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Best Battle Ropes for your Home Gym

  • Best Overall: POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope
  • Best for Beginners: Amazon Basics Battle Exercise Training Rope
  • Best Budget: ZENY Exercise Battle Rope
  • Best for Small Spaces: Hyperwear Hyper Rope Battle Rope
  • Rogue Conditioning Rope
  • Yes4All Battle Exercise Training Rope
  • Pro Battle Ropes (with Anchor Strap Kit and Exercise Poster)
  • Rep Fitness V2 Battle Ropes
  • GEARDO Battle Rope

Our Top 9 Battle Ropes


Product Name


Material Type



Best Overall

Power Guidance Battle Rope

L = 1.5/2 Inch

D = 30'/40'/50'



Best For Beginners

Amazon Basics Battle Rope

L =1.5/2 Inch

D = 30'/40'/50'

Poly Dacron


Best Budget

Zeny Exercise Battle Rope

L = 1.5/2 Inch

D = 30'/40'/50'



Best For Small Spaces

Hyperwear Hyper Rope Battle Rope

L = 1.5 Inch

D = 20'/25'



Rogue Conditioning Rope

L =1.5 Inch

D = 50'



Yes4all Battle Rope

L = 1.5/2 Inch

D = 30'/40'/50'

Poly Dacron, Nylon


Pro Battle Ropes

L =1.5"/2"/2.5" 

D = 30'/40'/50'

Poly Dacron


Rep Fitness V2 Battle Ropes

L = 1.5/2 Inch

D = 30'/50'

Poly Dacron


Geardo Battle Rope

L = 1.5/2 Inch

D = 30'/40'/50'

Poly Dacron


Choosing the best battle rope for your gym can be challenging, and you can get overwhelmed by the amount of information and the different versions presented to you.

woman training with battle ropes

Battle ropes come in different lengths and thicknesses, and manufacturers don’t use the same materials in their production.

To help you make the right choice, our team has assessed and analyzed many battle ropes on the market and picked 9 of the best. We hope it can save you time and effort and also give you clarity.

Best Battle Ropes that can help build power and strength

Below are the best battle ropes to help condition your body and build explosive power and strength.

Power Guidance Battle Rope

The Power Guidance uses 100% polyester, a durable, hardwearing synthetic material, for its ropes, which they supply in different lengths and diameters.

The ropes come with protective sleeves covering the entire length to help protect your floor from damage and dirt, as any loose strands stay inside the sleeve. The protective sleeve can help prolong the lifespan of the rope.

The ropes have 7.5-inch heat shrink handles, giving you enough room to find a suitable grip position and a more comfortable grasp.

You also get an anchor with fixings which means you can set them up immediately on receipt without worrying about spending any extra money before using them.

With 1.5-inch and 2-inch thicknesses and 30ft, 40ft, and 50ft length choices, Power Guidance gives enough options to meet the needs of most exercisers.

Newbies can start with one of the 1.5-inch lengths, while the experienced can opt for one of the 2-inch lengths.

The Power Guidance exercise rope is versatile and portable, making it possible to exercise with it whenever and wherever you want, including open and enclosed spaces.

Some may find them a bit more pricey than the competition.

But aside from aesthetics, which attracts criticisms from some buyers, the Power Guidance Exercise Ropes are one of the best sellers on Amazon and have thousands of 5-star reviews. Thus we are confident you won’t go wrong if you opt for one.


  • Full-length nylon sleeve cover for protection and durability
  • Different diameter and length buying options
  • Heat shrink handles for comfort and better grip
  • Comes complete with anchor and fittings


  • A bit pricier than the competition
  • Not the best to look at

The Power Guidance Battle Ropes are available to buy on Amazon.

Amazon Basics Battle Rope

One of the goals aims of Amazon Basics is to offer affordable products without much compromise on quality. The Amazon Basics Battle Exercise Rope is one of such products – reasonably good quality at an affordable price.

