Preparing To Start Your Weight Loss Journey

How to prepare yourself to lose weight quickly

The long term benefits of keeping your weight within medically recommended levels cannot be easily ignored. Unfortunately, this is very difficult for many to achieve. Thus a fairly large proportion of the population are overweight. The complexity of modern lifestyle makes it very difficult for many of us to keep our BMI within the recommended range.

preparing for weight loss

The pressures of life and our inability to lead a healthy lifestyle continuously have resulted in many of us with BMI levels that have ballooned beyond acceptable levels. Thus, many of us at one time or the other have to resort to various means to help us lose weight quickly. Adopting an effective weight loss strategy has become a necessity for many

Taking the necessary steps to put yourself on the quickest way to lose weight is very vital as it comes with many benefits. Such benefits include among others

  • an improvement in your lifestyle,
  • an enhancement in your health, and
  • helping the body to fight illnesses as cancer and heart diseases

If you are overweight,it is very important to start adopting measures that will put you on the road to the quickest way to lose weight. It is accepted that we are all different in many ways and would therefore be very difficult to devise a weight loss plan that will suit everybody. However, there are also many things that anybody attempting to lose weight quickly and safely can do to help him or her to succeed.

Think long-term

There is enough evidence to show that the most people who succeed on their journey to the quickest way to lose weight and keep that level of weight permanently do so by adopting long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle instead making short-term changes. Making small but realistic changes to your diet and lifestyle and making them part of your normal and daily routine is ideally the best way to lose weight quickly. This strategy is more effective than going,  for example, for a quick fix fad diet solution.

Seek Advice and Support

It is always advisable to seek medical attention before embarking on any weight loss program. This will ensure you are adopting the right measures. Seeing a medical practitioner may also help you understand why you may be putting on weight.

People put on weight for many reasons. This could be stress, the pressures of everyday life and medical condition, among others. A very good medical assessment could help you get to the bottom of your being overweight. It can then help you know how best to achieve your weight loss goal,

Aside seeking medical advice, getting support from friends and family can also be vital in determining how far you can go on your journey to the quickest way to lose weight. If you move or live with people who prefer to eat junk food, e.g. then it may be a lot harder for you to lose weight quickly. Thus it is vital to align yourself to people who can give you the necessary encouragement and support to enable you to embark on your journey to lose weight quickly successfully.

Set Goals that are Realistic

Start your journey to lose weight quickly by setting yourself goals

  • that are realistic,
  • that can be measured, and
  • that you are possible to be achieved.

Setting a goal to lose 10 kilos in 3 months, though can be achieved, it  may have a toll on your mind and body and could be dangerous to your health. This is because trying to lose weight too quickly could make you feel tired, weak and sick as you lose more water and muscle instead of fat.

On the other hand setting a goal to lose 10 kilos in 12 months can be achieved quite conveniently and safely. Thus a realistic goal can make your attempt to lose weight quickly a lot easier and safer.

lose weight quickly

To help you set realistic weight loss goals and achieve them, you can consider using the services of a weight loss coach, if you can afford it. A weight loss coach can help give you the professional guidance and support that you may need. Many sports men and women employ the services of coaches to help them achieve their best. You can do so with a weight loss coach to guide and push you to the achievement of your goal to lose weight quickly and safely

Go slowly and don’t overdo things

Opting for a drastic change in your diet and lifestyle could have a psychological effect on you and could lead to frustration. Introduce changes slowly and gradually and incorporate them into your lifestyle. Small changes will keep your level of motivation high and can be dealt with a lot easier when you miss a target.

It is also worth remembering that frustrations and temptations are always bound to occur. Don’t feel down when there are setbacks. Instead, look forward to the benefits you stand to gain by putting yourself back on track. Let that spur you on to push you back on track.

Keep track of everything

Keeping records of all the changes you incorporate into your diet and lifestyle will help you identify what is working, what is not working and what to change when necessary. Thus have a booklet to keep records of your diets, your weight, what physical activities you are undertaking etc. Have a weight loss journal for this purpose.

quickest way to lose weight

By keeping records of all your activities, you will be able to know when the excess weight is coming off and what you have been doing to achieve that results. This can also serve as a big motivational factor to push you to your weight loss goals.


To find the right diet strategy that works for you may require trying a few before finding one that will suit your body. Thus, if one diet doesn’t seem to work for you keep trying till you find the right one and when you do, stick with it for as long as it works. This will go a long way to boost your effort to lose weight quickly.

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