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Calisthenics is a form of exercise that strengthens the body using bodyweight alone. Push-ups, squats, burpees, and triceps dips are examples of calisthenic exercises.

Calisthenics exercises can help you burn calories and strengthen your muscles.

Parallette bars are gym equipment that can assist you during calisthenic exercises.

Keep reading for more about parallettes and where to find the best one for your needs.

handstand on parallettes

Best parallettes for your home gym – A quick look

Best Parallettes – Worth Considering

 What are parallettes or parallette bars?

A parallette bar is home gym equipment that can support many calisthenic exercises. 

It is made up of two solid wooden or metal bars lifted off the ground and running parallel to one another. They are secured to a base to withstand your body weight during use.

Calisthenics parallettes come in different sizes, styles, and materials.

 What are parallettes used for?

You can use parallette bars for many different exercises, including:

  • Planches
  • Push-ups
  • Decline push-ups
  • Triceps dips
  • Mountain climbers
  • Handstands
  • L-sits
  • Planche tucks

Aside from being a popular home gym equipment, those in gymnastics, CrossFit, strength training, and weightlifting use parallette bars in their training as well.

Best parallette bars for home gym to support your calisthenics exercises

Rogue Bolt Together Parallette Set

Rogue Bolt Together Parallette Set - calisthenics equipment

man exercising on Rogue Bolt Together Parallette Set

Rogue Bolt-Together Parallettes is a USA-made calisthenics equipment. Rogue fitness uses some of the best quality materials in the production and manufacture of its products, and the Bolt Together Parallette Set is no different. 

The design of the Rogue Bolt-Together Parallettes makes it suitable for users at all fitness levels – beginners and advanced. 

Users of all ages and sexes can use it as well. 

They are one of the best parallettes to have if you want a high-quality product.

The Rogue parallettes set is made from thick-coated 11-gauge steel that can withstand any weight. 

Its U-shaped handles come in Rogue’s signature black powder coat finish for optimal non-slip grip during exercises. 

The non-slip rubber feet on the base of the bars protect the floor of your home gym. They also help grip the floor to stabilize the bars during use. That means you can work out without any fear of the bars slipping.

At 32 pounds heavy, it is unlikely you’ll be transporting these parallette bars outside your home gym. Thus, they may not be suitable for those looking for portable parallettes.

For most people, putting the bars together will be straightforward. And Rogue Fitness has excellent customer service for dealing with complaints and offering assistance if necessary. 

Price is at the highest point of your budget, but the build quality is such that you will not have to replace them for a very long time. 

The price may be very high, but it is worth every dollar, especially if looking for safety and quality.

The Rogue Bolt-Together Parallettes is streets ahead of that of all others. It is available to buy directly from Rogue Fitness



  • Made in the USA
  • High build quality and durable
  • Rubber feet for floor grip
  • Sturdy steel construction, making it one of the best on the market
  • Textured grip
  • Black powder-coated finish for durability.
  • High brand recognition with good customer service
  • Suitable for both commercial and home gyms
  • High price tag. Price at the top end of your budget
  • Not easily portable

Product Weight: 32 pounds (Pair) | Product Length: 24 inches | Product Width: 15 inches | Product Height: 14 inches | Foot Print: 24 x 15 inches (single handle) | Steel Notes: 2×2 inches 11-Gauge Steel | Handle Diameter: 1.5 inches

Body Power Parallettes

Just like Rogue Fitness, Body Power produces its parallette bars in the USA, but the build quality is not as high as the Rogue Fitness parallettes.

Their heavy-duty gauge and carbon steel construction support up to 380 pounds. The careful and consistent welds ensure an even stress point distribution for safety during use.

The U-shaped handlebars have a black powder finish for anti-slip and anti-sweat resistance. The handles have knurling for a sturdier, more stable grip.

The bars come with rubberized non-skid feet for protecting your floors and providing stability. While they do the job, they are not as good and stable as you will get from Rogue Fitness.

For nearly half the price of the Rogue Parallettes, the Body Power parallette bars are quite the value. But you get what you pay for

There are a few complaints from buyers, including the bars being wobbly while in use and missing parts. Some may not find it comfortable and sturdy enough for their needs.

