Real-World Weight Loss Strategies That Work

Effective weight loss strategies to help you lose weight quickly

Losing weight is an ongoing battle. Fighting those cravings and hunger pangs are something most people deal with on a daily basis. Even after you lose the fat, it can be difficult to keep it off with the many temptations lurking at every corner. Yet, many people are able to successfully lose pounds and keep them off for life. These people don’t usually follow a specific diet or fad, but do what works best for them and their bodies, in order to achieve their weight loss goals.

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To get you started, or encourage you along the way, we are sharing some great weight loss tips that have worked for countless people who have lost the weight and kept it off. Pick and choose your favorites. Try a new one every week. Keep the ones that work for you, and ditch the ones that don’t. The main point is that if you adopt even just one of these strategies every month, by this time next year, you will be thinner and healthier.

Healthy eating tips

The healthy eating tips below could go a long way to make you weight loss strategies a success

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  1. Keep a water bottle with you all day that has eight elastic bands around it. Each time you get to a band, remove one elastic. By the end of the day you should have removed them all. That will give you your fat-fighting water requirement for the day.
  2. Prepare for the day or week by apportioning out snacks into individual plastic bags. That way when you reach for some cheese, or even want a little treat, you won’t be tempted to eat the whole box!
  3. Also prepare for meals. Many people have successfully gotten pounds off by using either ready-made frozen meals, or by making their own portioned meals for the week. There are thousands of ideas out there if you look – salads in a jar, freezing marinated meat and veggies for sandwiches. That way you’re always ready for a meal and never starving.
  4. Go around the plate. One tip that works for a lot of people is starting with one food on their plate, or a particular section that looks appealing. Once you have had enough of that part of your meal, move onto the next food or area. Once you finish with one thing, consider it done and don’t eat any more.
  5. Don’t drink your calories. Switching to drinking only water alone can help you lose one or more pounds per week without making any other changes!
  6. Drink before, after and between. Drinking a cup of water before and after meals can help a long way in keeping you full. Drinking between bites – whether it’s water or your favorite low-calorie beverage – can help even more! That way your stomach is being filled
  7. Snap a Pic. A big emerging trend for foodies is taking pictures of elegant meals that they have eaten. But this can be a beneficial practice for dieters too! Snapping a photograph of what you’ve eaten during the day can give you a good idea of your diet. Even if you don’t know the calorie counts, you can gauge whether to eat less tomorrow, or put extra time into your workout.
  8. Plan for failure. When you do overeat, plan what you will do. Planning for slip-ups that may or may not happen will help you deal. Saying that you’ll fit in an extra 10 minutes of workout every day to negate the extra calories is better than giving up completely!
  9. Follow the plate rule. Fill one half your plate with fruits or veggies, ¼ with carbohydrates or starches and ¼ with protein. This can be done when you’re making bigger casseroles or other one pot meals as well.
  10. Find low-calorie replacements. Many dieters have success because they find lower calorie recipes of their favorite foods. Love stir fries with noodles? Try using bean sprouts or spaghetti squash instead. Can’t live without taco night? Try black beans instead of meat and big lettuce leaves instead of fajita. Be creative and search online for ideas – there are thousands

 Workout Tips

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  1. Make your own challenges. Workouts can get boring quickly, but making yourself mini-challenges along the way can help. When one weight-loss success story went to the gym, he would scope out the person working the hardest and try to beat them in his own workout.
  2. Get it done. Jumping out of bed and working out may seem like a radical idea for some people. But for many it has worked well. Getting up early and getting in even just 20 minutes of exercise can make a huge difference in your waistline.
  3. Stop and…jump. Min bursts of exercise are as effective of one workout done all at once. If you are very time limited, then breaking up your workout into 2 chunks or even doing 5 minute spurts throughout the day all adds up to more calories burned.
  4. Have an emergency workout plan. If you can’t get to the gym or out for your daily run, have a few backup options ready. A workout video, exercise machine or some bodyweight circuit exercises are some good suggestions.
  5. Set your stuff up beforehand. Always work out the best way to implement your weight loss strategies. If you are working out at home, make sure to have a set area for your exercise equipment. If you’re heading to the gym after work, keep your gym bag in the car or next to you at work. It will be easier to get started if everything is right there in front of you.

 Positivity Tips

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  1. Just keep going. Inevitably there will usually be some pitfalls along the way. Even those who are able to lose weight quickly and successfully usually face some sort of challenge along the way. Whether it be a difficult life event, or having eaten too much cheesecake, so try to stay positive. Most people who have hit their goals say that they were successful because they didn’t let little slips stop them.
  2. Use Visualisation. Visualise yourself at your goal. Athletes often use this strategy when training, and it works for fat loss or fitness too. People who do visualisation exercises everyday tend to lose more than people who do not.
  3. Watch your progress. Sometimes you can get so caught up in reaching your goal, you might forget how far you’ve come. Keeping pictures of yourself along the way has helped many dieters see their progress and how far they have gone on their journey to the quickest way to lose weight.
  4. Make it visual. A lot of dieters find they feel encouraged when they can see a visual of their pounds lost. Many keep two jars next to each other – one filled with stones, each one representing a pound they wish to lose. When one pound is lost, it goes into the second jar.
  5. Throw out old clothes. Either give away or trash your old ‘fat’ clothes. Doing so can help you see your level of success. Make an attempt to let go of your former self. Many dieters find this also adds an extra incentive to not gain back the pounds – you’ll have no old clothes.
  6. Celebrate each victory, no matter how small. Whether it’s losing a pound or finally being able to lift heavier, celebrate every small victory. Treat yourself to a non-food luxury like taking a bath or having a night out with friends. Even if you tell no one why you’re celebrating, you’ll feel great and want to keep going.

There is always a feeling of some pride when you manage to achieve a particular feat. Trying to lose weight quickly could be a very daunting task to many. But, by adopting the right weight loss strategies and taking steps to implement them effectively,  your journey to the quickest way to lose weight will not be in vain.

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