Will The Dukan Diet Help You Lose Weight Quickly?

Is The Dukan Diet The Best Way To Lose Weight?

The latest to hit the weight watchers’ scene is the Dukan Diet – a weight loss program which claims that by following it you can lose the first ten pounds in a week and continue to, as much as four pounds, until your ideal weight loss goal is reached. Read one of the most comprehensive Dukan diet reviews  to find out whether or not it’s actually as good as it claims to be.

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What is the Dukan Diet?

The weight loss program, a brainchild of French physician Pierre Dukan, has quite a lot of rules that must be followed so that you can achieve weight loss success. To achieve your weight loss goals, you have to follow the four ground pillars which are in these phases:

  • attack,
  • cruise,
  • consolidation, and
  • stabilization.

There are more than a hundred foods which are “allowed” but the diet is basically centered on those which are protein-rich.

The first phase of the weight management program claims to enable those hoping to put themselves on the quickest way to lose weight to lose between 4.4 and 6.6 pounds within two days to a week. According to the suite, this is possible due to the way it kick-starts the metabolism. During this “attack” phase, dieters can eat any of the 68 listed high protein-content foods.

weight loss foods image01The “cruise” phase allows the dieters to still eat as much as they want of the 68 foods with an additional of 28 particular vegetables.

The weight loss promised by this diet program at this point is 2.2 pounds per week depending on particular personal conditions. As per this diet’s weight loss methods, there are foods that can be “tolerated” and eating them will not make the dieter gain weight. Avocados and potatoes, or other starchy foods, for instance, are allowed to be consumed in small portions.

Preventing potential weight gain after achieving your weight loss goal is what the “consolidation” phase is all about. Starchy foods, bread, cheese, and fruits are reintroduced to the diet. There will be two meals considered as “celebratory” per week as indicated in the diet plan. This means the dieter can eat anything he/she wants at these celebratory meals. 

The last phase is that of stabilization phase.  The dieter can eat whatever he/she wants without weight gain by having protein only once weekly, consuming oat bran daily and “taking the stairs,” meaning doing physical activity or exercise that isn’t necessarily a full-blown workout. Such activity could be like walking instead of using the car to do errands which are near the home.

If you can follow the stabilization phase for the rest of your life, this weight loss program claims you can avoid regaining the weight you shed.

The French doctor has been promoting this diet for more than 30 years; and it became popular after its publication in 2000 as a book entitled “The Dukan Diet.” Weight loss management, according to this diet, is all about protein, not counting calories.image03

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Features of the Dukan Dietary Program

The effort level to stay on this diet is at medium. You won’t need exotic spices and herbs or elaborate preparation of your meals.

  • Planning, shopping, and cooking the meals on the diet are all easy to do.
  • The foods allowed for consumption are low-fat, no-fat or lean, so if you already have an existing heart condition, this diet will be ideal for you.
  • Although this diet sounds similar to the Atkins diet, this is even stricter because cabbage and spinach will be off-limits to you at the start of the diet.
  • Unlike the Atkins diet, though, this is a heart-conscious diet that restricts the consumption of fat.
  • The diet has a community aspect to it by offering sample recipes, coaches who mentor weight watchers through each of the phases, and success stories from real people on the company’s official website.
  • Wine consumption is not allowed during the early phases but you can have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer to go with your celebratory meals.
  • Unsweetened tea and coffee, sugar-free foods like gum, spices, and artificial sweeteners are allowed.

Pros and Cons of the weight management program


  • The dietary program is inclusive of a daily exercise plan.
  • The meals indicated are easy to prepare.
  • This diet encourages avoiding or cutting out processed, refined, sugary, and fatty foods totally.
  • There is no need for counting calories or weighing the foods you eat.
  • The dieter can lose a significant number of pounds as long as the procedures in the plan are strictly followed.
  • This may be especially helpful for jump-starting a sluggish metabolism.
  • This diet requires decreasing the dieter’s intake of salt or sodium which is actually a healthy move.
  • Walking is encouraged with each phase of the diet and, depending on the phase the dieter is in, walking between 20 and 30 minutes daily is recommended.
  • There are also several exercises designed for strength training that come with the plan, a feature that can be excellent for people who are recovering from conditions related to weak muscles.

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  • Some may find the meals monotonous to prepare as well as eat.
  • Because it is restrictive, some dieters may find it difficult to following all the rules accordingly.
  • The package is not suitable for vegans and lacto- and ovo-vegetarians.
  • It may prove to be more expensive than a diet which emphasizes vegetables, fruit, and starchy carbohydrates because of its emphasis on a protein-based program of lean meats, fish, and poultry.

Does the Dukan diet work? Find out what people say about the diet program

Some people who have tried this reported success with their weight loss goals, but some did not according to the  reviews submitted. This can however be attributed to the lack of discipline from the dieter and not entirely on the mechanics of the program. Like other diet plans that avoid or eliminate certain food groups entirely like fruit, vegetables, and whole grains, it may cause the kidneys to overwork.

Uric acid typically occurs in high protein diets and its expulsion from the body will put strain on the kidneys to make them overwork which, in turn, could either injure them or make existing kidney issues worse (the founder rebutes this with the advice: “drink more water”).

Additionally, it has been well documented that the side effects of any diet plan which insists on  low carbohydrates could include bad breath, constipation, lethargy, and a dry mouth. This program is not immune to these side effects

Even favorable Dukan Diet reviews point out that it is not for people who give up easily or, as mentioned, lack discipline.  It will also be hard to follow for weight watchers who want regular variety in their meals. As a consequence of the obvious monotony of program, most dieters fall off it quickly. For those who carry on, there is enough evidence to show that it can help them lose a considerable number of pounds.

This is because the number of calories that the dieter consumes is limited. Based on the mentioned “cons,” this diet is also off-limits to vegans, ovo- and lacto-vegetarians; something which limits the number of people who can benefit from the more realistic, and otherwise healthy, goals of the program. The fact that the package restricts the food items that we have always known to be unhealthy is also a plus.image11

Dukan diet reviews – Our conclusion

As noted in various dukan diet reviews, the only thing that will keep you away from going on this diet is your commitment to complete it. And, if you don’t mind eating the same kinds of meals everyday throughout the duration of the system, then it will work for. As mentioned, those with existing kidney conditions are advised not to try the Dukan Diet.

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