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A Quick Look At Our Top Leg Extension Machines

XMark Rotary Leg Extension and Curl Machine at Amazon
Premium price tag. But solidly built with a wide array of easily adjustable features and a reasonable range of motion. Read More …

Deltech Fitness Leg Extension/Leg Curl Machine at Amazon
With a good number of exercise options. Should be a good buy for any fitness enthusiasts aiming to take their lower body exercises to another level on a budget. Read More …

Body-Solid Powerline Leg Extension and Curl Machine at Amazon
Well-constructed; has a wide base to help keep it stable during your exercises, and comes with a 10-year frame warranty. Read More …

Marcy Utility Bench with Leg Developer at Amazon
Offers the possibility for a wide range of exercises, including preacher curls, squats, and bench presses. A good option for anyone with limited gym space. Read More …

Weider XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench at Amazon
A full-body home gym equipment that opens up the possibility for many different exercises on one fitness equipment. Read More …

Leg extension exercises can help you build and tone the muscles in your lower body. You need a leg extension machine to perform leg extension exercises effectively.

Many leg extension machines come with leg curl features.

A leg extension machine can help you isolate and build your quads, which are the muscles in the front section of your legs.

On the other hand, a leg curl machine can help you target and build your hamstrings or the group of muscles at the back or posterior of your thighs.

leg extension machine

Thus, a leg extension machine with leg curl can help you target and build the muscles in the front and back of your legs.

Including a leg extension machine in your home gym setup can help you improve your squats and deadlifts. That can help you build core strength, stability, posture, and leg muscles.

To help save you time trolling the internet to find the best leg extension machine for your budget, our team has done all the leg work for you.

The list we have put together contains what we believe are some of the best leg extension machines on the market. We are confident one of these will help you meet your goals.

Best leg extension machine for home gym that can help you target and build your lower body muscles

What is the best leg extension machine for home gym you could lay your hands on with your budget? Read on and find out in detail.

XMark Rotary Leg Extension and Curl Machine

The XMark Rotary Leg Extension Machine with Leg Curl is the top of the range leg extension and curl machine from the company.

Compared to the Marcy Utility Bench it is a heavy duty 11-gauge steel mainframe constructed gym equipment.

The 2-inch by 3-inch steel mainframe has a powder coating finish that is scratch resistant. This is to ensure the equipment can serve you well for many years.

The skid-resistant feet are designed and fitted in a way to keep the leg extension machine sturdy and make it very difficult for it to slip during your training. A built-in rear weight post and an oversized chrome cam all contribute to the extra stability of the gym equipment.

Thus, it is much sturdier than the Marcy leg extension machine.

Unlike many fitness equipment that can use only one type of plate, the XMark comes with a 14″ chrome Olympic adapter sleeve. This makes it possible for it to use Olympic weight plates in addition to standard discs.

Thus, you can use the XMark Rotary Leg Extension machine, irrespective of whatever sized plates you have acquired in the past, without spending money on new ones.

The Xmark Leg extension machine is quite pricey, and some may not want to spend that much for a leg extension machine.

One important notable omission is that in spite of the very high price, no weight plates are included. Thus, you must find extra money to purchase discs if you don’t have some already. This is a shame as we believe that given the current selling price, XMark could have thrown in a few plates.

But the XMark has all the qualities of a commercial-grade gym equipment. It is sturdily built. It comes with comfortable pads and rubber grip handlebars. You can easily adjust it to suit the exercise you intend to do and, it has a good range of motion.

The XMark is the leg extension machine to add to your home gym equipment setup if you are looking for a heavy-duty gym equipment that can help you develop your quads and hamstrings.

It can help you sculpt, develop, and define your body with hardly any headache.

We are confident you will be able to achieve your fitness goals if you can stretch your budget and acquire the XMark rotary leg extension machine with leg curl.



  • Easy to assemble
  • Solidly built and much sturdier than that of many competitors
  • Reasonable range of motion
  • Easily adjustable for different exercises and users
  • Can use both Olympic and standard weight plates
  • Well-padded and stitched cushions
  • PriceyOlympic plate adaptors not very user-friendly
  • Quite a few tools needed for assembly
  • Limited range of motion
  • No weights included

Product Weight: 136 pounds | Product Length: 47.8 inches | Product Width: 41.1 inches | Product Height: 41.2 inches

Deltech Fitness Leg Extension/Leg Curl Machine

The Deltec Leg Extension Machine with Leg Curl is a heavy gauge steel tubing constructed gym equipment.

It comes with a durable powder-coat finish to ensure you can carry on with your lower body exercises for a very long time.

