best exercise bike to lose weight

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Best exercise bike to lose weight – A quick look

Losing weight requires creating a calorie deficit. You can achieve this either by eating less, exercising more, or doing both.

Cardio exercise is superior for burning the most calories in the shortest time. Riding a bike or exercising on a bike is one of the most effective cardio exercises to indulge in if you want to burn calories to help you lose weight.

Riding a bike does not necessarily mean going out in the countryside or on open fields. You can do that in the comfort of your home.

An indoor bike machine mimics riding a bike outside. It allows you to burn tons of calories while strengthening and building your leg muscles.

Our team has spent countless hours scouring the internet. We have then evaluated and compiled what we believe to be the best exercise bikes to lose weight.

best exercise bike to lose weight

Our choices for the best exercise bike to lose weight in each of the categories we have listed are based on the following criteria:

  • Build quality: The build quality of what we consider to be the best exercise bike to lose weight in a category must be good enough for the price it is on offer
  • Safety features: The best exercise to lose weight in a category should have all the necessary safety and comfort features in place.
  • Brand reputation: The reputation of the brand is very important. That should give you some assurance that you are not buying from a company with a questionable history.
  • Price: The list includes some of the best indoor bikes within various price ranges. This makes it likely for you to find the best exercise bike to lose weight within your budget.
  • Customer reviews: The best exercise bike to lose weight in a category has attracted many positive reviews and feedback from users.
  • Warranty: The warranty that comes with the equipment is very important. A good warranty should give you some peace of mind and ensure you have someone at the other end to deal with any issues that arise from your purchase.
  • Required Level of Maintenance
  • Adjustability
  • Noise Level
  • Display Console

Best exercise bike to lose weight to consider for you and your family to help you achieve your health and fitness goals

Below are detailed analyses of our selection for the best exercise bike to lose weight in each category.

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight Overall: Rogue Echo Bike

Rogue Echo Bike - Best exercise bike to lose weight - Air Bike
rogue echo bike

best exercise bike to lose weight -air bike category - rogue echo bike dimensions

echo bike display console

If you are looking for the best exercise bike to lose weight made by a fitness equipment producer known for their quality craftsmanship and customer service, then, look no further than the Rogue Echo Bike.

In designing the Echo Bike, Rogue combines some of the best features of the Assault AirBike and Schwinn Airdyne to come up with what could arguably be the best exercise bike to lose weight on the market.

This heavy-duty steel stationary bike weighs a solid 128 pounds. meaning, you won’t need to worry about it shifting underneath you while you ride. It is also quite a hefty product and will take quite some space in your home gym.

For added stability, it includes rubber encased leveling feet to keep the equipment stable and protect the floors of your home gym.

The dual-action feature of the Echo Bike allows you to work your upper and lower body at the same time.

Its zero-maintenance belt-driven steel fan blade provides a smooth ride throughout your workout. This belt-driven system is like the one found on the Schwinn Airdyne and is quite different from the high-maintenance chain drives found in most air bikes on the market.

The belt drive is like the ones found in automobiles. It is robust and runs with hardly any noise.

Like all air bikes, the intensity of your workout determines the results you get.

In other words, the effort you put in will determine the results you get. The more effort you put in, the higher the results you get. The resistance, delivered through steel fans, increases as you pedal quickly, thereby helping you to burn more calories to aid your weight loss and fitness effort.

Also included is a battery-powered (batteries included) LCD console display. Users can create a wide range of workout modes as well as track most metrics, including time, distance, heart rate, and calories.

You can track your heart rate but you will need a heart rate transmitter (not included) to send any data.

Assembly is required upon delivery, but Rogue includes all the necessary tools and hardware to do so, along with easy step-by-step instructions

Rogue opted for some heavy-duty rotating footpegs. These are knurled to give your shoes a good grip

Pricewise, the Rogue Echo will put a dent in your wallet, but that’s to be expected when you’re paying for a quality home gym equipment. But the price is no different from bikes of similar quality

The only complaints about this machine are that the battery life of the LCD monitor diminishes very quickly. And some bike pieces are delivered damaged or warped in some instances.

The Echo Bike is the first aerobic conditioning machine from Rogue Fitness, and it doesn’t disappoint. It demands lots of power but can help you burn calories. Most reviewers sing its praises for giving them the best conditioning experience.

The Rogue Echo Bike is arguably the best exercise bike to lose weight. There are a few others, but it seems to stand out.

The Rogue Echo Bike is available to buy directly from Rogue Fitness.



  • Self-tensioning belt that requires little to no maintenance.
  • Sturdy, quality construction
  • LCD monitor for tracking workout
  • Adjustable seat for comfort and convenience
  • Built-in front wheels make it easy to move about
  • Single grip position on the handles
  • Short LCD monitor battery life
  • High price for those on budget
  • May not be suitable for shorter people

Product Weight: 127 pounds | Product Length: 58.875 inches | Product Width: 29.875 inches | Product Height: 1852.75 inches | Weight Limit: 350 pounds | Foot Print: 44.5 x 23.75 inches |Steel Notes: 2×3 inches, 1.25×3 inches, and 1.625×3.125 inches steel

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Air Bike: Assault AirBike Classic

assault air bike - best exercise bike to lose weight -air bike category

assault air bike

assault air bike LCD display console

The Assault Airbike is a quality constructed home gym equipment from Assault Fitness.

It is one of the most widely used exercise bikes by CrossFit athletes. It is also quite popular among those looking for low-impact interval training. And it is good for both beginner and professional athletes, including those recovering from sports injuries.

The Assault Bike follows the same principles as a traditional fan bike. But Assault Fitness has discarded most of the traditional production methods to come up with a gym equipment that can withstand any rough treatment.