Overall, you get a decent product for your money with minor disadvantages. It will suit those looking for a set of parallettes to support their push-ups at home but wouldn’t bother so much about the quality.

For a reasonable quality without leaving a big dent in your wallet, choose the Body Power parallette bars.

The Body Power parallettes are available to purchase from Amazon.



  • Very basic with a corresponding price tag
  • Knurled hand grips
  • Rubber base feet
  • Wobbly while in use. Not very stable, compared to others
  • Basic quality levels
  • Questionable rubber base performance
  • Missing parts

Product Length: 24.4 inches | Product Width: 14.8 inches | Product Height: 11.8 inches | User Weight Capacity: 380 pounds

CALI SPORTS Parallette Bars

Cali Sports uses solid beech wood for the construction of their parallettes. Thus they offer a more natural feel on your hands than metal bars.

The ergonomically designed handles are smooth to the touch, making them comfortable to use. CALI SPORTS includes free wrist wraps to support and keep your wrists sturdy during exercises.

The bars require no assembly. The joints are glued and supported with security screws to give you a sturdy product that won’t wobble.

They come with rubber-padded feet to protect your gym floor and to ensure the product can sit firmly on the floor.

Cali Sports calisthenics parallettes are great for push-ups, planks, and handstands. But they’re too small for exercises like dips or L-sits.

On the plus side, their small size makes them very portable. The bars should be great for those who want a set of parallettes for travel or vacation.

Check the Cali Sports parallettes out on Amazon.



  • Smooth handle grip
  • Compact size for travel
  • Included wrist wraps
  • Affordable
  • Not as versatile, too small for many exercises
  • Not as sturdy as those with metal materials
  • Inconsistent quality construction
  • Not as durable as metal-made ones

Product Weight: 3.8 pounds (pair) | Product Length: 12.2 inches | Product Width: 5.9 inches

Withgear Folding Parallette Bar

Withgear Folding parallette bars are worth considering if you train outside your home.

Its foldable design makes it easy to transport from your home gym to the outdoors. You can take it on your vacation or to wherever you want.

It comes with a carry case for traveling. It is compact and foldable, making it easy to store or carry in your luggage.

Withgear uses aluminum for the bars, but they are strong enough to hold up to 660 pounds of user capacity. While not that massive, the user capacity is much high than that of Body Power.

The soft non-slip sponge hand grips are comfortable on your hands during use.

The Withgear parallettes are suitable for the outdoors and rough, textured surfaces. But the feet tend to slip on smoother surfaces, like wood or tile.

It is also not as sturdy as other metal versions, especially that from Rogue Fitness or the wood version from Cali.

But with a 1-year warranty and an affordable price tag, it could be a risk worth taking if you decide to go for it.

The Withgear parallette bars are available to buy from Amazon.



  • Foldable, portable design
  • Easy storage for travel
  • Great for training outdoors or when on the move.
  • Not as sturdy as bolted parallettes
  • Feet slip on smooth surfaces
  • Inconsistent construction quality

Product Length: 38 inches | Product Width: 25 inches | Product Height: 23 inches | User capacity: 300 kilos

Tumbl Trak Parallette Bars

Tumbl Trak parallette bars are adjustable, making them accessible to different users.

You can adjust the bar to 3 heights – from 6 inches to 7.25 inches and 8.5 inches.

The multi-height adjustments allow you to find the right height for your preferred exercises. It also means different generations of the family can all use the bars.

The bars have a sturdy steel frame with smooth and solid beech wood bars and are suitable for gymnast training, handstands, or conditioning exercises.

Hook velcro on the bottom can keep the bars in place and prevent them from slipping on some surfaces like carpets. But they may slide on other surfaces like tile and wood.

Tumbl Trak believes you can use their parallettes for gymnast training in a gym setting. That means they are versatile for use at home and in commercial places.

But the user capacity is only 200 pounds, making it more useable to children, youngsters, and exercisers with small frames than adults.

You can buy the Tumbl Trak parallette bars from Amazon.



