Do Late Night Snacks Affect Your Weight Loss Effort?

Can late night snacks make it difficult for you to lose weight quickly?

There have been many debates on the question as to whether late night snacks will help you put on weight and whether a late night snack will help your effort to lose weight quickly. People hold different views but the most important thing to bear in mind is that what you eat has a big influence on whether you put on weight or whether it helps your effort to lose weight fast.

lose-weight-quickly-image006If you are embarking on the journey to the quickest way to lose weight, having a late night snack will not make you put on weight so long as you watch what you eat and the amount of calories contained in each.

Four to small five meals a day can help you lose weight quickly

Everybody is different, and so whilst some people may be able to suffice on 2 meals a day, others will need three meals, whilst some may always want to have a snack late at night to keep them going. Ideally, if you goal is to get rid of the excess fat that is making your life miserable, you should aim to have about 5 meal a day within two to three hours of each other. It is only by doing so that you can keep the hunger pangs that could drive you into the temptation of eating unhealthy snacks away

 Ideally, you should try to regulate the times that you have your meals. A well-prepared diet plan that specifies the times you eat and what you will be eating is the best way to do this.

 In spite of your many good intentions to stick to your weight loss plan, there will be occasions where you may have to deviate for very good reasons.  You may, for example, stay late at night either for social or work reasons and may require some snacks to satisfy your hunger pangs. The most important advice is for you to watch the calories especially if you are trying to lose weight quickly.

Whether you intend to lose weight quickly, put on weight or stabilise your weight, the amount of calories you take in will determine your level of success. Everything you take in has a certain amount of calories attached to it. Thus adjusting your total calorie intake to match your weight loss goal is very vital for success. In effect, the little changes that you are able to make to your lifestyle and your diet could indicate the level of at which you succeed with you weight loss effort.

The Key to your weight loss success is planning. Always pre-plan your meals including your snacks for each day and if you plan to have a late night snack, make room for about 200 calories to cater for the night snack. 200 calories is what most healthy late night snacks will contain. An effective weight loss plan is therefore very important in any weight loss strategy.

Boost your weight loss effort by opting for healthy low-calorie snacks at night

High-fat foods, high-protein foods and large portions will cause havoc to your waistline. Thus, choose low-fat foods that digest easily if you are on the quickest way to lose weight. Fruits, mixed fruit salad, low-fat milk, low-fat yoghurt, veggies, whole meal cereals and peanuts are very good sources of proteins. Such foods are also low in calories and will not derail you effort to lose weight fast if taken in reasonable quantities.


You may have to adjust your weight loss plans and the components of your diet, if you realize that it is becoming a habit to always fall on late night snacks. Opting to eat more fibre during the day, for example, will keep you fuller for longer periods. Adjust your sleep times to go to bed a bit earlier than you usually do, especially if all that you do is to stay up to watch the late night telly, stay on Facebook or do some shopping. You may have to consult your health care provider if you find the habit persisting.

A word of caution though. Don’t have your snacks just before you go to bed. In effect don’t go to bed with a heavy stomach. Try to have your last meal about two hours before going to bed. This will give the food enough time to digest before your metabolism slows down when sleeping. Any snack just before bed should be kept below 200 calories if you don’t want to see your weight creeping upwards.

If you pack your late night snacks with foods that are low in calories, but enough proteins and vital minerals to keep your hunger pangs at bay, there is a high possibility they will not derail your weight loss effort, so long as it doesn’t become a regular habit.

You don’t want to go to bed feeling hungry as this will do you more harm than good, At the same time you want to make sure that any late nigh snacks you choose will help you keep your effort to lose weight quickly on track

Choosing the right late night snack will ideal for suppressing your appetite and will not make you put on weight. Changes in your lifestyle and your diet are very necessary. Starting your journey to the quickest way to lose weight does not mean giving up all your treats or starving yourself.

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