Like most of the leg extension machines on our list, the Deltec Leg Extension Machine with Leg Curl can use both standard and Olympic plates. But it doesn’t come with any weights. Thus, you must make provision to buy weights before you can take advantage of the full benefits you will get from the gym equipment. Not only that. You may also have to purchase a 2-inch Olympic barbell adaptor to enable you to use Olympic plates

Build quality is acceptable. and the heavy-duty rubber feet help to keep the machine stable. You can exercise safely without the machine slipping from its position, as a result

It is adjustable for different height and seat positions. You can adjust it for your leg extension and curl exercises. That means people of different sizes can use the home gym equipment comfortably. But as some buyers have rightly noted, the leg curl attachment has a limited range of extension. Thus, you may struggle to use it comfortably if you are a short exerciser.

Assembly is fairly straightforward. But, just like the other leg extension machines on the list, you need to have access to various tools like wrenches and ratchet sets to help you do that.

The Deltec Leg Extension Machine with Leg Curl has a few limitations.

But it is a solidly built home gym equipment with a reasonable price point.

It should be a good buy for any exerciser, including those with limited gym space, looking to add a leg extension machine with leg curl to their home gym setup.



  • Adjustable for both leg extensions and leg curls
  • Reasonably priced
  • Compact and suitable for small home gym spaces
  • Sturdy with a solid feel
  • Reasonable build quality
  • Poor quality control. Some buyers received the gym equipment with missing parts and no assembly instructions.
  • The position of the handles for lying leg curls may not be suitable for everybody.
  • Limited range of adjustment for footpads.
  • Quite a few tools needed for assembly

Product Weight: 107 pounds | Product Length: 53 inches | Product Width: 26 inches | Product Height: 36 inches

Body-Solid Powerline Leg Extension and Curl Machine

The Powerline leg extension machine with hamstring curl capabilities is another solid piece of home gym equipment worth considering for your lower body exercises.

Aside from the traditional leg extension and curl exercises, you can use the Powerline for other exercises. Such exercises include incline crunches, incline reverse crunches, hip thrusts, and side crunches.

One notable feature not found in others is the multiple handgrip positions. That makes it possible for you to position your hands at a point that makes it comfortable for you to exercise.

It is adjustable and comes with hold-down grips on the thigh and back pads. These help to support you and keep you balanced during your workout.

Weighing just 44 pounds the Body-Solid Powerline Leg Extension and Curl Machine is much lighter than those of other competitors. But it is well-constructed. It comes with a wide base that helps keep the equipment stable during your training.

Like the Deltech Fitness Leg Extension Machine, the Body-Solid Powerline comes with a 1-inch post for standard-sized plates. And by purchasing an adapter sleeve you can use 2-inch Olympic plates as well.

There are a few issues worth pointing out.

One notable complaint from many purchasers is receiving orders with missing components/parts. Other issues include damaged parts or parts that don’t fit. These point to poor quality control procedures, which we find unacceptable.

The Powerline PLCE165X leg extension machine with leg curl comes with a 10-year frame warranty for your peace of mind. It is not the cheapest but is reasonably priced and worth considering.



  • Different handgrip positions for prone and upright exercises
  • Adjustable for different exercises and user positions
  • Easy switch between leg extension and leg curl exercises
  • Angled bench makes it much easier for leg curls
  • 10-year warranty on frame
  • Wide base provides extra stability
  • Limited adjustable positions
  • May not be suitable for those below 5ft 6ins in height
  • Build quality not as high as expected from a product at the current price point
  • Poor quality control. Quite a few complaints of missing and/or defective parts from purchasers

Product Weight: 44 pounds | Product Length: 62 inches | Product Width: 25 inches | Product Height: 27 inches

Marcy Utility Bench with Leg Developer

The Marcy Utility Bench with Leg Developer is built with a powder-coated steel frame for durability and has a user capacity of 600lb. The build quality is not bad for the price the gym equipment is on offer.

It comes with a well-padded seat and a back pad for comfort.

The adjustable back pad is designed to make it possible to change the angle of the seating position. Thus you can change the angle of the back pad to decline, incline, or flat positions to match the type of exercise you want to do.

The leg developer which is a plate loading component of the weight bench can help you build your quads. It allows you to modify the intensity of your training by adding or taking weights off the machine.

But the utility bench is designed as a total body workout equipment. Thus, its capabilities go beyond that of a leg extension machine.

It has features that can help you build your lower and upper body muscles.

Thus, you can use it to target and train the muscles in different parts of your body, including your arms, chest, back, and legs.

Exercises like preacher curls, squats, bench press, and single-arm row are all possible with the Marcy Olympic bench.

There are, however, a few concerns worth noting.

The Marcy Utility Bench with Leg Developer is not as sturdy as many will wish. A few users complain about the work bench shaking during their training.

Some may find the leg extension pads a bit narrow and badly padded for comfort. And others may find the gap between the back pad and the seat not to their liking.