Unlike most indoor bikes that come with a user weight capacity of 300 pounds, the Assault can handle up to 350 pounds. This compares with that of the Rogue Echo Bike, making it usable to a wider range of athletes

Like the Echo Bike, the Assault bike uses air resistance to work both your upper body through moving handles with rubber grips and your lower body using foot pedals.

In comparison to the Rogue Echo bike’s self-tension belt drive, the Assault Airbike uses a chain drive. The chain drive makes the bike easier to start up. But, the downside is some users complain of the chain drive being too loud while in use.

Athletes can use the easy-to-read LCD screen monitor to track their heart rate, speed, RPM, time, calories, and more.

It is made from durable heavy-gauge steel and reinforced with sealed cartridge bearings in all pivots.

You will hardly find sealed cartridge bearings in all pivots in any air bike. Thus, its inclusion makes the AssaultBike a very reliable gym equipment with no wobble. It also reduces the need for regular maintenance. Thus, the Assault Airbike is built to last and will withstand whatever you throw at it.

Like all good quality air bikes, you will find the price is at the high end of your budget. But the price is consistent with the Rogue Echo Bike, so expect to pay the big bucks.

If you can handle a few minor inconveniences (such as loud chain and maintenance), you’ll get a sturdy piece of equipment that works for your weight loss needs.

The Assault AirBike is one of the best air bikes for weight loss. But, we believe the Rogue Echo bike, which is also an air bike, is superior in many ways. Thus, we will recommend the Rogue Echo Bike over the Assualt if you have the budget.

You can buy the Assault AirBike through Rogue Fitness.

The Assault AirBike is also available to buy from Amazon.



  • Sturdy, quality home gym equipment
  • Simple to use
  • Chain drive makes startup easy
  • Adaptable for all fitness levels
  • Adjustable seat
  • Highly intuitive monitorRubber grip handles with multiple handgrip positions
  • Noisy when in use
  • Chain-drive system requires more maintenance
  • Chain-drive system is not as durable as the fan drive system
  • Fan creates a substantial amount of wind which could be irritating for some users

Product Weight: 95.64 pounds | Product Length: 50.95nches | Product Width: 23.34 inches | Product Height: 50 inches | Weight Limit: 350 pounds

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Air Bike With No Arms: Concept2 BikeErg

 Concept 2 bikeerg Indoor Rower
best exercise bike to lose weight - indoor category - concept 2 bikeerg

concept 2 display console

woman working out on concept 2 bikeerg

The BikeErg is designed and produced by Concep2, a company that has been producing high quality and innovative products for over 45 years.

It is the only air bike without arms. It is a well-built exercise bike and is very good at what it does. The design of the BikeErg is based on the fact that though, other bikes require you to work both your upper and lower bodies together, most users in reality tend to concentrate most of their efforts on pedaling the bike.

What makes the Concept2 unique is the inclusion of a clutch, just like what you’ll find in a traditional bike. Thus the flywheel will continue to spin when you stop pedaling. It uses air resistance but relies on a damper to control the flow of air and the resistance. And it is very effective in doing that. You will not find this feature in any other air bike.

The design was made to feel as close to a real bike ride as possible and includes a self-tension belt that minimizes noise while in use.

Build quality is as high as you will expect from a company with that many years of experience – highly durable steel frames sitting on feet that can be adjusted to the slope of the floor.

In use, the BikeErg will hardly shake, possibly due to the absence of moving handles.

The stationary bike is portable and lightweight without reducing stability during even your hardest sprints.

Convenient features include adjustable handlebar and seat height, and advanced PM5 Performance Monitor with a wide variety of metric tracking that can be saved after every workout.

The PM5 monitor also has Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless capabilities to connect to wireless devices and third-party apps. You also get a built-in device holder for your tablet or smartphone. The device holder is adjustable to fit any device and removable for relocation and convenience.

Another interesting feature is the handles, pedals, and saddle can all be swapped for whatever you prefer

If you are on the lookout for the best exercise bike to lose weight and do not fancy working both your upper and lower bodies simultaneously, then, the Concept2 BikeErg will be perfect for you. You can order Concept2 BikeErg from Rogue Fitness.

Alternatively, the BikeErg is also available to buy from Amazon.



  • Great quality craftsmanship and build quality
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Adjustable seat and handlebarsUnique damper system for different resistance levels
  • Advanced PM5 tracking monitor
  • Pricey, compared to other air bikes
  • Seat adjustment is wonky for some users
  • Monitor not as intuitive as on the Rogue or Assault Bikes

Product Weight: 68 pounds | Product Length: 48 inches | Product Width: 24 inches | Product Height: 41 inches | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Air Bike: Worth Considering: Schwinn AD 7 Airdyne Fan Bike

One other best exercise bike to lose weight worth considering in the air bike category is the Schwinn AD 7 Airdyne Fan Bike.

The Airdyne is the first bike to use a single-stage belt drive system instead of a chain drive. The belt drive system combines with some plastic components in the bike to make it one of the quietest air bikes on the market. It also gives you a system that will require fewer adjustments.

Both foot and arm pedals use fan resistance for unlimited levels of challenge. However, some users find the capability for strong resistance lacking in comparison to other air bikes.

The self-balancing foot pedals come equipped with foot straps for added safety, stability, and motion control.

An LCD console continuously displays your metrics including RPM, calories, time, and more. It is one of the best you will find you will find on an air bike

Useful features include a water bottle holder and roller wheels on the bottom of the bike base for easier transport in your home gym. A windscreen is available as an add-on but not included with purchase.

Compared to the Rogue Echo and Assault bikes, the AD7 contains more plastic components. While that helps to keep noise at the barest minimum but could affect the durability of the product. Despite that, many will find it is a well-built, sturdy, and highly effective bike and it should be very high on your list if you are looking for the best exercise bike to lose weight in the air bike category, considering the price.

