How to Accomplish Your Weight Loss Goals

A Step-By-Step Plan to Pull Off Any Goal

Goal setting probably isn’t something that’s very new to you – most of us make New Year’s resolutions every year to change something about ourselves that we don’t particularly like. But when it comes to setting goals that you will actually stick to longer than a few weeks, days, or even hours, these sorts of lofty ambitions often go unfulfilled. Why is that? And how can you set goals that you can actually follow through with?


In this post we’ll walk you step-by-step through some goal setting strategies that have been proven to work. We believe they can work for you as well. So, whether you want to lose weight quickly and safely, gain muscle, get a lean healthy body, or, just eat healthier meals, follow along and be ready to hit those targets.

Identify your reasons

Before you set out to set your goals, be sure to think exactly why you want to achieve those goals. We all have reasons that drive us forward. A new parent gets up to care for their baby at 2 o’clock every night because they know that their child needs to be fed or rocked.

What do you need? Is it to lose weight so you can be healthier? Or is it to lose weight to make you feel amazing’ in your swimsuit or jeans?

Try to find a real reason to achieve that particular thing. As yourself whether you really want that particular thing. Ask yourself whether you are really prepared to forgo a lot of things to enable you to achieve that particular goal. It is these reasons and desire that will drive or push you  every day to help you reach your goal.

To start with, try to answer the questions below, and remember: be honest.

  1. What is your main goal, especially, with respect to your weight or your health? Is it to lose weight quickly, to build your muscles, to eat healthier, or is it something else?
  2. When you envision yourself reaching this goal, what is it about your new future self that makes you feel better? Is it your appearance or your energy? Why not write the most important of these down.
  3. What does this reason make you feel good about ? Is it because it will make you feel confident? Is it going to make it possible for you to wear a particular designer dress or is it going to help you move forward in other areas of my life?
  4. Once you accomplish this goal, what would you do first? For example, go shopping, go to a reunion, hit the beach, run a marathon?

If you have been able to answer the above questions, then we believe you have been able to establish your real reasons for wanting to accomplish your goal.

Be Realistic when setting weight loss goals

 Now that you’ve figured out your real reason for wanting to accomplish your goals, let’s get even more real. It’s time to think about how soon you can really and healthily accomplish those weight loss goals.

It can be tempting to want to give in to the latest fad diets and get quick-fix results in 3 days. But realistically, deep down, we all know that we can’t possibly live like that for the rest of our lives. Most of us can’t even cope with that for a few days. Going this route will only end in disaster in the long-run

To make a better decision, it will be a good idea to think about yourself – your day, your home life, work life, and social life, and what time and resources you’re really willing to commit.

Think about your typical week. Write down your work hours, your typical social engagements, events, and family time at home. Be truthful and figure out how much extra time you really have in a day.

It’s great to think that we can all spend 2 hours a day in the gym. Unfortunately this may not be possible or realistic for many of us.

Looking at your typical day, how much time do you think you can fit into your day in order to do some physical activities? While time may not be on the side of most of us, there is always room for something if we make it a priority. It may mean forgoing something else or it may mean doing things a little bit differently.

You do not need to spend hours in the gym in order to exercise. Walking, using the stairs, cutting or mowing the grass are some examples of activities that will not need  to be done at the gym.

An exercise video can help you exercise at home. There are many exercise activities on the telly that you can partake. Dancing to the music on the telly or radio, for example, are all good and effective ways to help you achieve your weight loss goals. The good news is that a lot of these may not cost you much money.

If you believe you might need some equipment to help you achieve your goals, then why not consider investing in some home equipment?

Break your goals down

You’ve got down your real goal and the amount of time you could realistically dedicate to it. Now how do you actually go about accomplishing it?

The best way to accomplish your goal is to slowly break it down into smaller and smaller steps, until you have a plan you feel you can manage. You should be pushing yourself a little, but not overdoing it. Life is busy enough – you want your new goals to fit smoothly into your life, not to make it more complicated.


  1.   Start by breaking your goal down into smaller, do-able chunks. For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, then start by saying that you’d like to accomplish that in 6 months – that gives you enough time to lose weight at a realistic pace, with some extra wiggle room if something comes up. Want to do 5 full pull-ups in 3 months? Start by saying you’ll accomplish one in one month, then add more as your go.
  2.  Now, take your smaller chunks and break them down even more. If you wanted to lose those 20 pounds in six months, aim to lose 1 pound per week.


Planing can help you achieve your weight loss goals

Now that you’ve mapped out smaller goals, you need to plan out exactly how you’ll get those done on a day-to-day basis.


For example, losing that pound a week could mean you have to burn 3,500 extra calories per week. That breaks down to 500 calories per day. To accomplish that, you could say that you’ll try to eat 250 calories less, and burn 250 calories more by exercising for 15 minutes during the day, say during lunch time or after work in the evening, plus an extra 15-30 minutes’ walk in the morning.

Again, be realistic about what you can accomplish. If it seems to be too much, take a few steps backwards and figure out if you’ll need more time. Remember, even if it takes a year, or even two or three, think about how it would be if you started now versus if you did not.

Starting immediately can help you achieve your goals earlier than if you start next year. Remember, your weight and your BMI is continuously on the ascendency. Thus, it will be easier to start losing weight now than to wait for another year.



Now that you have a blueprint plan, think about what will happen if your plan fails. While you don’t want to be negative, it is important to give thought to some issues that could make it difficult for you to achieve your weight loss goals. Think about these questions:

  1. What’s the worst that could happen if you fail?
  2. What has sabotaged your effort to lose weight quickly and safely in the past?
  3. What can you do to overcome or avoid those obstacles?
  4. What measures can you put in place to help you overcome those stumbling blocks when they arise?

Your weight loss plan should include a session that will help you to deal with the questions above.

Remember, your goal is to succeed and not fail like you may have done in the past. A well-laid out plan can help you deal with all eventualities. There is no harm in going back to re-write part of the plan if you feel the need to.

The point to remember is that you have set those goals to enable you move from where you are now to another point that may change your life for better. Thus, give yourself a promise to keep trying, to keep going and never to give in to thinking that you can’t.

 Although these goals are aimed at weight loss and fitness, they can be applied to any area of your life, whether it’s improving your home life, career, or social life.

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