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An Olympic weight bench is one of the essential pieces of fitness equipment in any home gym. You will need that for any comprehensive strength-training program.

best olympic weight bench

Best Olympic weight bench for your home gym – A quick look


An Olympic weight bench can hold a standard lifting bar, and installing one in your home gym can save you time and gym membership costs.

They are heavyweight commercial and home gym equipment that should be capable of handling weighty loads. Choosing the right one to meet your fitness goals could be very tricky.

To save you time and headache, our team has spent countless hours combing the internet to identify some of the best Olympic weight benches for a home gym that can support your strength-training and weight-lifting training regimen.

We will, in this post, highlight some of the features to look for in an Olympic weight bench and analyze what we believe to be some of the best Olympic weight benches on the market. We hope it can help you make the right choice.

Best Olympic Weight Benches for a Home Gym

What is the best Olympic weight bench for a home gym to buy with your available budget? Read on to find out in detail.

Rogue Monster Westside Bench 2.0

rogue westside bench 2.0 - best olympic weight bench

Rogue Fitness produces some of the best fitness equipment in the world and the Westside bench will not disappoint.

The Monster Westside Bench is arguably one of the most versatile, heavy-duty, all-around Olympic weight benches for your home gym. It is designed, well-equipped, and manufactured to meet the demands of some of the best high-performing athletes.

The Westside Bench incorporates some of the best features of the Rogue Monster Series 2.0 power racks in some groundbreaking designs to give precision manufactured and fully equipped gym equipment that will stand the test of time.

It comes with a 3×3-inch 11-Gauge Steel frame with easy and quick bar height adjustment features.

rogue westside bench 2.0 dimensions

Build quality is second to none. It is a solid and sturdy beast that will take up a large chunk of your gym space. The powder coat finish will ensure you have a product that will last for a lifetime.

Rogue offers different height-adjustable pad options at different price levels. You can adjust any pad vertically to give you the best support and comfort for your training.

rogue westside bench 2.0 fat pad

Any athlete with shoulder issues will welcome the inclusion of the Thompson Fat Pad. It offers better shoulder support, good lat engagement, and improved scapular movement.

Also included in your purchase as standard are Monster Sandwich J-Cups, Spotter Decks, Monster Strap Safeties, and plastic-coated Monster pins for band work.

The Westside is one of the best, if not the best, options for competition-style benches, especially if you train solo.

You can order the Rogue Monster Westside Bench directly from Rogue Fitness Now!



  • Exceptional build quality
  • Better bench width and thickness
  • Excellent support for shoulders and the potential to eliminate shoulder hangovers
  • Exceptional support for back and upper body
  • Horizontally and vertically adjustable pad for comfort
  • Suitable for commercial and home gyms
  • Choice of different pad thickness
  • Made in the USA
  • Pricey. Price is at the top end of your budget
  • Large and bulky. Will take up a sizeable area of your gym space

Product Weight: 342 pounds | Product Depth: 34 inches | Product Width: 53 inches | Product Height: 54.75 inches | Foot Print: 53 x 34 inches | Steel Notes: 3×3 inches 11-Gauge Steel

Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench

rogue monster lite competition bench - best olympic weight bench

The Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench is a patent pending Olympic weight bench that will meet the specification and requirements of any competition.

As with all Rogue Fitness fitness equipment, the build quality of the stand-alone bench press station is unrivaled.

Rogue Fitness uses 3×3-inch 11-gauge powder quoted steel frames in their construction for durability, sturdiness, and longevity.

The bench is much lighter than the Monster Westside 2.0, making it suitable for many garage and home gyms.

The stabilizing base with rubber feet ensures stability, balance, and protection of your gym floor.

You can customize the gym equipment to suit your requirements. One notable inclusion is the choice of 4 different pad options.

The Thompson Fat Pad, for example, will favor those with shoulder issues. It will provide unrivaled back and shoulder support for your training. The spotter arms should be a good option for those who bench alone.