  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Adjustable to 3 different heights
  • Ideal for gymnast training
  • 200-pound weight capacity makes it suitable for children and youngsters
  • High price tag

Product Weight: 117 pounds | Product Length: 68 inches | Product Width: 12 inches | Product Height: 18 inches | Foot Print: 51.25 x 22.5 inches | Steel Notes: 2×2 inches and 2×3 inches 11-Gauge Steel

PULLUP & DIP Fitness Parallettes

The PULLUP & DIP Fitness parallette bars have wide, H-shaped handles for optimal grip and wrist protection due to their neutral hand position.

The sweat-resistant anti-slip rubber grip covering ensures a safe and stable user experience.

It has specially-designed coaxial, adjustable rubber feet pads to protect against wobbling and slipping on smooth surfaces.

The PULLUP & DIP Fitness parallettes is a durable steel tube construction and can withstand up to 440 pounds user capacity. The weight limit is much lower than that offered by 5BILLION.

And at 17in tall, you can perform such exercises as tucks, V-ups, and dips.

You get a guidebook with 37 different exercises included with your purchase.

The price seems reasonable for the quality on offer, and you would get a decent product for what you pay.

The complaints from buyers seem minor, for example, paint scratches and slight wobbliness.

The PULLUP & DIP Fitness parallettes are currently selling on Amazon.



  • Neutral hand grip
  • Taller frame for more exercises
  • Included exercise guidebook
  • 440-pound weight capacity
  • Some may find the frame too tall for standard push-ups
  • Slightly wobbly
  • Paint scratches easily

Product Weight: 12 pounds | Product Length: 19.7 inches | Product Width: 13.8 inches | Product Height: 16.9 inches | User Weight Capacity: 440 pounds

5BILLION Parallette Bars

At 14in tall and 23in long, the 5Billion parallette bars are sizeable than other options on our list.

The size makes them suitable for exercises such as triceps dips, V-ups, handstand push-ups, and more.

5BILLION uses sturdy welded steel for the parallettes. The 660 pounds user capacity is very high compared to many on the list. Thus it can be accessible to users of different sizes.

The build quality seems highly acceptable with sturdy construction. You’ll feel secure during your training with the non-skid rubber feet and sweat-absorbent foam handle grips.

The H-shape ergonomically-designed parallettes can help reduce strain on your wrists and make push-ups safer and more comfortable.

Easy assembly and disassembly make the bars convenient for transport or storage.

The price of 5Billion parallettes seems reasonable for the quality on offer.

The 5Billion has some good features, and the size allows for more versatile training.

But the brand is not well-known, and there seem to be a few issues with the quality of the product. So be wary of wobbly bits or missing parts if you decide to go for it.

The 5BILLION Parallette Bars are available to purchase on Amazon.



  • 660-pound user weight capacity
  • H-shape frame to reduce wrist pain
  • Not difficult to assemble or take apart
  • Larger frame for exercise versatility
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Missing parts
  • Slightly wobbly

Product Length: 23 inches | Product Width: 14 inches | Product Height: 14 inches | User Weight Capacity: 660 pounds

Vita Vibe Wood Parallettes Set

Vita Vibe wood parallettes sets are slightly less expensive than PULLUP & DIP parallettes, but their features are very similar.

The Ashwood wooden bars are well-sanded and have a smooth grip. Its heavy gauge steel stand is powder coated to protect against rust and wear and tear.

The non-slip rubber feet protect your floors from damage. The non-slip feet also ensure extra stability during use.

Each set holds a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and is available in two lengths, 18 inches, and 24 inches. That makes them accessible to exercisers of different sizes.

The metal triangle base is securely fastened to each end of the bars with screws, making them sturdier and preventing wobbliness during use.

Vita Vibe wood parallettes are made in the USA and come with a 10-year warranty.

Some minor customer issues include improperly sanded bars and sharp metal base edges. But they come with a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

You can buy the Vita Vibe wood parallettes from Amazon.