Despite the concerns about the sturdiness of the workout bench, Marcy Utility Bench should still be a good buy, especially, for those looking to equip their home gym with a leg extension machine on a budget. It can also be a good option for anyone who doesn’t have much space for many standalone fitness equipment.



  • Adjustable back pad for different exercises
  • Easy to put together
  • Space-saving all-in-one full-body workout gym equipment
  • Versatile total body workout bench
  • Suitable for beginners on a budget
  • Low price point
  • Poorly designed leg extension pads
  • Can be wobbly and unstable
  • May not be suitable for heavily built exercisers
  • May not suit seasoned exercisers

Product Weight: 51 pounds | Product Length: 64.5 inches | Product Width: 23 inches | Product Height: 42 inches

Weider XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench

The Weider Olympic Workout Bench is different from all the leg extension machines we have listed. That is because, unlike the others, it is a total body strength training home gym equipment

It is an adjustable Olympic weight bench and squat combo. The built-in preacher curl pad will help you with your bicep curl exercises.

Purchase some Olympic-sized weight plates and load these on the leg developer and you have a leg extension machine to help you train and target your hip flexor muscles and quads.

It also comes with an independent squat rack to help you with your squat exercises. You can even use the squat rack for your bench press exercises as well.

The XRS 20 Workout Bench can handle 7-foot Olympic barbells and 2-inch Olympic weight plates. Though these must be purchased separately. But the weight rack may not be strong enough to hold much weight.

In effect, the Weider Workout Bench has all the components of a full body home gym equipment in place and can help you save money on gym membership fees.

Feedback from purchasers is very positive, with many acknowledging that it has some good features.

Many purchasers feel that despite the slim design, the build quality is acceptable and the workout bench does not wobble during exercises. This could be down to the steel tubing used in its construction

Despite the many positive features, there are quite a number of issues worth noting.

As noted by quite a few purchasers, the build quality is acceptable but not high enough. Quality control is not robust either.

Purchasers receive orders with missing, damaged, and/or unsuitable parts. Customer services don’t seem to be up to scratch too.

That said, purchase the Weider XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench and you will get access to many interactive, trainer-led video workouts in the comfort of your home gym.

All in all, it will be a good buy that can help you meet your fitness goals.



  • Total body workout bench
  • Suitable for a wide range of exercises
  • Adjustable for different exercises and users
  • Space-saving features
  • Sub-standard quality control measures
  • Questionable returns policy
  • Poor customer service
  • Position of thigh rest pads may not be suitable for everybody
  • Seat is not adjustable. Fixed seat position may limit the ability to do incline bench presses conveniently
  • You will need a few tools, including an impact driver, for assembly
  • A few design flaws

What Is A Leg Extension Machine?

A leg extension machine primarily focuses on training the quadriceps, a set of muscles present in the front area of your thigh. The quads are made up of the rectus femoris and 3 other muscles known as the vastus muscles.

If you use the gym equipment properly, a leg extension workout can increase the size of your quad muscles and strength. Hence, it can strengthen some key attachments in your knee joint.

If you combine this with another popular exercise, called the leg curls, your quad can become more stable and stronger(1). It will make it easier for you to jump better, run faster, and stand for long periods. The leg extension exercise is among the few exercises that isolate the muscle. groups entirely.

What Muscles Does the Leg Extension/Curl Machine Work?

A leg extension machine is excellent for quad isolation workouts. These workouts focus on quads, adding more detail, or defining your leg. The workout tones the legs, making them stronger and healthier.

This gym equipment targets the quadriceps and solely works on the quads while isolating them. The equipment doesn’t work on your glutes or hamstrings.

It may be possible to achieve similar results with squats. Squats are quite good for building and developing the lower body muscles. These muscles include the glutes, calf, hamstring, and quadriceps. But, if you are one of those who struggle to do squats properly, a good option will be to go for leg extension exercises.

Advantages of Leg Extension Machines

Leg extensions machines emphasize the quads. These are the muscles present on the front of your thighs. From a technical perspective, this exercise is an open-chain kinetic workout. It is different from the closed chain counterpart, which is a squat.

The body part is more anchored to the ground in squats, and your feet are on the ground. On the other hand, with leg extension exercises, you are moving that padded bar. So, your legs are not stationary during the workout. So, the chain of movement is open in these leg extension workouts.

Building your core is very important for everybody. But even more critical for those involved in certain sports such as cycling. For other exercises like walking and running, you will also need the muscles at the back of your legs.

Thus, it is a good idea to combine your leg extension exercises with leg curls to help you build the muscles at both the front and back of your legs.

Disadvantages of Leg Extension Machines

  • You can’t perform a leg extension exercise without a leg extension machine, though there are alternative exercises that can give you similar results. You don’t need any equipment for many leg extension alternative exercises.
  • You cannot load the equipment up with many weights as much as a squat machine.
  • A leg extension machine can put plenty of stress on your knee.