The Schwinn Airdyne AD7 is currently available to buy from Amazon.



  • Quality display console
  • High quality construction
  • Infinite resistance
  • Competitively priced and good value for money
  • Multiple handgrip positions
  • Very quiet operation
  • Users frequently complain of an uncomfortable seat
  • Lower resistance capability compared to other air bikes
  • No backlit feature on the console
  • Accessory tray not included
  • Quite a few plastic components could shorten the lifespan of the bike

Product Weight: 113 pounds | Product Length: 53 inches | Product Width: 26.5 inches | Product Height: 53 inches | Weight Limit: 350 pounds

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Foldable: Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike

For small home gym setups, the Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike ticks all boxes.

Its small footprint can easily be fitted into small spaces and conveniently folded for storage.

With 8-different resistance levels, you can pedal through a great workout whether you’re a beginner or an advanced cardio fiend.

Magnetic resistance belt makes for a quiet and smooth ride.

Weighing only 39 lbs., sturdiness and stability are questionable, especially with more intense pedaling workouts.

Convenient features include a large LCD display monitor that tracks calories burned, time, speed, distance, etc., and a large, adjustable seat cushion for an extra comfy ride.

But don’t expect fancy features or an incredibly sturdy ride.

The Exerpeutic bike is a budget home gym equipment that could serve you well if you have limited gym space and are looking for the best exercise bike to lose weight on a budget.

You can buy the Exerpeutic Exercise Bike from Amazon Now!



  • Budget-friendly
  • Compact size/ foldable
  • Large, adjustable seat
  • Provides a smooth quiet ride
  • Not very sturdy
  • Limited resistance levels
  • Quality is consistent with the low price point, you get what you pay for

Product Weight: 39 pounds | Product Length: 31 inches | Product Width: 19 inches | Product Height: 46 inches | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Indoor Cycle for Peloton App: Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike

The best exercise bike to lose weight will ideally provide an exciting ride to entice you to use it more often. The Schwinn IC4 Indoor Bike does just that. It has both convenience and connectivity.

The IC4 is an upgraded version of the earlier released IC3. Unlike the IC3 that comes with friction pads, the IC4 has magnetic resistance with over 100 different micro resistance levels and it is much quieter when in operation.

Included with the Schwinn is a 1-year membership to JRNY, a coaching app that creates daily workouts and provides feedback throughout your session.

You also get Bluetooth connectivity to enable you to connect to various apps including Zwift and Peloton.

The LCD monitor is fully backlit and tracks metrics such as calories, time, speed, heart rate, and distance.

The seat is like what you will find on any bike. But you can swap it for a different one for better comfort if you decide to. It is adjustable both horizontally and vertically to suit the user

The pedals are dual-sided, giving you the option to either clip or cage your shoes. And the handlebars are adjustable.

Thus there is a wide range of adjustability on the bike for convenience and comfort and to suit the user.

Convenient features include a water bottle holder, device holder, USB charging point, as well as a pair of 3-pound dumbbells for performing arm exercises while cycling.

While overall it gets the job done, some users complain of cheap parts, excessive noise while in use, and an uncomfortable seat.

Some Android users complain about issues with the LCD display and the apps. But those who connect to Peloton will find it easy to connect and use, with its auto adjustment feature a big plus.

And, assembling the bike is not quite straightforward. Buyers complain of parts not being labeled and instructions not detailed or easy enough to follow.

Overall, the IC4 is a well-constructed durable bike with hardly any wobble when in use

If you are looking for a Peloton Bike but can’t splash out on one because of the high price, then the Schwinn IC4 could be your answer. It offers the app connectivity many yearn for, and durability, at a relatively good price

The Schwinn IC4 is available to buy from Amazon Now.



  • Included fitness app membership
  • Water bottle and device/tablet holders
  • Bluetooth connectivity with third-party apps, including Zwift and Peloton
  • 100 different resistance settings
  • Cheap quality components
  • Issues for Android users
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Not easy to follow instructions and parts with no labels, making it difficult to identify what goes where

Product Weight: 106 pounds | Product Length: 47.8 inches | Product Width: 21.2 inches | Product Height: 51.8 inches | Weight Capacity: 330 pounds

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Indoor Cycle for Peloton App- Worth Considering: Bowflex C7 IC Bike

The Bowflex C7 is a well-built, sturdy exercise bike. Its quiet 40-pound flywheel is high enough to help you develop and build more momentum.

Its user weight limit of 300 pounds is a bit higher than many other indoor bikes on the market and should be good for most people to use.

The C7 is an enhanced version of the popular C6 cycle. Unlike the C6, the C7 comes with a 7-inch high-definition touchscreen monitor. While the screen size may not be at par with some others on the list, it is good enough for many to use.

The built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity can help you sync with third-party apps, including the Peloton and Swift apps. That will give you access to different entertainment platforms like NetFlix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime while training with the bike. You can also pair it with various smart handsets and devices, including a heart rate monitor.

The display console can give you a wide range of data including speed, time, distance, calories burned, heart rate, cadence, etc.

Buying the C7 will give you a 1-Year JRNY Membership. That will make it possible for you to get access to trainer-led exercises, custom workouts, etc. You can also stream unlimited content just like you can do with Peloton.

Its magnetic resistance system has 100 resistance levels to help you fine-tune your workout intensities. This is like what get with Peloton. Thus, you can seemingly work with the peloton instructors and workouts if you decide to connect to that app. And just like the Peloton and other bikes, you adjust the resistance using a dial.

It uses a standard seat which is not as comfortable as you will get with a recumbent bike. But it is adjustable, both in height and sideways, to help you find the best comfortable position during your workout.