The supplied set of Monster Lite J-cups makes it compatible with standard barbells, meaning you wouldn’t have to shell out for new bars if you already have some.

The Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench is one of the best Olympic weight benches you will lay your hand on for your home gym. You can buy it, knowing it can meet your strength-training requirements and serve you well for a lifetime.

The Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench is available to buy directly from Rogue Fitness



  • Suitable for both commercial and home gyms
  • Competition-grade gym quality equipment
  • Solidly built with commercial-grade components.
  • Can be customized to meet your needs
  • Made in the USA
  • Pricey. The Price is at the top end of your budget.

Product Weight: 158 pounds | Product Depth: 49.5 inches | Product Width: 53.5 inches | Product Height: 18 inches | Foot Print: 53.5 x 49.5 inches | Steel Notes: 3×3 inches 11-Gauge Steel

Marcy MD-857 Olympic Weight Bench

marcy olympic weight bench
marcy olympic weight bench

The build quality and features of the Marcy Olympic weight bench, like all the other weight benches on the list, are nowhere near that of those offered by Rogue Fitness.

While it is not a heavy-duty piece of fitness equipment, the build quality is sturdy and solid for the price.

Marcy uses premium steel in the construction of the weight bench for an end product that is good enough to support your strength training.

Some of the weight bench’s features include spotter bars for safety and an adjustable bench. It also has a built-in preacher curl pad and leg developer for a whole-body workout.

The adjustable weight bench allows you to make the necessary angle adjustments, including decline and incline, to suit the type of exercise.

Many Olympic weight benches come as two separate units – the weight bench and the rack. But the Marcy is a single unit with the weight bench and the bar rack attached. The result is a product that will not wobble when in use.

The storage horns on the side of the rack allow you to load weights on them to make the product extra stable.

The 600lb weight bench and the 300lb weight load limit may not suit heavy lifters, but they should be acceptable for many beginners and beyond.

The spotter bars for the barbell rack are a welcome inclusion. They allow anyone to lift bars and train alone without a partner. That makes the Marcy MD-857 a suitable product for the home gym. And you also get safety catches for squats.

The Marcy MD-857 is not a commercial-grade Olympic weight bench, but the build quality is high enough to fit into many home gyms.

The Marcy MD-857 is available to buy from Amazon



  • Good build quality for extra features
  • Adjustable weight bench
  • Acceptable price point
  • Spotter bars allow for safe solo training
  • Built-in leg developer and preacher curl bar.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not suitable for heavy lifters
  • Customer concerns with some quality issues

Product Weight: 103 pounds | Product Length: 47 inches | Product Width: 80inches | Product Height: 60.5 inches | Weight Limit: 600 pounds

Body Champ BCB5860 Olympic Weight Bench

body champ olympic weight bench
body champ olympic weight bench

The Body Champ BCB5860 is much lighter in weight and has a lower price point compared to the Marcy MD-857.

It uses 2.5-inch square tubes for the frames, and given the 79lb weight of the product, we believe it is light gauge steel. But it is still sturdy enough, especially when loaded with plates to enable you to exercise safely, thanks to the horns at the sides that give you the option to store weight plates.

And like the Marcy MD-857, the Body Champ BCB5860 is a single unit, making it more stable than many dual-unit weight benches of similar weight.

The combined weight capacity of 600lb should be acceptable to many novices and beyond.

But the build quality is acceptable, and the weight bench will be suitable for beginners, intermediates, and exercisers who are looking for ways to take their bodyweight training and dumbbell workouts to another level.

The weight bench is adjustable with flat, incline, and decline functions. That would give any user different exercise positions.

The built-in preacher curl and leg developer opens up a wide range of exercise options that would not be possible with a standard Olympic weight bench.

Unfortunately, like many other Olympic weight benches in the price bracket, it is not vertically adjustable, which could be an issue for some heavy lifters.

