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Best Gymnastic Rings for Home Gym

Our Top-Rated Gymnastic Rings





Best Wood

Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings


Best Plastic

Rogue Echo Rings


Best Steel

Rogue Gymnastic Rings

Gauge Steel

Best Portable

Rapid Ring Sports Gymnastic Rings


Best Value for Money

Double Circle Wood Gymnastics Rings


Best for Beginners

Synergee Wood Gymnastics Rings


Best Budget

PACEARTH Gymnastics Rings


Highly Recommended

Elite Sportz Gymnastic Rings


Highly Recommended

Garage Fit Gymnastic Rings


Highly Recommended

GHB Gymnastic Rings


Best gymnastic rings that can help build strength and muscles

woman exercising on gymnastic rings

Gymnastic exercise rings are some of the best calisthenics equipment to install in your commercial or home gym. Training with them will open up many possibilities and allow you to target and train many muscles from different angles.

Below are some of the best gymnastic rings to consider. We have compiled the list based on our research and analysis. And we are confident one of them will meet your requirements and budget.

Best Wood Gymnastic Rings: Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings

rogue wood gymnastic rings
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness produces some of the best fitness equipment for commercial and home gyms. Its customer service is second to none, and most of its equipment has a lifetime warranty.

The gymnastic wood rings from Rogue Fitness are some of the best on the market.

Unlike many competitors, Rogue Fitness manufactures the gymnastic wood rings in the USA using precision machined quality Baltic birch.

The build quality is hard to beat, and the natural stick on each ring will always give you a firm grip, with or without chalk. They have a warm, comfortable feel and are some of the best to train.

rogue wood gymnastic rings-image-01
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

You can choose the 1.25-inch diameter wood ring, which is suitable for CrossFit, or the 1.25-inch diameter version that meets FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) specifications.

The 1.25-inch diameter version is fatter and more challenging, while the FiG sizing is easier on your grip.

You can use the American-made Rogue Wood Rings indoors and outdoors, but you should never leave them in the rain.

rogue gymnastic ring straps-04
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The rings are available in pairs and come with heavy-duty straps as standard.

The straps have buckles and are easy to set up and adjust to your height and type of exercise. They also have VELCRO® brand fasteners to help keep any excess in position.

The straps are available in 3 colors. You can also opt for Competition Ring Straps, the type used in the 2011 CrossFit Games, at an extra cost.

These are some of the best your money can buy. One notable comment from some buyers is the lack of marking lines on the straps. Adding these could make adjustments much easier and more user-friendly. We, however, don’t believe that is a deal-breaker.

The Rogue wood rings will work well on a Rogue rig but can be set up on any overhead bar or similar device.

The Rogue Wood Rings are available in standard and Olympic sizes, are reasonably priced, built to serve you for a long time, and would be a good buy for any serious athlete.

You can buy them with confidence, knowing you are buying from a reputable company with one of the best customer service and product warranty and support.


  • Available in standard and Olympic sizes
  • High build quality
  • Comfortable and easy to grip
  • Sizing options
  • Made in the USA


  • Scale or measuring lines on the straps could help.

You can view and order the Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings directly from Rogue Fitness.

Best Plastic Gymnastic Rings: Rogue Echo Rings

rogue echo rings-01
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

Rogue uses long-lasting, grip-friendly, weather-resistant plastic for the Echo Rings, and you get the same USA-made hard-wearing straps that go with the Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings with your purchase.

The ring diameter is the standard 1.25 inches and is useable indoors and outdoors. And unlike wood versions, you can use plastic-made rings in all weather conditions. Just be mindful that they could be slippery in the rain. Thus it may be necessary to take any necessary precautions.

rogue echo rings-image-03
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The Echo rings are easy to set up, not challenging to adjust, give a comfortable grip, and unlike metal, will not rust.

Selling at a much lower price makes the Rogue Echo Rings a good option for the budget conscious.