Made with 100% Poly Dacron and fitted with heat shrink caps for handles, the exercise rope is a piece of heavy-duty equipment with a tensile strength that will not easily break or sway.

The exercise rope is also portable, making it easy to exercise with it anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

It comes in different thicknesses (1.5 and 2 inches) and lengths (30, 40, and 50 feet), making it possible for you to find one that will suit your needs, irrespective of your fitness level and experience.

But unlike the offers from Power Guidance, the rope has no protective sleeve. Thus the possibility of fraying is very high, reducing the rope’s lifespan.

The rope also comes with no anchor fitting kit, requiring you to spend extra before fitting it.

The price is much lower than some of the ropes on the list, but it could cost you more in the long run if you factor in the limitations.

Despite the few limitations, it is worth considering, especially if you are a beginner. It is a no-frills product at an affordable price.


  • Affordable
  • Different lengths and thicknesses are available.
  • A good option for beginners, in particular


  • Quality not as high as others
  • No protective sleeve could limit the lifespan
  • No anchor kit

You can purchase the Amazon Basics Battle Training Rope on Amazon.

Zeny Exercise Battle Rope

The poly dragon-made exercise rope from Zeny comes with a short protective sleeve around where the anchor comes in contact with the battle rope. While it is an improvement on that offered by Amazon Basics, the level of protection will fall short of that from other manufacturers, such as Power Guidance.

Like others on the list, you get different lengths and diameters to choose from, making it possible to meet the demands of different users.

The heat-shrink plastic handles with an ergonomic design can help give you a better grip, making it comfortable to use.

The 3-strand-thick design will offer some durability, but fraying will occur sooner or later, limiting the rope’s lifespan. It might be possible to extend the lifespan if you use the exercise rope on a softer surface.

One other notable complaint from some buyers is they find the rope much stiffer than they would like. That could lead to the exercise rope damaging much more quickly.

The Zeny comes with no anchor kit, and the quality is about average, but it sells at a much lower price than many others and should be a good buy, especially for those on a budget.


  • Affordable3-strand-thick design
  • Different size options
  • Ergonomic handles for a good grip


  • Stiffer than anticipated
  • No anchor kit supplied.
  • Frays much easily

The Zeny Battle Rope is available to buy on Amazon.

Hyperwear Hyper Rope Battle Rope

hyper rope battle rope
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The award-winning Hyperwear Hyper Rope is much different from all the others on the list.

It weighs 15 pounds and is only 20 feet long, making it much shorter than the traditional exercise ropes. Yet, it allows you to perform high-intensity traditional rope exercises within confined spaces, and you don’t need an anchor point to hook it up. The flexible metal core adds weight to the rope and eliminates the need for an anchor point.

The unique design also allows you to perform many other exercises that will not be possible with a traditional rope.

woman exercising with the Hyper rope battle rope
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

It is one of the most versatile battle ropes on offer, high quality, portable, and durable, making it possible to get your high-intensity, fat-burning, and strength-building workout at will. All you need is 6 feet or less of room.

It is braided on the outside, making it more durable than twisted ropes, and manufactured in the USA and Canada.


  • High-quality construction
  • No anchor point required.
  • Useable in small spaces
  • 2 different lengths available.
  • Unique in many ways
  • Requires less space.
  • A good choice for those with small gym spaces
  • A good alternative to traditional battle ropes


  • Could be cumbersome to use
  • Some may find the length too short for comfort
  • Handles are not the best
  • Very pricey

The Hyperwear Hyper Ropes are available to purchase on Amazon. Alternatively, you can buy the Hyper Rope Battle Rope directly from Rogue Fitness.

Rogue Conditioning Rope

rogue conditioning rope
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The Rogue Fitness brand is synonymous with high-quality, durability, and second-to-none customer service. Rogue Fitness products are present in many home gyms and are one of the few pieces of gym equipment that can stand the test of time.