The handgrips are reasonably padded, have multiple hand positions, and are vertically and horizontally adjustable. These are some of the built-in features that will help you train comfortably, and for as long as you want.

The dual-sided pedals with SPD-compatible clips on one side and a toe cage on the other, make it possible to use whatever shoes or footwear you find convenient during your training.

The C7 offers a connected and immersive experience like the Peloton but at a price far lower than the Peloton bikes.

If you are looking for the best exercise bike to lose weight with streaming capabilities without breaking the bank, then the Bowflex C7 should be high on your list. The 4 x 2 feet small footprint will suit both small and large home gyms and spaces.

You can buy the Bowflex C7 Bike through Amazon.

The Bowflex C7 IC Bike is also available to buy directly from Bowflex



  • Solidly built with a 40-pound flywheel for a smooth pedal motion and riding experience.
  • Can sync with third-party apps, including Peloton and Swift.
  • Small footprint makes it suitable for different-sized gyms and places
  • Good value for money
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Hybrid pedals to suit different types of footwear
  • Reasonably priced and a great peloton alternative
  • Comes with 3-pound dumbbells
  • LCD screen much smaller than the competition
  • Some may find the standard seat a bit uncomfortable to use for long training sessions.

Product Weight: 118 pounds | Product Length: 41.5 inches | Product Width: 10.25 inches | Product Height: 33.75 inches | Weight Capacity: 330 pounds

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Indoor Cycle – Affordable: Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II Indoor Cycling Bike – SF-B1995

Sunny Health and Fitness provides an affordable indoor bike option that has all the necessary features for a great cardio workout.

It includes a 40-pound flywheel that’s designed for speed and stability while creating momentum throughout your workout.

With an adjustable friction resistance system, you can control your resistance with micro-adjustments to suit your fitness needs.

The handlebars feature a pulse sensor to track your heart rate and the display monitor keeps track of your speed, distance, time, calories, and more.

Its silent belt drive makes the Sunny Health and Fitness bike perfect for use anywhere.

Convenient features include a water bottle holder, device holder, emergency stop brake, and wheels at the base of the bike for easier transportation.

If you are on a budget and intend to have the best exercise bike to lose weight, then the SF-B1995 should be high on your list. The weight capacity is lower than others, but it provides a great workout experience for the price. But as with most budget items, don’t expect it to last you for many years.

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro II is available to buy from Amazon Now



  • Very affordable
  • Quiet magnetic belt drive
  • Micro adjustment resistance
  • Display screen with very basic features
  • Basic build quality
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Poor quality monitor with inconsistence/unreliable display

Product Weight: 99.4 pounds | Product Length: 49.5 inches | Product Width: 20 inches | Product Height: 49 inches | Weight Capacity: 275 pounds

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Indoor Cycle- Worth Considering: Bowflex VeloCore 22 IC Bike

Bowflex VeloCore is another best exercise bike to lose with streaming capabilities that can help you tone and exercise your core and your legs while enjoying some good entertainment shows.

There are 2 versions of the bike. A cheaper version with a 16-inch monitor and a more expensive version with a 22-inch monitor. Each comes with Bluetooth speakers and a rack for your tablet or phone.

What we will discuss here apply to the version with a 22-inch HD touchscreen monitor. But readers may be interested to know that most of the features are present in the cheaper version as well.

It’s the first indoor cycle bike with leaning capabilities. It’s a unique feature found only on some Bowflex indoor bikes. It makes it possible for users to ride sitting or standing while the bike remains stationary.

And you can also lean from side to side while riding the stationary bike to mimic real world outdoor riding experience. That can help target and strengthen your abs and core better.

Switching between the 2 different riding modes is quite straightforward and you can do it while in the middle of your ride.

Aside from controlling the riding modes, the 100 resistance levels offered by the VeloCore allow you to change the intensity of your workout by turning a knob.

You will receive the bike partly assembled. That means it will need assembly on arrival. But many will find the assembly very straightforward and you could get the bike ready for use in about an hour.

While the size of the bike may not be that different from that of many in the category, its lean technology means it will require more space around it when installed to enable you to use it effectively. This is something to bear in mind when doing your research and planning

The bike comes with a year’s membership to JRNY, a fitness app that gives you access to a wide range of workouts and exercises, on-demand and trainer-led classes, as well as customized recommendations to help you achieve your fitness goals. JRNY also gives you other off-bike exercises like yoga and strength training exercises and classes for full-body workouts.

The touchscreen console can also work with various streaming apps, including Netflix, Dsney+, and HBOMax. That makes it possible for you to enjoy your favorite shows as you try to achieve your fitness goals with the bike.

And just like the Bowflex C7, you can connect the VeloCore to other third-party apps, like Peloton, Zwift. You can also sync it with other handsets and Smart devices via Bluetooth. You also get a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor and a pair of 3-pound dumbbells, among others, with your purchase.

Other features include dual-sided pedals to enable you to wear different types of footwear, built-in undercarriage wheels for transportation and repositioning, and an adjustable seat.

The build and the riding mechanics of the bike are of very high quality and users will find it very solid and sturdy with smooth pedaling.

The lean technology of the Bowflex VeloCore is a very unique concept that is hard to beat. Combine that with the other features and it makes the bike stand out in a very crowded market.

The high quality design and build quality are reflected in the high price tag. But we believe it is worth it.

The VeloCore is an indoor cycle worth considering if you want the best exercise bike to lose weight that can rival Peloton’s offer. But it has more flexibility and variety. It is a must-have for any home gym setup or any cycling enthusiast looking for effective ways to work out indoors.