  • Made with weather-resistant plastic
  • Useable outdoor and indoor
  • Keenly priced to target those on a budget


  • Hardly any at that price and quality

The Rogue Echo Rings are available to view and purchase from Rogue Fitness.

Best Steel Gymnastic Rings: Rogue Gymnastic Rings

rogue gymnastic rings-image-05
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness manufactures most of its products in the USA with high-quality components. One such piece of gym equipment is the Rogue Gymnastic Rings.

Making its debut in 2006, the Rogue Gymnastic Rings has stood the test of time and represents the quality and durability Rogue Fitness stands for. They are still one of the most popular and reliable gymnastic rings among professional athletes, gymnasts, and serious exercisers.

The Rogue Gymnastic Rings represent the quality you would expect from USA-made equipment – an excellently made product with high-quality welds.

rogue gymnastic rings-image-01
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness has perfected the rings and made them fit for the 21st century.

The hand-welded heavy-duty 14-gauge steel rings have a durable, black powder coating, making them easy to grip, even with chalk.

The rings are 1.25 inches in diameter and come with durable, hard-wearing straps fitted with easy-to-adjust buckles for setting up anywhere, including indoors and outdoors.

rogue fitness gymnastic straps-image-02
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The build quality and durability of the rings are second to none. They can withstand the rigorous and high training routines and ring exercises of Crossfit and other professionals, including gymnasts.

Unlike the competition, the rings come with a lifetime warranty against breaking, giving you a risk-free purchase and peace of mind.


  • Heavy-duty 14-Gauge steel construction
  • Hand welded with an underneath zinc phosphate plating for durability.
  • Peace of mind with a Lifetime Warranty on the rings.
  • 6-inch straps with VELCRO┬« brand fasteners included
  • Arguably the best gymnastic rings to buy.
  • Pricey but worth every cent
  • Suitable for commercial and home use
  • Made in the USA


  • Some may find the price on the high side
  • The straps could do with measuring lines

The Rogue Gymnastic Rings are available to view and buy from Rogue Fitness.

Best Portable Gymnastic Rings: Rapid Ring Sports Gymnastic Rings

rapid ring sports gymnastic rings-image-01
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

One challenging feature of many gymnastic rings is the need to adjust them now and then to suit the exercise you intend to do. It can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if there are no markings on the straps.

That is where the Rapid Rings excel. Set up is quick and straightforward. You can adjust the height of the straps in seconds with the push or release of a button.

rapid ring sports gymnastic rings-image-02
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The Rapid Sports Rings are well-designed and could be a game-changer to your gymnastics setup and training. Build quality is excellent and durable, and they work flawlessly.

They are a time-saving device that can remove most of the guesswork from your gymnastics training

Your purchase will give you a pair of Olympic-quality wood gymnastic rings and adjustable straps. You can quickly adjust the straps to suit different situations and exercises.


  • Easy to set up
  • Highly adjustable
  • Time-saving
  • Works flawlessly
  • High build quality


  • Pricey

You can view and purchase the Rapid Ring Sports Gymnastic Rings on Amazon.

Alternatively, the Rapid Sports Rings will work with any standard gymnastic ring. Thus you can view and purchase the straps on their own or as a complete product with the gymnastic rings from Rogue Fitness.

Best Value for Money: Double Circle Wood Gymnastics Rings

The Double Circle Wood Rings are one of the few with straps bearing measuring lines for easy setup. The markings are time-saving and take any guesswork out, enabling you to hang both straps at equal lengths with precision.

And instead of cam buckles that many manufacturers supply with their ring straps, Double Circle uses carabiners, making them more user-friendly and straightforward to set up.

The build quality is good, and the 1.5-inch CrossFit-compatible wood rings are well-sanded and comfortable to grip and use. You can use them with or without chalk and still get a firm grip.

They are heavy-duty rings with a 1000-pound capacity, making them suitable for different athletes and exercisers.

