family doctor should be your first step. He or she will help you identify the causes of your weight gain and help you identify the best options available to you to help you lose weight safely and hopefully keep the weight off for a very long time.

Tip #2: Set realistic goals

No matter how quickly you would like to see your excess weight fall off, it is worth bearing in mind that the type of goals you set could either make or break your level of motivation. Take the necessary steps to set goals that are realistic, measurable and possible to achieve. Many people start their weight loss strategy with the expectation to gain the body they had many years back. Such an expectation may not be possible to achieve and could only lead to heartbreak, stress and failure.

Start with small goals that can be achieved easily. This will give you the confidence  and help push you forward.

Tip #3: Change your mind-set

Having the willpower to lose weight quickly is good but may not be good enough to help you achieve success. Many who have fallen by the wayside have realised at some point that it could be a big struggle to stay motivated continuously.

Bonus Tip #1: Use self-hypnosis to help you lose weight quickly for the leaner healthier body of your dreams

Boost your level of motivation and willpower with self-hypnosis. Hypnosis has been in existence long before carbohydrates and the counting of calories came to our attention. Hypnosis can help you retrain your brain, way of thinking and also help you break away from certain habits. Self-hypnosis can help you change your way of thinking to boost your weight loss effort


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Tip #4: Get rid of false beliefs and myths

Misinformation and inadequate knowledge could help derail your weight loss effort considerably. Various weight loss myths and beliefs peddled over the years, sometimes by “so-called” renowned companies. Such myths can only be handled effectively with proper education and the ability to make the right choices.

Tip #5: Understand Nutrition

This will help you identify what food to include in your diet and what to take out. Your goal to lose weight is based on your desire to live healthy, among others. This means you should take the necessary steps to supply the body with all the essential minerals and nutrients that can help you to function properly and protect you against various diseases. This knowledge will help you achieve this purpose.

Tip #6: Knowledge of food labels is very essential

This will provide you with good information about the constituents of the food you are eating. Such information will include the amount of calories you are taking in,

  • the fat contents of the food,
  • the type of fat in the food,
  • what nutrients and vitamins you are getting from the food, etc.

This will help you plan your healthy meals a lot better to give you a better chance of succeeding. Being able to read and understand food labels is very important for long-term weight loss and weight management.

Tip #7: Make the right choices to help put you on the quickest way to lose weight

Your ability to make the right choices with respect to your diet, the type of exercises to take and the type of active life you have to lead is another vital element. For example, replace white bread with wholemeal bread, full-fat milk with semi-skimmed or fat-free milk, walk short distances and not drive, replace fizzy drinks with water, do away with alcohol or cut it down to the barest minimum. These are some of the many hard choices you have to make to enable you to make the journey to the quickest way to lose weight a success.

Bonus Tip #2

You can only lose weight quickly by adopting Healthy diet and healthy eating habits. Find out more …

Tip #8: Change your lifestyle to help put you on the quickest way to lose weight

To lose weight quickly and make it long-term will require a change in your lifestyle. While some may be minimal, others may be drastic. It however has to be done to enable you to succeed. To make these changes, you will have to understand the causes of your weight gain. This will help you plan effectively to achieve your weight loss goals. Your family doctor, health professional, nutritionist and/or a weight loss coach are some of the professionals you can consult to help you with this. Don’t hesitate to do so.

Tip #9: Pre-packed weight loss meals are a drain on your resources and take control away from your hands

Many see pre-packed weight loss foods as the solution to their weight loss problems. In our opinion, this may not be the case. We believe the disadvantages of going this route far outweighs the benefits.

  • The cost of such prepared meals is usually very high and will burn lots of holes in your finances.
  • Going this route will mean being stuck with this arrangement for life in order to maintain your weight loss goals. Your inability to do so, especially when your financial situation changes, or when, for example, the provider goes out of business could mean the excess weight you lost creeping back.

Instead of going this route, why not take interest in preparing healthy meals at home? It will give you control over your diet for good

Tip #10: Cut down the intake of salt.

Herbs and spices can be very good substitute for salt in many instances. Replace salt with herbs and spices whenever you can. They will do your heart and health lots of good.

Many of these healthy foods contain ingredients that can help boost your body’s metabolism, making it easier for you burn more fat. Add as many and as much as you can to your meals to enhance the flavour and to help keep your weight loss effort on track.

Tip #11: 5-a-day is a must

Five-a-day fruits and vegetables should be seen as one of the most important keys to your weight loss success. Take the necessary steps to make sure you have these regularly. Include as many colours and varieties as you can.

Fruits and vegetables can help boost your metabolism, help with digestion, help suppress your hunger to help you cut down on your food intake and help to improve your health considerably.

5 a day image01Tip #12: Include healthy snacks to help suppress your hunger

When chosen with care, healthy snacks could be one of your biggest ally. Snacks like peanuts, Air-popped popcorn, low-fat or fat-free yogurt, oatmeal, strawberries, dark chocolate, will help suppress your hunger and help keep you fuller for longer periods.

 Tip #13: Drink plenty of water – will help boost your metabolism and help flush your system

Water may not directly help you lose weight. However drinking water should be regarded as an essential component due to the many benefits it provides. It keeps you hydrated and help suppress your hunger. This can help reduce the temptation to fall on healthy snacks. The brain finds it difficult to differentiate between thirst and hunger. Make it a habit to sip a bit of water every now and then to remove this confusion. Experts recommend your body will require about 1.2 litres of water every day. Try to make this happen

Drink ordinary water, that is, tap water, natural mineral water and bottled water. Herbal and fruit tea, as well as green tea and their varieties can also be good alternatives.