  • 250 plus weight capacity
  • Securely screwed in base
  • Powder-coated steel base
  • Two different length options
  • 10-year warranty
  • Improperly sanded bars
  • Sharp edges on the base
  • Non-ergonomically designed handles

Product Length: 18 & 24 inches | Product Height: 10.75 inches | User Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Juperbsky Parallettes Set

Juperbsky Push-Up Stands are small and light enough to transport or store. They can be a very good addition to any home gym setup as they take up little space.

The bars stand 5.5 inches off the ground, just high enough for perfect push-ups, L-sits, and planks. Their wide non-slip bases ensure stability during use.

U-shaped handles provide the perfect angle to protect your wrists from fatigue or injury. Each handlebar has abrasion-resistant TPR padding for maximum comfort.

Juperbsky uses durable steel in the construction of its parallettes which have a whopping 2200-pound user weight capacity.

Overall, the bars are simple but seem to work quite well.

The Juperbsky parallettes set is available to buy in multiple colors on Amazon.



  • Lightweight and portable
  • Small footprint
  • 2200-pound weight capacity
  • Basic construction
  • Too small for some exercises
  • Poor quality hand grips

Product Length: 13 inches | Product Width: 8.5 inches | Product Height: 8 inches | User Weight Capacity: 2200 pounds

Lebert Fitness Parallette Bars

Lebert Fitness uses solid stainless steel for its parallette bars.

The high-density non-slip foam handle covers ensure a comfortable, sweat-resistant grip during your workout. Each bar weighs only 5 pounds, making them easy to transport and store, but the manufacturer advertises a 400 pounds user weight capacity.

Their wide base-to-height ratio provides maximum stability for a wobble-free workout. The design allows you can do different exercises, including dips, stretches, and L-sits.

Each Lebert Fitness parallettes has non-slip rubber feet, but the rubber feet are of poor quality. That means they cannot hold your weight firmly without sliding.

One other notable issue customers complain about is some strong chemical-like smell which can be off-putting. Other users also find the handles very uncomfortable to use

At a mid-price range, the quality of the Lebert Fitness parallette bars is consistent with what you pay.

You can buy the Lebert Fitness parallette bars on Amazon.



  • Lightweight
  • Foam handle covers
  • Wide base for stability
  • Hand grips are not comfortable
  • The gym equipment has a strong chemical-like smell
  • Poor quality rubber feet

Product Length: 16.0 inches | Product Width: 21.7 inches | Product Height: 12.0inches | User Weight Capacity: 400 pounds

PULLUP & DIP Wooden Parallettes

The wooden parallettes come in two sizes; low or medium. The low parallettes are 3.9 inches off the floor, while the medium ones stand at 11.8 inches high.

The sweat-resistant ergonomically-designed natural beech wood handles fit the contour of your hands to protect your wrists from injury.

The PULLUP & DIP parallettes are solid and stable, thanks to the steel frame stand. And the non-slip pads at the base ensure the bars stay in place.

The bars come assembled and ready for use. Thus you won’t waste precious time trying to put them together.

You can use them indoors or outdoors, and the low bars are portable, making them easily transportable.

If you prefer a combination of wood and metal parallettes, these are a solid choice. But be prepared to pay more for them.

The PULLUP & DIP wooden parallettes are available to buy on Amazon.



  • Two different heights to choose from
  • Natural sweat-resistant bars
  • Ergonomically designed hand grips that contour to hands
  • 440-pound weight capacity
  • Pricey
  • Wood bars not treated
  • Low-quality slip pads
  • It may not be as durable as some all-metal versions

Product Length: 19.7 inches | Product Width: 9.45 inches | Product Height: 11.8 inches | User Weight Capacity: 200 kilograms

What to look for when buying parallette bars

Build Quality
Look for bars that are well made. Pay attention to the strength of the base. Is the base securely fastened to the bars?
Does the base have non-slip pads or rubber feet?
Check for quality welding to ensure bars are even and won’t fall apart after a few uses.

Material Type
What kind of material do you want for your parallettes?
Metal parallettes are the sturdiest but are often heavier and more difficult to transport. They may also be more prone to rust.

Wood parallettes are not as strong as metal parallettes. But they’re generally more portable.