The price is compatible with others on Amazon. And given that the Double Circle Wood Rings have over a thousand positive customer reviews, you can buy with confidence with the knowledge that the quality and durability are as expected.


  • Reasonably good quality
  • Fitted with carabiners for easy setup and adjustments
  • Straps with marking lines
  • High user capacity


  • Some quality control issues

The Double Circle Gymnastics Rings are available to view and buy from Amazon.

Best Gymnastic Rings for Beginners: Synergee Wood Gymnastics Rings

synergee fitness gymnastic rings
Image courtesy of Synergee Fitness

The Synergee Wood Rings are in two sizes – 1 inch and 1.25 inches.

The build material and quality are good. Synergee Fitness uses premium baltic wood for the rings and sands them for comfort and a firm grip. The finish quality is such that you can use the rings with or without chalk or grip tape.

synergee fitness gymnastic rings specification
Image courtesy of Synergee Fitness

The rings come with 15-foot-long straps with fitted clamps, strong enough to give a 1000-pound user capacity, making it possible for most athletes and exercisers to use.

Setting up the Synergee rings is effortless and could take about three minutes.

Like all the gymnastic rings on our list, they are portable, making it painless to set them up at a time and place of convenience for your training. Thus you can set them up on a tree branch, ceiling beam, in your doorway, etc., with ease.


  • Acceptable build quality
  • Sanded for comfort and firm grip
  • You can use them with or without grip tape
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up and take down1000-pound user capacity


  • 1-in diameter not up to FIG (International Gymnastics Federation) specification
  • Wood sanding can be better.

The Synergee Wood Gymnastics Rings are available to view and buy on Amazon.
Alternatively, you can buy them directly from Synergee Fitness.

Best Budget: PACEARTH Gymnastics Rings

PACEARTH uses birchwood, a popular hardwood for sports gear, for its gymnastic rings.

The PACEARTH Gymnastics Rings are well made and have a user capacity of 1000 pounds, making them suitable for most athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The rings come with durable straps with measurement marking to make them easy for precise adjustments during setup and training. You get cam buckles with a serrated contact surface on each strap for easy adjustment and safety.

Your purchase also gives you a couple of hand tapes to protect the wood, absorb sweat, and for a firm but comfortable grip. Unfortunately, the hand tapes don’t seem to stick properly. You may have to look for better alternatives.

The build quality is acceptable for the price but may not be as durable as some may want.


  • Hardwood construction for durability
  • Straps with markers for easy adjustments
  • High user capacity to suit different athletes
  • Supplied with hand tapes for sweat absorption and protection


  • Supplied tapes are not fit for purpose.
  • Quality and durability could be an issue.

You can view and buy the PACEARTH Gymnastics Rings on Amazon.

Highly Recommended: Elite Sportz Gymnastic Rings

The Elite Sportz Gymnastic Rings will be an alternative to the Rogue Echo Rings for those who prefer plastic rings.

Elite Sportz uses quality plastic for the Olympic rings. They have a textured finish, making them non-slip for a comfortable and firm grip.

The build quality is good, and the rings are strong enough to withstand the impact of any exercise.

The gymnastic rings come with straps fitted with buckles, which to many buyers, don’t seem to be fit for purpose.
There is a tendency for the buckles to break, and their adjustment mechanism could be challenging for some. These issues could be a concern for many.

Thus the Elite Sportz Exercise Rings are let down by the poor-quality buckles that go with the rings.

While there are many satisfied customers, the safety issues with the straps need serious attention. Buyers may also look into the possibility of replacing them for peace of mind.

Aside from the ineffective buckles, they are well-made hybrid equipment for those who like to train indoors and outdoors and are worth considering.

High-quality plastic construction Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Textured handles for a good grip.
Reasonably priced


  • High-quality plastic construction Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Textured handles for a good grip.
  • Reasonably priced


  • Low-quality buckles fitted to straps could be a safety concern.