Fruit juices contain no fibre and could have high glycemic index (GI). Avoid these as much as you can

Tip #14: Develop a regular eating pattern

Many start their weight loss journey with the belief that they will be able to lose weight quickly by skipping meals. Unfortunately, that is a false belief. Skipping meals will mean depriving the body of many of the essential vitamins and nutrients it requires to function properly. This could lead to tiredness and a fall in performance levels. The temptation to fall on unhealthy snacks rises considerably. This could lead to weight gain.

  • Make it a habit to have a regular eating pattern.
  • Instead of having 3 large meals a day, have about 4-5 smaller meals with about 3 hour intervals.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so don’t skip it.
  • All other meals are equally important so give attention to each of them.
  • Use a smaller plate for your meals, instead of a large plate. It will help you reduce your food portions.
  • Eat slowly to help the stomach to communicate properly with the brain when you are full.
  • We recommend having your supper or last meal of the day about 3 hours before going to bed. This will give the food enough time to leave the stomach, and the body’s metabolism would have slowed down by then to enable you to have a comfortable sleep.
  • Cut down on sugars and alcohol if you can’t eliminate them completely

Tip #15: Keep a food diary

A food diary will help you plan your meals. It will also help you identify what you are eating and the amount of calories you are taking in. By planning your meals ahead, you will be able to get rid of the temptation to do with whatever is available

Tip #16: Join a support group

Trying to lose weight quickly can be a very daunting task for many. A support group can help give you the encouragement and the confidence that you may lack, especially at the start. Find one within your locality to join. There are many of such groups on the internet, if you prefer it that way. A support group will give you the opportunity to share your success stories and can be a platform for accountability so don’t discount the benefits this can give you.

Tip #17: Your weight loss strategy should put high emphasis on physical activity

Regular physical activity should be regarded as an integral part of any plans to put yourself on the quickest way to lose weight. Your goal should be to have a minimum of 30 minutes regular workout every day or 60 minutes of physical activity at least 3 times every week.

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The type of physical activity and the level of intensity will however depend on how much fat you are aiming to burn and how quickly you want to achieve your goals. While a moderate level of physical activity may be enough for some, others may require more intensive and/or prolonged workouts.

Consider the following for moderate level of physical activity

  • Walking at a very fast pace or briskly. Aim to cover about a mile in fifteen minutes
  • Tennis, depending on the level of activity,
  • Cycling with friends and family at a casual pace,
  • Playing with the kids in the playing fields, for example,
  • Cutting or mowing the grass, racking, clearing the lawn

For vigorous activity, you can adopt some of these competitive sports:

  • tennis,
  • football,
  • soccer,
  • basketball;
  • Running and jogging,
  • Skating,
  • Swimming,
  • Skiing

Tip: If you are able to adjust your diet to make it possible to reduce the amount of calories you are taking in, then any level of physical activity may help you burn more calories than you are taking in. And so long as are able to maintain this, you will be able to bring your weight down over time.

Bonus Tip #3:

For better results, have a meal that is rich in carbohydrates but low in protein and fat content an hour or two before any workout. Depending on your level of fitness, body mass and the level of intensity of your workout, aim to have 30-50 grams of carbohydrates within 30 minutes after your workout. Given that the metabolism of fruits is higher than that of starchy foods, fruits are highly recommended in addition to a meal with high protein but low in carb content. Click here to find out more >>


Tip #18: Learn to manage stress

Stress has been identified as one of the causes of weight gain in many people. According to Elissa Epel, PhD, an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of California at San Francisco, the pressures of everyday life and the associated worries can lead to an increase in appetite and subsequently stress-induced weight gain for some people. Take the necessary steps to deal with stress to help you achieve weight loss success.

Some few recommendations to help you deal with stress

  • Take regular  exercise,
  • make sure you are eating healthy meals and healthy snacks,
  • learn to relax, for example through yoga and listening to soothing and relaxing music,
  • sleeping very well,
  • stay away from coffee, alcohol and cigarettes,
  • take the necessary steps to ensure your body has good levels of essential vitamins and nutrients, and also,
  • do not hesitate to seek medical attention

Tip #19: Supplement your weight loss effort with diet pills and supplements

Weight loss pills and supplements can play a vital role in your effort to lose weight quickly. While there are some that are known to have various side effects and even ineffective, there are other clinically proven diet pills that can help you burn the excess fat that you have accumulated in your body effectively.

A natural body cleansing or detox product, for example can be used to help you clear your body of any unwanted and poisonous toxins, especially at the beginning. This may make it possible for you to achieve better results.

Multivitamins and other sports nutrition and supplements can also be used to help replace any vitamins and minerals that your body many be lacking.

We have no hesitation in recommended the use of some of the diet pills and sports supplements. However, these should be regarded as a temporary measure. Healthy eating, regular physical activity and active lifestyle are you need to make your weight loss long-term,

Tip #20: Look into the possibility of getting a weight loss coach

Our final tip is for you to give serious consideration to getting weight loss coach. A weight loss coach will give you all the guidance and support you will need. The coach can help you set realistic goal and help you devise a workable weight loss plan to match your goals. Your meal plans, exercise regime, monitoring can all be done effectively if you are working with a coach.

A good coach will take the necessary steps to pull you into line when things are not going as expected. You can lose weight quickly and make it long-term if you have a weight loss coach by your side. Give it a serious thought and see the excess fat gradually falling off, to give you the lean healthy body of your dreams.

The tips above will help you lose weight fast, easily and safely. They will help you get rid of the excess fat in a very healthy way. It is said that it is the simple solutions that give the best results. Adopt some of these tips and put them into practice and see the weight drop steadily.

Achieving the body of your dreams may not be as complex as you think. You can succeed on the quickest way to lose weight with some few adjustments in your lifestyle and some level of discipline. Give it a go and you will be taking the steps to put a spring inn your life.


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