Rogue Fitness uses manila, a durable natural fiber resistant to water and salt, for the Conditioning Rope.

Unlike the others on the list, it comes as a 1.5-inch 50-foot rope and has no protective sleeves. That means the possibility of fraying is high, which could shorten its lifespan. We suggest acquiring some sleeves or wrapping some hard tape around it to protect your investment.

man training with rogue conditioning battle rope
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

But it is a high-quality rope for those who want a durable battling rope that can withstand rigorous high-intensity training.

It comes with rubberized handles for comfort and better grip.

While the manila construction may not suit everybody, they are common in CrossFit and hardcore gyms.

Thus the Conditioning rope should be a good buy if you want a durable, well-made traditional rope.


  • Quality construction and customer service
  • Rubberized handles for a good grip
  • Made with natural fibers
  • Made in the USA


  • No protective sleeving
  • High possibility of fraying
  • Not the prettiest to look at
  • No anchor fittings

You can purchase the Rogue Conditioning Rope directly from Rogue Fitness

Rep Fitness V2 Battle Ropes

The Rep Fitness V2 Battling Ropes come in three colors, diameters, and lengths to cater to different tastes and fitness levels.

Like the offers from Power Guidance, the Poly Dacron 3-twist braided rope design comes with a durable nylon protective sleeve.

The full-length protective sleeve should protect your floor and the exercise rope itself from fraying.

It comes with heat-shrunk handles for better grip and comfort. The 7.5-inch handles are long enough to enable you to find a comfortable grip point.

The price is much higher than many others, but the build quality of the Rep Fitness V2 is high and should serve you well for a long time. They are some of the best battle ropes on the list.


  • High quality construction
  • Dual-layer nylon protective sleeve
  • 7.5-inch handles for a comfortable grip point
  • Variety of color, diameter, and length options


  • No anchor kit
  • Pricey

You can order the Rep Fitness V2 Battle Rope on Amazon.

Pro Battle Ropes

The Pro battling rope comes with an anchor strap kit and an exercise poster, making it a more comprehensive offer than any other on the list.

Profect Sports supplies the rope in a durable protective sleeve for durability and to prevent fraying.

The training rope comes in different lengths and thicknesses, and each has extra long heavy-duty coated handles for comfort and better grip. They won’t slip from your sweaty hands easily.

Apart from the 1.5-inch and 2-inch thicknesses which is the standard diameter from most manufacturers, Profect Sports offers a 2.5-inch thick rope with different lengths. That would suit those with large hands.

The build quality is good and the rope is reasonably heavy enough to take you through some challenging workouts.

The supplied tensile strength anchor straps and stainless steel carabiner ensure you can anchor or secure the exercise rope within seconds and reduce wear and tear. And you get a foldable poster with rope workouts with your purchase.

With over 2000 positive ratings on Amazon, the PolyDacron-made Pro exercise rope is worth considering.


  • Durable construction
  • Protective sleeve
  • Different buying options
  • Anchor straps and carabiner for easy hookup


  • Needs better quality control measures – a few buyers receive packages with missing parts.

The Pro Battle Rope is currently available to purchase on Amazon.

Yes4all Battle Rope

Yes4All uses 100% poly dacron material to manufacture their training ropes and gives them a full-length nylon protective sleeve for durability and to protect them from damage and fraying.

Like many of the exercise ropes on the list, you can buy them the 1.5 inches or 2 inches thick rope and either the 30, 40, or 50-foot length. Thus, irrespective of your size or fitness level, you are bound to find a size to suit your needs.

Each exercise rope has 10-foot-long handles with heat shrink material covering to give your comfort, a better grip, and to protect the ends.

Yes4all supplies an anchor kit and a strap with each rope, giving you different setup options and making it easy to set it up and train whenever and wherever you want. The strap also protects the training rope from damage.

The ropes are lightweight and portable, and the prices are also reasonable, making them a good buy for starters and the budget conscious.