The Elite Sportz Gymnastic Rings are available for viewing and purchase on Amazon

Benefits of Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic rings are simple gym equipment – a pair of rings attached to a strap and suspended from a rigid bar or hook. But training with them can give you many benefits.

  • Convenience
    The rings are portable and easy to set up. Thus you can train anywhere and at any time.
    You can work out with them indoors and outdoors, including the open fields and the beaches.
    You can even strap them to a tree in the park if you wish and start training.
    You don’t need a gym membership, making them a cost-effective way to get a whole-body workout.
  • Building Strength and Endurance
    Suspending your whole body on the rings requires many muscles to work together. That requires strength and endurance, making it possible to train and build your muscles, especially those in your mid and upper body.
  • Developing Grip Strength
    Training with gymnastic rings is a sure way to build grip strength because the exercises involve lifting your whole body off the ground before doing any other movements and maneuvers.
  • Targeting and Working different muscles
    Training with gymnastic rings will allow you to perform various movements, helping you to target different muscles, including your core, wrists, chest, shoulders, triceps, and biceps.
  • Reducing Stress on your Muscles and Joints.
    Training with the rings can condition your muscles and joints, helping to reduce stress on wrists, shoulders, and elbows, eventually helping to eliminate the risk of injury.
  • Can Help Improve Mobility
    Many ring exercises use several muscle groups and joints, which can help increase your range of motion and mobility.
  • Can Improve balance and coordination
    Rings are generally unstable and can be very demanding. The movements require good coordination, precision, and balance. Training with the gymnastic rings will help you to develop these qualities and perfect them as you gain more confidence.

Gymnastic Rings Buyers Guide

Below are some factors to consider when deciding on the best gymnastic rings for your gym.


Gymnastic rings are available in two sizes – the standard 1.25-inch rings and the 1.11-inch diameter rings that meet the FIG specifications.

Athletes with big hands or experienced may opt for the 1.25-inch version, which is fatter and more challenging to train. They are also the best for building grip strength.

The standard version is the size for CrossFit.

But those aiming for gymnastics competitions may go for the FIG sizing, which is much more grip-friendly.

Beginners will also find it much easier to start their training with the smaller 1.11-inch version.

Material Type

Manufacturers will choose between wood, plastic, and steel for the gymnastic rings.

Gymnastic wood rings are warm to the touch, give a better grip, are much more comfortable, and work well even with sweaty hands. You can train with them, with or without chalk.

You will find wood gymnastic rings in CrossFit training and competition and other advanced gymnastic setups and training. They are the ones to go for if you intend to participate in any of these.

They are lighter in weight and easy to transport. Thus they will suit those constantly on the move and are also the best choice if you do most of your training indoors.

Plastic rings are durable and great for training outdoors.

Steel rings are much more durable but are cold to the touch. They are better suited for indoor training but are also great for the outdoors.

Weight Capacity

Ensure the ring you choose can bear your weight. That goes for both the ring and the straps.

Build Quality

Gymnastic rings are simple equipment, but they can be challenging and risky to train. Glued joints can come apart, buckles can fail, and straps can break. Thus ensure the build quality and the materials are of the best.

Final Words From LiveLife

Gymnastics, and training with gymnastic rings, are exciting but can also be very risky. And your choice of rings can have an impact on your training regimen.

Ensure your setup is stable and secure enough to withstand the rigorous training and movements involved. That means buying the best gymnastic rings available to guarantee you eliminate all risks.

Thus, our number one recommendation will be the Rogue Rings, particularly the Rogue Wood Gymnastic Rings or the Rogue Gymnastic Rings. They are some of the best on the market, and the Rogue build quality and customer service are difficult to match.

But the Double Circle Gymnastics Rings would be an alternative worth considering.

We will recommend the Rogue Echo Rings if you prefer plastic rings.

We hope whichever you go for will open a whole world of new training opportunities to your strength training and muscle-building journey.