  • Built-in HD monitor with streaming capabilities
  • Different riding modes, including the unique lean functionality for some challenging cycling and workout experience
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • On-demand classes and exercises
  • One year of JRNY membership included
  • Offers more flexibility and variety, compared to others in the price range
  • 3-pound dumbbells supplied
  • Expensive. Price at the very top end
  • Assembly could be challenging for some
  • Seat may not be comfortable for long rides

You can purchase the Bowflex VeloCore 22 IC bike directly from Bowflex.

Or, you can buy the Bowflex VeloCore through Amazon Now

Product Weight: 158.3 pounds | Product Length: 59.8 inches | Product Width: 24.1 inches | Product Height: 55.3 inches | Weight Capacity: 325 pounds | Min Ceiling Height: User Height + 16 inches

Best Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Under Desk: DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Want the best exercise bike to lose weight while sitting at your desk or reclining in your favorite chair? Then, look no further than the Desk Cycle Under Desk Bike.

The Pedal Exerciser provides a sneaky way to burn some extra calories throughout your workday.

It’s small enough to fit under your desk and quiet enough that it won’t disturb your work environment.

It has over 8 calibrated resistance settings and adjustable pedal straps to keep your feet in place for a smooth ride.

Also included is a small, detachable LCD screen that displays your metrics.

The Under Desk Bike Pedal Machine is perfect for those with limited mobility or beginner fitness levels. However, you won’t be getting an intense workout with this machine.

Pricewise, it’s cheap enough to have on hand as a complementary activity or equipment to support your regular cardio workouts.

The DeskCycle Under Desk Bike is currently on sale on Amazon



  • Ideal for low-impact workouts
  • Affordable
  • Fits neatly under the desk and can be used while working
  • 8-different resistance settings
  • Difficult to use with a wheeled chair
  • Won’t provide an intense workout
  • Might not be suitable for users over 6 feet while beneath desk

Product Weight: 23 pounds | Product Length: 24 inches | Product Width: 20 inches | Product Height: 10 inches | Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike to Lose Weight: Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

If your goal is to have the best exercise bike to lose weight but would like to have extra support for your back while sweating it out on the bike, then you need a recumbent bike like the Schwinn 270

Schwinn is a renowned exercise bike manufacturer offering a wide range of durable, easy-to-use, bikes for home gyms. The 270 Recumbent bike is currently its most advanced recumbent bike.

Like most recumbent bikes, the large padded seat is reclined slightly to help reduce the stress on your back and hips. The seat uses an aluminum slider rail system for quick, easy-to-position adjustment and for your comfort and convenience

It comes with 25 different levels of resistance. This is aligned with the flywheel to give you a quiet and smooth riding experience.

As found on most fitness bikes, the user capacity is 300 pounds. While this is lower than that offered by the likes of Rogue fitness and Assault Fitness, it is still enough for users of different sizes.

It comes with 2 easy to use LCD screens that display a wide range of metrics. They come with built-in workout programs and compatibility with various apps including Explore the World and MyFitnessPal

Requires assembly and comes with detailed instructions and tools that you will need for the assembly. Once assembled, 2 transport rollers make it easy to move the bike to wherever you want with ease.

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent bike delivers on all the important features that many will need. It provides a smooth, quiet, and low-impact ride at a moderate price. It is currently available to buy from Amazon now.



  • Good quality for the price
  • Larger seat for comfort
  • Extensive workout options
  • 25 resistance levels
  • Small footprint makes it suitable for small spaces and gyms
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Not enough cushioning on the seat, making it uncomfortable for some
  • Weak Bluetooth connectivity
  • Unreliable data and metrics

Product Weight: 86.6 pounds | Product Length: 64 inches | Product Width: 27.7 inches | Product Height: 49.9 inches | Weight Capacity: 136 Kilograms (300 pounds)

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Affordable: Sunny Health & Fitness Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4616

The Sunny Health & Fitness recumbent bike is very basic and affordable but is worth considering if you are looking for the best exercise bike to lose weight that is recumbent on a budget.

It comes with all the necessary features that you will desire in a good exercise bike. But because of its affordable price, don’t expect anything luxurious.

It is quite sturdy and includes a large adjustable seat with a backrest for added comfort.

The 300-pound user weight limit matches what looks like a standard for most exercise bikes. The adjustable seat and the weight limit make the bike usable for users of different weights and heights.

The bike pedals are textured and feature adjustable foot straps to ensure your feet fit comfortably in place.

A heart rate pulse monitor is embedded in the bike handlebars while the digital monitor display tracks your speed, calories, time, and more.

You can choose from over 8-different levels of resistance using a magnetic tension control system.

Many complaints center around faulty parts and poor-quality construction. But could be worth it if you don’t plan on using it too frequently.

You may also not be entitled to a warranty if you live outside the US. Something worth checking if you are in that situation.

It doesn’t come with many bells and whistles. But you get the basics you need to help you through your fitness goals. And it is very user friendly

The Sunny recumbent bike is the best exercise bike to lose weight that is worth considering for those who don’t want to spend that much in that category. It is available to buy from Amazon Now



  • Low price point
  • Adequately padded seat with backrest
  • 8-different levels of resistance
  • Quiet, smooth magnetic tension control system
  • Build quality, not of the highest standard
  • Difficult to read display console/screen
  • Questionable tracking data/results
  • Possibly not suitable for long-term use
  • Resistance may not be good enough for some users
  • Warranty may not cover non-US residents

Product Weight: 58.7 pounds | Product Length: 46 inches | Product Width: 24.5 inches | Product Height: 38 inches | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Worth Considering: Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

The Nautilus R616 is a beautifully designed, well-built exercise bike from a company noted for its quality equipment for home gyms.

The build quality seems pretty good, sturdy, and has a few features not found on other bikes. A step-through frame makes it possible to mount and unmount the bike easily. Thus the bike can be appealing to many types of people, including those with mobility and joint problems.