  • Different sizes to meet the needs of various buyers
  • Extra long handles for comfort and better grip
  • Durable with protective sleeves
  • Quick and easy to set up


  • Inadequate quality control measures

You can purchase the Yes4all Battle Rope on Amazon

Geardo Battle Rope

Like many of the manufacturers, Geardo uses Poly Dacron in the production of their exercise ropes.

The battling rope is high-quality and well-made and is available in the standard thickness of 1.5 and 2 inches and 30, 40, and 50-foot lengths. Thus there are various sizes and options for all fitness levels, including newbies, intermediates, and professionals.

Each exercise rope has a full-length nylon sleeve protective covering which protects it from fraying.

The protective covering ensures they are durable and long-lasting. The protective sheath also protects them from fraying.

The 10-inch long fitted heat shrink handles with grooves ensure a firm, comfortable grip when working out.

Geardo supplies an anchor kit with each rope to ensure you can hook it up securely for your training.

With 86% of buyers giving it a 5-rating rating, you should be confident that the Geardo will serve you well for many years.


  • 100% Poly Dacron construction
  • 10-inch long fitted heat shrink handles
  • Different buying options to meet the needs of all users.


  • Hardly any

The Geardo Battle Rope is available to buy now on Amazon.

Why Use Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are one of the best fitness equipment for an effective total-body workout through different movements.

They are one of the mainstay tools in mixed martial arts and CrossFit and could be a great addition to any commercial and home gym. Many athletes use battle ropes as part of their training to help prepare them for competitive events.

Having a battle rope in your gym can help you boost core strength and build explosive power and strength.

It is an effective tool for a HIIT workout, helping you to burn calories and lose weight.

battle rope exercises image 02

Factors to Consider When Buying a Battle Rope

Workout Space

The minimum length of a traditional battle rope is 20 feet. Divide that into two, and you get 10 feet. Add an extra 3-5 feet for moving around, and you are looking at a minimum working space of about 15 feet.

Thus you need a minimum of 15 feet to make it possible to exercise with one.

The Dimensions of the Exercise Rope.

The minimum thickness is 1.5 inches, and the minimum length is 20 feet.

Generally, the thickness and length of the battle rope influence the weight.

The thicker the rope, the heavier it is, and the more difficult it will be to use in training.

Thus, newbies and beginners may be better of with a 1.5-inch diameter and a shorter version (30 feet).

In many cases, 1.5-inch thick ropes are best for endurance-based workouts, while 2-inch thicknesses are better for HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) sessions.


Poly dacron, a mixture of polypropylene and dacron plastic fibers, is one of the most popular materials for battle ropes. They are strong, durable, and do not fray easily.

You can use them indoors and outdoors.

Consider one with a protective sleeve for a better lifespan.

Which muscles do battle ropes work?

Battle ropes work all your body muscles, especially your core.

According to an ACE-sponsored study, exercising with battle ropes can help activate your upper traps, anterior deltoid, and the palmaris longus, a long, slender muscle in the forearm.
They can also work your erector spinae, glutes, vastus medialis, a muscle in your quads, and external obliques

Are battle ropes worth it?

They are definitely worth it
Battle ropes are some of the most effective tools for building explosive power and strength.
Training with an exercise rope can help you build muscular strength, boost cardio fitness, and enhance athletic performance.
A battle rope in your gym can help you burn calories for a well-toned body.

Are battle ropes good for cardio?

Your heart will need to pump blood to your muscles to enable you to swing the battle ropes.
One study concluded that battle rope exercises increase your heart rate, helping you to more calories within a short period (1).
Other studies are available to show that incorporating a 10-minute battle rope exercise in your workout can improve your cardiorespiratory fitness (2, 3)

Can battle ropes be used on concrete?

Yes, they can.
But the quality of the floor can affect the durability and longevity of the exercise rope. A smooth floor will be much kinder on the rope than a floor with a rough finish.

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