Another limitation is the Body Champ has no spotter bars. That could be an issue for solo trainers who want to lift heavy.

One feature worth noting is that though the BCB5860 takes 1″ standard plates, it comes with an adaptor for 2-inch Olympic plates and can handle 6-8 inch bars. That should make it possible to use whatever bars you prefer or have available without replacement.

The build quality is acceptable for the price. Thus it is worth considering if your budget is within that range. It would be a good buy for beginners who want to transition into barbell exercises on a budget.

You can buy the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench from Amazon.



  • Acceptable build quality
  • Built-in preacher curl and leg developer
  • Reasonably priced
  • Capable of using standard and Olympic plates
  • Storage horns for weight plates
  • Limited adjustment features for seat
  • No spotter bars
  • Quality control issues

Product Weight: 79 pounds | Product Length: 56 inches | Product Width: 76inches | Product Height: 55 inches

Valor Fitness BF-48 Olympic Weight Bench

valor fitness bf-48 olympic weight bench
valor fitness bf-48 olympic weight bench

The Valor Fitness BF-48 has a flat bench, which is much in line with the traditional design of Olympic weight benches.

The steel frame and underneath steel tubes make it a solid and sturdy weight bench. But the price seems steep for a product with limited features.

The bench has no backrest and no incline and decline adjustable angles, limiting the number of possible exercises. But, the high-density dual-layer bench pad with vinyl covering should feel comfortable for many lifters to work out without much stress.

The adjustable safety catches and a built-in spotter stand should give solo lifters the confidence to train.

The rack height and the built-in two fixed bar heights are not adjustable, restricting the use of the weight bench to only a few lifters. Tall users, in particular, may find the weight rest position is too low for comfort.

And unlike the Marcy MD-857 or the Body Champ BCB5860, the Valor Fitness Bf-48 does not include any extra features like a leg developer or preacher bench.

And while the weight bench is robust, its weight capacity of 500lb will not make it attractive to heavy lifters.

The BF-48 is a solid bench, but you may be able to pick up an alternative with better features at a similar price.

Valor Fitness BF-48 Olympic weight bench is available to buy on Amazon.



  • Good build quality
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Safety catches and a built-in spotter stand
  • 3-year frame warranty
  • Limited adjustable features
  • The price seems high for the features on offer
  • It may not be suitable for small tall lifters.

Product Weight: 146 pounds | Product Depth: 53 inches | Product Width: 43 inches | Product Height: 47 inches | Max Weight Load: 500 pounds

Deltech Fitness Flat Olympic Weight Bench

Deltech Fitness flat Olympic weight bench
Deltech Fitness flat Olympic weight bench

The Deltech Fitness weight bench is similar in design to the Valor Fitness BF-48. The flat weight bench is not adjustable.

The build quality is acceptable for the price but can be better with good quality controls, which seem to be lacking. It is, however, solid and sturdily built with heavy gauge steel tubing and a powder coat finish for durability.

Unlike the Valor Fitness BF-48, which has two bar height positions, the Deltech Fitness has four. While that is an improvement, it still limits the types of users.

The fixed oversized pad has good padding and a sweat-resistant vinyl cover and would offer reasonable comfort and protection to many users.

It should be a reasonable buy for beginners and casual lifters wishing to incorporate some bar exercises in their training regimen.

It may not have similar features as the Marcy MD-857. But the price is attractive, and the build quality is acceptable enough to fit into many beginner home gyms.

The Deltech Fitness Olympic weight bench is available to purchase from Amazon.



  • Acceptable build quality
  • Reasonably priced
  • Some concerns with the quality of welding and finishing
  • Customer concerns with quality controls

Product Weight: 90 pounds | Product depth: 49.5 inches | Product Width: 48 inches | Product Height: 31.44 inches | Weight Limit: 750 pounds

Body-Solid BFOB10 Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench

Body-Solid BFOB10 Olympic weight bench
Body-Solid BFOB10 Olympic weight bench

Body-Solid BFOB10 is the only foldable option on our list.