Like many other exercise bikes, it has a user weight capacity of 300 pounds making it usable for most people.

It uses a perimeter weighted flywheel where most of the weights are located on the outside of the disk. The weight seems very light but is normal for a recumbent bike within that price range.

The padded seat, which is much wider than those on a standard bike, with ventilated back is fitted onto a sliding adjustment rail to accommodate users of different sizes.

A belt drive, combined with a magnetic resistance system, ensures your workout is as quiet and smooth as possible.

The Nautilus Recumbent Bike gives you free access to the Explore the World app which lets you work out to virtual courses across the globe.

It features a dual display console giving you data on your workout performance and your body’s reaction. You also get enhanced Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with app-based tracking tools, an MP3 player jack, and a built-in charging port for charging your digital devices.

You have 25 levels of resistance to choose from, giving you control and a wider range of workout intensity levels.

With a moderate price point, users may expect more for their money than what they get.

The most common complaint is the seat’s inability to adjust sufficiently to accommodate different people. Also, some users find the backrest uncomfortable.

The bottom line is the Nautilus R616 recumbent bike is worth considering and is the best exercise bike to lose weight within that category at that price range. It is available to buy from Amazon Now.



  • 25 levels of resistance
  • Wide range of workout programs
  • Dual display console
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Moderately priced
  • Seat adjustment design flaw
  • Light flyweight but comparable to others within that price range
  • Inconsistent Bluetooth connectivity

Product Weight: 91.9 pounds | Product Length: 61 inches | Product Width: 22 inches | Product Height: 41 inches | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Best Upright/Regular Exercise Bike to Lose Weight – Premium Value: 3G Cardio Elite UB Upright Bike

The upright bike from 3G Cardio Elite is a commercial-grade home gym equipment made for extended use. Its 350-pound weight limit is at par with the Rogue and Assault Fitness air bikes.

The robust-built base has adjustable stabilizers for the front and back making it possible to position it on floors of different gradients. They also help to keep the bike stable.

You will hardly feel any shaking or rocking during your workout. And its fitted transport wheels make it easy to move and reposition with ease.

It features a comfy oversized seat that is well-cushioned. You can adjust the seat vertically and horizontally to help you find your best comfortable position. And you can swap the seat for one of your choice if you find it unsuitable for your needs.

Other convenient features include a built-in shelf for holding small items, adjustable pedal straps, and rubber-encased feet to protect your floors.

Its compact design and small footprint make it ideal for gyms of different sizes, including smaller home gym spaces.

The multi-grip handlebars make it easy for you to find the best posture that works for you. It features heart rate sensors and includes a heart rate strap for use with its 12 pre-programmed workouts. The handlebars are protected with some soft material to give you extra grip and comfort.

It uses a belt drive system that is renowned for its smooth and quiet operation. Thus, you will be free to exercise wherever and whenever you want without any worry from your neighbors. The belt is bi-directional, which means you can exercise in both forward and reverse directions if you so desire

Users can challenge themselves with 16-levels of magnetic resistance that offer a smooth quiet ride. The magnetic resistance system is good enough for users of different fitness levels to use to help them achieve their fitness goals.

The anti-skid pedals come with adjustable straps to lock your feet/shoes in place during your workout

The backlit monitor has clear displays of relevant real-time data, including distance, time, pulse, and calories. It has options for 4 different users to program and store their data separately.

The 3G Cardio Elite Bike comes with a heavy price tag but the quality and features seem to justify that.

If you want the best exercise bike to lose weight with premium qualities and features, then the 3G Cardio UB Upright Bike will do nicely. It is one of the best upright bikes for weight loss for your home gym if you are willing to spend that much. It is available to buy from Amazon now.



  • Commercial grade quality and construction
  • Above industry average weight capacity
  • Multi-grip ergonomic hand bars
  • Well-stuffed and large seat
  • Easy to assemble Low maintenance required
  • Impressive warranty
  • Included heart rate strap
  • Backlit monitor with built-in programs and easy-to-read display
  • Pricey. Price at the top end of your budget
  • Seat adjustment features may not suit everybody
  • No device holder
  • No onboard sound system

Product Weight: 87 pounds | Product Length: 41 inches | Product Width: 22 inches | Product Height: 55 inches | Weight Capacity: 350 pounds

Best Upright/Regular Exercise Bike to Lose Weight: Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

The build quality of the Schwinn 170 Upright Bike may not be as high as the quality of those from the likes of Rogue Fitness, but it comes with a wide range of features. And it is offered at a very moderate price.

Like all upright bikes, it has a padded seat but no backrest like it is on a recumbent bike. Having no backrest forces the user to flex their core muscles to enable them to balance themselves properly during their training.

It offers Bluetooth connectivity. That can connect to Schwinn’s Explore the World app for a visual workout guide.

The fully loaded DualTrack display console provides metric tracking and features 29 different workout programs. The backlit screens allow you to track your workout progress and give you access to various data including time, distance, speed, etc.

You’ll be able to track your heart rate with heart rate sensors on the handlebars. You can also use a chest heart rate monitor with the console but that is not supplied or included in the price.

The bike includes 25 different resistance levels for people of all fitness capabilities and different workout intensities.

You can adjust the handlebars to an angle for the most comfortable riding position. Other features include oversize pedals and toe straps

One of the main complaints from buyers is the overall quality levels of the bike. But all in all, it is comparable in quality to bikes within the price range. But the features of the Schwinn upright bike are very hard to beat.

It also comes with a very exceptional warranty that other manufacturers do not dream about.

Schwinn’s upright bike has most of, if not all, the features you will want in an exercise bike and is moderately priced. It is arguably the best exercise bike to lose weight at that price with that level of warranty for those who prefer to work out on an upright bike.