The best parallette bars should have a sturdy, metal base. Many wooden parallette bars will have steel bases for optimal stability.

Wood parallettes are also naturally sweat-resistant and comfortable to grip.

The size of your parallette bars will determine the type of exercises you can perform. Higher and longer parallette bars can allow you to do such exercises as triceps dips, leg lifts, or leg swings.

Shorter parallettes are best for push-ups, handstands, and planches.

You’ll also want to consider the footprint to ensure they fit in your home gym.

Grip Quality
Check that the hand grips have knurling, texture, padding, or something similar.
Metal bars become slippery when you sweat, which could impact your workout. Knurling or sweat-resistant padding will give you a sturdier, more comfortable grip during your training.

Also, check the diameter of your handle grips and ensure you can grasp them comfortably.

Weight Capacity
The weight capacity of parallette bars varies depending on the material and build. Make sure your parallettes can accommodate more than your body weight.

Benefits of Parallette Bars

push-ups on parallettes

Improves pressing strength

Your pressing strength is necessary for doing push-ups, bench presses, and triceps dips.

It’s also useful in everyday life, such as when you’re pressing yourself off the floor or pushing someone away from you.

There are two parts to your pressing strength: a bent arm and a straight arm. Bent arm strength is your strength at the bottom of a push-up, while straight arm strength is when you’re at the top. Parallettes help you work both your straight arm and bent arm pressing strength safely.

The elevated handle grip on a parallette bar allows you to perform pressing exercises with a neutral wrist.

The elevated, neutral angle reduces your risk of a wrist injury. You’ll be able to stabilize your wrist more easily on parallettes.

Improves core strength

Many of the exercises you do on parallettes force you to engage your core muscles.

You’ll need to engage your core for such exercises as planches, L-sits, tucks, and mountain climbers. You’ll increase your core strength as you continuously train with the bars.

Reduces injury

If you have bad or injured wrists, certain exercises like push-ups are too painful to perform.

A parallette bar allows you to perform certain upper body exercises from a more neutral wrist position. That is because they don’t put much pressure on your writs, compared to if your palms were face down on the ground.

Parallettes are easier on your wrists and therefore make it possible for you to build upper body strength with calisthenics exercises.

Improve balance and control

Exercises with parallette bars require you to elevate yourself off the ground. That forces you to maintain balance and control.

L-sits, for example, require you to lift your lower body into the air by pressing down on your parallettes with straight arms. The exercise requires considerable balance, control, and core strength.

Exercising with parallettes will increase your balance and control and make you stronger.

What questions are fitness enthusiasts asking (FAQs)?

How high should parallettes be?

Your parallette bars should be high enough for a beginner to do an L-sit or an advanced gymnast to do a headstand.
For most people, parallette bars at least 7 inches off the ground are ideal. This allows enough room for both beginners and advanced gymnasts to perform various exercises.
But you should also consider your personal preferences. Certain exercises require different heights.

What muscles do parallettes work or target?

Most parallette exercises target the upper body including the chest, triceps, shoulders, and back muscles.
You can also target your core muscles with some exercises.

Can you use push-up bars as parallettes?

Push-up bars are sometimes used synonymously with parallettes but they are not the same thing. Push-up bars are usually much shorter than parallettes
You can perform many different exercises, including push-ups on parallettes, as they are suitable for them.
Push-up bars are, on the other hand, suitable for just push-ups. They are not sturdy or stable for more advanced exercises like handstands.

Final Words From LiveLife

Parallettes can support your bodyweight exercises to help push your fitness level higher.

They can help you build strength, stability, and balance while reducing your risk of a wrist injury.

Parallettes are affordable for most people and easy to fit in your home gym.

The Rogue Bolt-Together Parallettes is the one to aim for if you want the best, in terms of quality, stability, and durability.

But if you are on a budget, you could also consider the Vita Vibe wood parallettes or the Body Power parallettes. They are both good value for money and could meet your requirements.

Having said that, each of the parallette bars on our list has its strengths and weaknesses. And we are confident one of them will help you to achieve your fitness goals, after careful evaluation.