The steel frame makes it solid and sturdy, and the foldable feature ensures you can fold the weight bench and tuck it away when not in use.

It is a single unit. The bar holder and the weight bench are connected, giving it a more stable feel.

It has a leg developer for leg exercises like curls and extensions, but some may not find the leg developer pads comfortable.

The two-part flat bench has three incline adjustable angles but no decline feature. But some may find the gap between the pad uncomfortable for flat bench exercises.

The padding also looks narrow and thin. Thus some lifters may find that it does not offer them enough protection and comfort.

Its total weight capacity of 300 lbs indicates it will be more suitable for beginners and not seasoned lifters.

Body-Solid BFOB10 is a space-saver Olympic weight bench for exercisers with limited gym space and will not be suitable for everybody.

You can buy the Body-Solid BFOB10 Olympic weight bench on Amazon



  • Foldable and space-saver design
  • Acceptable build quality and stability
  • Includes a leg developer
  • Can take 6 feet and 7 feet bars
  • Will be suitable for beginners or those with limited gym spaces.
  • Not suitable for seasoned lifters
  • Limited features and options
  • Not suitable for some exercises

Product Weight: 74 pounds | Product Depth: 68 inches | Product Width: 41 inches | Product Height: 58 inches | Weight Limit: 300 pounds

Do you need an Olympic Weight Bench in your Home Gym?

An Olympic bench is one of the main and essential pieces of equipment in any gym.

You will need one of them for any serious strength training routines, including bench presses. Thus, it is must-have equipment for seasoned athletes and heavy-weight lifters.

Having one of such sturdily built weight benches in your gym can help you target, build, and tone your upper and lower body muscles and build strength, power, and stamina.

They are versatile and multifunctional. Having one in your home gym will make it less stressful to train with free weights like barbells and dumbbells.

Guide to Buying an Olympic Weight Bench

Design and Build Quality

The design, build quality, and construction are some factors to consider.

An Olympic weight bench will b a significant investment. It will also be the platform for your strength training and workouts.

Ensure the quality of materials, welding, etc., can handle the constant pressure.

What is the quality of the padding? Is it thick enough to offer your back and shoulders enough support? These are some questions to seek answers to before making your final choice.

Weight Capacity

Most manufacturers will state the weight limit. Note that the stated weight limit may include your body weight.

A serious lifter should consider a weight limit of well over 500 pounds. Consider where you are and where you want to get to, and possibly add an extra 20-30% to that to arrive at your intended weight limit. That should give you a piece of equipment that will meet your needs for many years.

A piece of equipment with a light weight will not have the capacity to handy a heavy load.


Your safety should be one of your highest priorities.

Strength training can result in serious injury. Thus you will need a piece of equipment with a sturdy build that will not easily come apart when loading and unloading with bars, will not shake or wobble when in use, and will not slide from its position.

The seat height and rack width should all be such that you can use the Olympic weight bench safely and comfortably without any risk of injury.

An Olympic weight bench with safety catches, catch bars, or spotter arms, for example, will offer you more protection than one without. They should be a must-have feature, especially if you are a solo trainer.

Features and Versatility

If you don’t have the budget or space in your gym for lots of equipment, then a multi-use Olympic weight bench with FID(flat/incline/decline) capabilities could be a better choice than one with a flat bench. Others have such features as leg developers and preacher benches. Such features could help save you money and gym space if you consider them necessary

Final Words from LiveLife

An Olympic weight bench should offer you s table platform to train and build your strength and muscles safely and comfortably.

Each of the weight benches we have discussed has their strength and limitations.

If space and money are not issues, then the Rogue Monster Westside Bench 2.0 or the Rogue Rogue Monster Lite Competition Bench should be very high on your list. Either of them will serve you well for life.

But you could also consider the Marcy MD-857 or any of those discussed. You will not go wrong with your choice.