The Schwinn 170 is currently available to buy from Amazon.



  • Good quality for the price
  • Dual LCDs for data and metrics
  • Extensive workout options
  • 25 different resistance levels
  • Small footprint makes it suitable for small spaces and gyms
  • Good seat adjustment features
  • Wide range of features
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Poor Bluetooth connectivity
  • Low flywheel weight

Product Weight: 58.4 pounds | Product Length: 41.3 inches | Product Width: 21.4 inches | Product Height: 55.6 inches | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Best exercise bike to lose weight – for streaming exercises: NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle (New Model)

The updated NordicTrack Commercial S22i has a more comfortable and adjustable padded seat and an onboard high-end 30W sound system.

The S22i will need assembly when you take delivery. Many users don’t find the assembly instructions very complicated and should be able to get the bike fully assembled and ready to go within a couple of hours

A built-in fan that gives you the same feeling you get from the wind when cycling outdoors keeps you cool while burning calories and toning your body. The fan can automatically adjust its speed to match the intensity of your workout.

One of the most interesting features of the exercise bike is its unique 20% incline and 10% decline feature that creates a more immersive hill and terrain riding experience. This is a unique feature that is not available in any other brand.

The S22i Studio Cycle has a 22” rotating HD touchscreen display for streaming and metrics. The 360-degree rotation makes it possible for you to view the screen from whatever position you find yourself in. Thus, you can even get off your bike and get on the floor for your yoga poses without having to strain your eyes or neck to watch the display on the screen.

Your purchase of the bike includes a 30-day IFIT membership. That allows you to stream live and on-demand workouts.

iFit is loaded with countless pre-set workout programs, exercises, and classes with personal trainers to give you all the motivation and encouragement you need while trying to achieve your fitness goals. Your IFIT trainers can auto-adjust the resistance, incline, and decline, settings of the bike to match your training and environment.

While the bike can automatically adjust the incline, decline, and resistance settings, the handlebars have buttons that allow you to manually control these, if you wish.

With iFit, you can bike wherever you want – in the studio, on the streets around Paris, on real-world beaches, on beautiful countrysides, up and down the mountains, in whatever country and region in the world you want. Finding yourself surrounded by beautiful scenes and places of interest should help take your mind off your sweat and keep you excited.

iFit does not restrict you to just biking, you have access to complete body training and floor-based workouts and sessions. Exercises like strength training, cardio, and yoga poses, are all available with iFit. You can even stream on-demand workouts to your home gym at any time to fit into your lifestyle.

The Bluetooth connectivity can pair with your wireless headphones and other devices. Thus, you’re able to complete your streaming workout without disturbing those around you.

Other notable features include dual-sided pedals that make it possible for you to wear whatever shoes you prefer for your training, bottle holders, a pair of three-pound dumbbells, and a tray to store the dumbbells.

Your purchase comes with a 10-year frame plus a 2-year parts and a one-year warranty to give you the peace of mind you need.

The NordicTrack Commercial S22i is arguably the best exercise bike to lose weight with streaming capabilities within that price range, especially if you don’t want to pay a premium price for a Peloton. It is loaded with unrivaled features. Its incline and decline functions make the bike stand out in a very crowded market.

Check Amazon for the best deal on the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Now



  • Bluetooth technology for connecting to wireless headphones and other devices
  • Auto incline, decline, and resistance levels
  • 22-inch 360-degree rotating HD interactive touchscreen display
  • 30-day iFit membership with exceptional features, unlimited workouts, exercises, live and on-demand trainer-led classes, etc.
  • Combines with iFit to give you a real-world riding experience
  • Adjustable seats and handlebars
  • Handlebars with built-in control buttons
  • Auto adjustable built-in fan and tray for accessories
  • Pair of dumbbells included with purchase
  • Pricey. High price point
  • Some stability issues
  • Some connectivity issues

Product Weight: 193.6 pounds | Product Length: 55 inches | Product Width: 29.1 inches | Product Height: 56.9 inches | Weight Capacity: 350 pounds

Best exercise bike to lose weight – for streaming exercises – Worth Considering: Echelon Smart Connect EX-5S

The Echelon Connect EX-5S is an enhanced version of the Echelon EX5. It is currently the most advanced exercise bike from the company. it comes with a 22-inch rotating HD touchscreen and two power ports for charging such devices as your tablet or phone.

The EX-5S will need assembly on receipt which could take you a few hours. Most buyers agree the assembly is not very complex. Not surprising, given that the Assembly Guide contains both written instructions and color photos to help you.

Once assembled, you will find that it is a bit lighter and has a smaller footprint, compared to the NordicTrack S22i. Thus, it could be a good alternative to the S22i, especially, for those with limited spaces.

But unlike the S22i the EX-5S does not have an automatic control system for the resistance levels. Thus, you must do that manually using a resistance knob.

The resistance turn knob allows you to switch between 32 different levels of intensity during your workouts while the seat lever makes it easy to adjust your seat’s height.

The padded, oversized seat is designed for comfort, as are the padded, slip-resistant handlebars. You can adjust them both vertically and horizontally to help you find the best position for your training. It also makes it easy for people of different sizes and heights to use the bike.

Like most of the bikes on the list, it comes with dual-sided pedals that make it easy for users to wear either training and running shoes, or any other footwear they see fit.

Other notable features include a frame-mounted dumbbell rack and water bottle holders on the handlebars.

Buyers will enjoy a free 30-day membership to Echelon’s streaming app upon purchase.

With the touchscreen console and the streaming app, you can have access to an overwhelming number of on-demand trainer-led fitness classes and workouts to choose from. Rowing, HIIT, strength training, Pilates, and yoga are some of the many fitness classes available to you through the Echelon Premier Membership. You also get access to a library of music playlists featuring popular artists.