Key Factors & Features to Consider When Buying A Leg Extension Machine

There are various features you need to consider when buying a leg extension machine. What you buy must meet your requirements and your fitness goals.

Durability & build quality

Any gym equipment, including leg extension machines, must be sturdy and durable. That is because any low-quality equipment could be a potential health hazard. The components must be assembled rigidly if required, and they must not wear off that easily.

The quality of the leather on the bench and how it had been stitched and fitted are quite important. The leather must be easy to clean, must not absorb your sweat, and must withstand rough usage.

Look out for leather that is resistant to oil or moisture. These tend to last longer. They are the ones to go for whenever possible.

Equipment made with a solid metal frame or with thicker steel would be a good buy. Any leg extension machine should sit firmly on the floor and must not shake or wobble in the slightest during your training. Any equipment that wobbles when in use is a safety and health hazard and must be avoided in all situations.

Any metal used in the construction should be rust-free. You must look out for those that have been treated or given anti-rust coating. Those will last longer and will cope well under different weather conditions.

Ease of assembly

Many leg extension machines will need assembly. The easier it is to assemble the better.

Does it come with assembly instructions? Is it possible to get a copy of the assembly instructions before purchase? What tools do you need for assembly? Are the tools included or you may have to purchase some?

Those are some of the questions to get answers to before you purchase.

We have seen many gym equipment with very difficult-to-understand assembly instructions. Thus, never make assumptions, until it’s too late


Another important point you have to keep in mind is comfortability, and it is something you should never compromise on. When you are looking to buy a leg extension machine or any other workout equipment, you must check whether it will be comfortable for you to use or not.

Make sure that it is comfortable enough to sit on for the required training duration and train without any undue stress on any part of your body.

How comfortable is the padding on the seat, back pad, leg pads, etc These are some of the features that would determine the level of comfort when using the equipment.

An equipment with washable pads or easy-to-clean covers is always a good choice, provided they are made with hardwearing materials.


A home fitness equipment must be easy to use. User instructions must be clearly presented with easy-to-follow guides.

Exercisers, including novices, must be able to master the basics of any home gym equipment, including a leg extension machine, without difficulty, and within a very short time.

You don’t want to spend days or weeks trying to figure out how to use a gym equipment.

Maximum load

A leg extension machine must have the capacity to support your weight comfortably, now and for many more years to come.

You should look for an equipment whose weight capacity is much higher than your weight and that of any potential users. If not, you may be looking for one with a higher capacity after a few years. That is a situation you want to avoid.

One other thing to bear in mind is the fact that the rated user weight capacity may be much lower in real life than what the manufacturer has stated.

Adjustment features

The level and scope of adjustability are some of the most important features of any leg extension and leg curl machine.

Any equipment with many adjustment angles and levels will give you more scope than one with very few, or no adjustment angles and levels. The many adjustment angles the equipment has, the better.

Ideally, avoid any fitness equipment with limited or hardly any level of adjustment.

Being able to adjust the back pad, footpads, and seat will help improve your level of comfort during your exercises. They will also increase the range of exercises you can do on the fitness equipment. And, they will help to determine the heights and sizes of people who can use the machine.


Ensure you have enough room for the equipment you intend to buy. You need room to install the leg extension machine and any other home gym equipment you have and or intend to buy. Some equipment have wide footprints. Thus, you should pay close attention to these during your planning.

Opt for an equipment that can be folded and tucked away, for example, into a corner, when not in use if you have limited gym space.


The longer the warranty on your leg extension machine, the better the peace of mind you may get.

A longer warranty doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. But it is an indication that the manufacturer will be willing to entertain any issues you may have with the equipment during the time the warranty is in place.

Many well-established and trusted manufacturers offer very long warranties, including a lifetime on gym equipment they have high confidence in. Look out for such warranty possibilities when making your selection

Final Words From LiveLife

Training your quads will give you many benefits and help you perform many physical activities. It should therefore be an essential component of any fitness goals you set.

A leg extension machine may not be very high on your list of required equipment for your home gym. But it can play a vital role in helping you develop, tone, and build your leg muscles.

We haven’t given you a wide choice here. That is because many of the leg extension machines we found did not meet our benchmark. In spite of the limited number of choices, we are confident you can find one that meets your requirements from what we have given.

The XMark Leg Extension and Curl Machine is a highly rated equipment with good features and is well priced. It is the one to go for if you have the budget.

The Deltech Fitness Leg Extension Machine with Leg Curl Marcy Utility Bench with Leg Developer would be a good choice if your budget is at the lower end.

If gym space is a premium and you are looking for ways to cut down on the number of equipment, then the Weider XRS Workout Bench should be high on your list.

Each of the leg extension machines listed here has its strengths and weaknesses. But any of them has the potential to help you build and tone the muscles of your lower body without many headaches. You will not be making a bad choice, whichever you go for