About Live Life Healthily

The goal of Live Life Healthily is to be one of the most trusted review and information centers for all things and equipment related to Wellness, Home Gyms, and Healthy Living

The team has a clear understanding of the importance of physical health. Maintaining the body through exercises, proper nutrition, and healthy diets is a primary way to build strength and the vitality needed for healthy living.

We also understand pressures and contemporary lifestyles hardly make room for consistent exercise routines and daily trips to the gym or fitness centers.

How do people meet their fitness goals while stuck in a 40-hour plus per week job without feeling drained?

From our own experiences, the answer is not to take people to the gym, but to bring the gym to the people. This is the main goal for setting up Live Life Healthily. To many of us, constant trips to the gym centers are not that unnecessary. Gym memberships are big drains on our finances and pressure on the limited free time we have available. Why waste precious time and resources on such activities when these can be done in the comfort of your home?

Our team of writers is made up of seasoned fitness professionals and enthusiasts, gym rats, and nutritionists who care about how to live healthy through exercise and nutrition.

Each of us has home gyms of varying setups and what we aim to write about is from our own experiences.

We love everything about exercise, fitness, and healthy living and we love reading, researching, and writing about them.

We want to extend the knowledge and experiences we have acquired over the years to you. We aim to save you the time and hassle of making some of the mistakes we have made. We want to save you the stress you have to go through when you decide to set up a garage gym that can help you keep fit and live healthily.

In fact, we want to save you time and money by stopping you from taking those stressful trips to the gym and help you set up an effective home gym to enable you to reach your fitness goals.

Every review or article is independently and painstakingly researched to make sure we can bring you the most reliable information. That means we will not recommend any exercise equipment, gym accessories, diet, or dietary supplement until our editors and writers have put it through our rigorous reporting and testing processes to make sure it is the best.

Apart from relying on our own expertise, we also collect data and interviews from some of the trustworthy sources in the industry to help us recommend some of the best and reliable resources and equipment that are good value for money.

In some cases, we may receive commissions from the retailer of the product when you click our links and make purchases. This is the revenue we use to support the work we do. We also lose the commission if a reader purchases an item and returns their purchase because they were not satisfied with our recommendation. Thus, our goal is to make sure we recommend what we consider to be right for the money you want to spend

We aim to be very transparent in everything we do and most of the products we recommend are what we use ourselves and recommend to our family and friends. This puts our reputation on the line

We want to put you on the right path and help you set up the home gym that is right for you. We also want to help you make the right diet and nutrition choices to enable you to live healthily.

The team recognizes how the right home gym equipment can revolutionize your fitness regime and give you an opportunity to see your ideal body come to life, live fitter and stronger from the comfort and privacy of your home. We do this by delivering very reliable content and review and recommend some of the best products to help live a healthier lifestyle.

With Live Life Healthily, your home can now become your gym, anytime and anywhere.