The Echelon streaming bike comes with a high price tag, but you’ll get your money’s worth if you use its many features regularly.

The Echelon Smart Connect EX5-S is available to buy through Amazon Now!



  • Free 30-day access to over 3000 trainer-led workouts and classes
  • Oversized seat cushion
  • Charging ports
  • Dumbbell rack and water bottle holders
  • Easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  • Access to a large music library
  • Seat is not comfortable for long rides
  • Poor customer service
  • Extra Echelon Premium membership cost after 30 days
  • Resistance levels are much lower than the competition
  • Not as feature-rich as the competition
  • Doesn’t connect to other third-party apps

Product Weight: 123.45 pounds | Product Length: 52.4 inches | Product Width: 21.3 inches | Product Height: 52.3 inches | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Can Exercise Bike Help You Lose Weight?

An exercise bike can help you lose weight if you use it consistently. Cycling (indoor or outdoor) burns calories through cardio exercise. The more calories you burn, the more of a calorie deficit you incur. The key is to burn those calories through consistent workouts.

Some research, conducted in 2019, found that working out on an indoor cycle can help you lose weight, as well as help improve your blood pressure and aerobic capacity (1)

What Areas Does Exercise Bike Target To Lose Weight?

You can’t spot reduce (lose fat in a specific area). But you can work different muscle groups to create definition in that area.

The exercise bike targets your lower body muscles as well as your core. The biggest muscles used in cycling include your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Strengthening your lower body can give you more definition in your legs. Thus, making your lower body look leaner.

Types Of Exercise Bikes for Weight Loss

Upright Bike

An upright bike works in the same way as a regular bicycle. The design, including the position of the pedals, is also very similar.

Your posture will activate your core muscles more while strengthening your legs. But this upright posture puts more strain on your hands and wrists.

Also, the small seats can be uncomfortable during long workouts.

Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike puts less pressure on your upper body, low back, and joints. This is due to the large seat and reclined position from the pedals.

Recumbent bikes are more comfortable on your back and seat for longer workouts. But your workouts will be less intense because of your reclined position.

A recumbent bike is arguably the best exercise bike to lose weight for older adults and those with mobility issues.

Dual Action

A dual-action bike includes pedals and handlebars for working your arms and legs at the same time. Dual-action bikes can make for a more intense workout and higher calorie burn.

Indoor Bike

The indoor bike is like the upright bike but has a more elevated seat cushion. It uses a weighted flywheel for resistance that can stimulate riding uphill.

Air Bike

An air bike is like an indoor bike but uses fan technology to create resistance. You create the resistance yourself as you pedal. The harder you pedal, the more resistance you get.

Types Of Exercise Bike Resistance

Magnetic Resistance

Magnetic resistance uses the flywheel and two powerful magnets. The flywheel pushes through the magnetic field between the two magnetics as you cycle. This in turn creates resistance that’s controlled by you through a knob or button on the console.
Magnetic resistance is generally quieter and allows for a smoother ride.

Fan/Air Based Resistance

Fan or air-based resistance uses a fan that connects to your bike’s pedals through a pulley system and belt. The fan rotation starts as you pedal. The faster you pedal, the faster the fan rotates, creating more air resistance.
Air-based resistance bikes are tricky at first for new users but not difficult to master.

Direct Contact Resistance

With direct contact resistance, you use friction to create intensity. Brake pads fit above and along the flywheel to create a braking effect. The braking effect increases resistance as you pedal. To maintain the same speed, you must pedal harder.
Bikes that use direct contact resistance have the highest intensity levels.

Best exercise bike to lose weight – Buyer’s guide

Size of the Bike:

Bikes come in different sizes. Check out the product dimensions to ensure it will fit in your home gym space when fully assembled. Ensure the position of the pedals and seats are good enough to accommodate your size and height.

The Resistance Mechanism/Resistance levels:

Look for a resistance mechanism that fits your needs. Some resistance mechanisms have limitations, and some are harder to maintain. Others are very noisy. These are some of the factors to consider when choosing the type of resistance for the best exercise bike to lose weight.

Display Monitor:

Display monitors are helpful for tracking your metrics during your workout. The information they display could be quite helpful in helping you track your performance and goals. The quality of the display, the size of the text, the ease of use, etc. are all factors to consider.


Choose a bike with heart rate pulse sensors if keeping track of your heart rate is important for you. Some come as standard while others are optional and cost extra to have, depending on the manufacturer and/or model.


Ideally, your bike should allow you to adjust the height of your seat, handlebars, or anything else that might make it comfortable to use for your use. Though not always the case, generally, the more the adjustment levels and features, the easier it is to customize and adjust it for your comfort.

Weight Endurance

Your bike can only handle so much weight and resistance. Placing too much pressure on it can cause it to malfunction and lead to injury. Check to make sure your bike can handle your weight.

Must-Have Features

A device holder, water bottle holder, and pedal straps (or toe cages) are some of the must-have features for the best exercise bike to lose weight you go for.

A device holder will hold your phone, the water bottle holder makes it easier to quench your thirst mid-workout, and the pedal straps or toe cages ensure your foot stay in place while pedaling.

They are convenient to have and can help you work out in a comfortable environment.


The best exercise bike to lose weight you choose must come with a warranty that will give you some peace of mind with your purchase. This will ensure you will have a channel to address any issues with your purchase.

Final Words from LiveLife

Exercise bikes provide a convenient way to get an efficient cardio workout from home. The best exercise bike to lose weight for you will depend on your personal needs or restrictions. Do your research and carefully consider your options before making your final decision.

We are confident one of the options on our list will turn out to be the best exercise bike to lose weight for you.