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A Plyo box, aka plyometric box, is an effective conditioning tool that can help you build strength, balance, and agility, and an excellent piece of fitness equipment worth considering for any home gym or commercial gym.

A quick look at our Top Plyo Boxes for home gym

Best plyo boxes that can help build speed and explosive power

box jump exercise on a plyo box

A Plyo box is an adaptable cost-effective fitness and workout equipment that can support high-intensity interval training and help any athlete build speed and explosive power.

Plyo jump boxes are one of the best tools for high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Having one in your gym can help you work and strengthen muscles in your entire body, including your glutes, core, legs, and arms.

It can support your effort to boost cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and improve endurance.

They are convenient, versatile, and fun to work with. They are budget-friendly, easy to use, store, and transport, and will be a valuable addition to any home gym or training outfit.

But deciding on the best plyo box for your gym could be a daunting task due to the many options on the market. We can, however, help make the process pain-free and less complicated, saving you time and effort.

Our team has spent hours researching and evaluating options, costs, features, and reviews of several plyo boxes on the market and has put together what we believe are the best plyometric boxes in various categories.

Our research concluded that the Rogue Games Box is the (overall) best plyo box for any gym.

However, each athlete has different needs, goals, and budgets, which can affect their choice of plyometric box.

We have therefore compiled and discussed what we believe to be the best plyo boxes for plyometric training and CrossFit. We are confident one of these can help support your fitness needs.

So, let’s explore this further.

Best Plyo Box Overall: Rogue Games Box

rogue games box-01
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The USA-made Rogue Games Box with built-in height options of 20, 24, and 30 inches is battle-tested and arguably the best plyometric box for your gym.

The height options make it versatile and usable for athletes of different heights. Just rotate the box to sit on a side that suits the user’s capabilities.

Thus several athletes can use the same equipment, irrespective of their experience.

The design and build quality of the all-in-one wood plyo box are at the highest level, and the non-slip surface ensures users do not slip and sustain injuries.

The 3/4-inch thick Radiata Pine ACX with internal supports and secure assembly ensures a box that can withstand pressure.

rogue games plyo box dimensions
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The Games Box is heavy yet portable. Built-in side handles make it easy to lift and relocate.

Thus it is safe and appropriate for plyometric training for athletes at all skill levels, including novices and professionals, and CrossFit Games competitions.

The Rogue Games Plyo Box is solidly-built and sturdy, and its hefty weight ensures unquestionable stability.

The Rogue Games Box comes fully assembled, saving you time and effort.

However, athletes wishing to save money on shipping costs can opt for the Rogue Flat Pack Games Box, which ships unassembled. The build quality and specifications of the Rogue Games Box and the Flat Pack are the same. But the Flat Pack requires assembly.


  • Battle-tested for CrossFit Games competitions
  • High build quality
  • Highly stable and solidly built
  • Versatile
  • Nos-slip surface for safety
  • Built-in handles make it portable
  • Made in USA


  • No height markings on the box

Product Weight: 56 pounds | Product Length: 30 inches | Product Width: 20 inches | Product Height: 24 inches | Material: Wood

The Rogue Games Box is available to view and order directly from Rogue Fitness.

Best Plyo Box With Adjustable Height: Rogue Box Squat Box

rogue box squat box - image-02
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The Rogue Box Squat Box is functional and versatile, allowing you to use it for several exercises and movements, including box jumps, box squats, Bulgarian squats, and step-ups.

It is a space-saving equipment that allows you to perform different exercises, saving you money and gym space.

It is a heavy-duty oversized plyo box with a much larger base for stability and a hardwearing rubber top for safety.

rogue box squat box - image-01
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The build quality is exceptional, making it suitable for different-sized athletes.

It is adjustable from 12-18 inches. Thus athletes with varying levels of experience can conveniently use it.

The Rogue Box Squat Box is pricey, but athletes who stretch their budget that far may not regret doing so. It should be a good buy for athletes looking to save money or gym space or who want to perfect their squats.


  • Extremely heavy and stable
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Versatile and usable for several exercises
  • Adjustable to different heights
  • Suitable to newbies and experienced athletes
  • Made in USA


  • Not portable

Product Weight: 78 pounds | Product Length: 24 5/8 inches | Product Width: 24 5/8 inches | Product Height: Adjustable 12 – 18 inches | Foot Print: 24 x 28.75 inches | Material: Steel | Steel Notes: 2×2 inches 11-Gauge Steel

You can view and order the Rogue Box Squat Box directly from Rogue Fitness.

Best Plyo Box For Soft Landing: Rogue Echo Foam Games Box

best plyo box for soft landing - rogue echo foam games box
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

If you are thinking of getting a plyo box in your gym but are worried about your joints, then the Rogue Echo Foam Games Box could be the solution.

Built with a dense foam core with foam padding on all sides, the Rogue Echo Foam Games Box is soft but firm, allowing you to land comfortably without pressure on your joints.

It comes with a durable soft PVC cover to protect the foam, to help keep your footing stable when you land on the box, and also to help reduce the risk of injury.

Like the Rogue Games Box, it is a 3-in-1 versatile equipment with three height options of 20, 24, and 30 inches. Flip the box to land on a side for the height you need for your training.

But unlike the Rogue Games Box, the Echo Foam Box has the heights marked on the relevant side, making it easy to set up for your training.

rogue echo foam games box-image-01
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

Note that Rogue Fitness recommends against using the Echo Foam Games Box on a smooth floor for safety reasons.

The Echo Foam Games Box is lighter than the Games Box, making it much easier to transport, maneuver or stack. Unfortunately, there are no built-in handles. Thus some may find it awkward or challenging to do that.

It is high-priced but well-made, durable, comfortable to work on, and very kind to the joints. It would be a worthwhile addition to any gym.


  • Versatile with three height options
  • High build quality and exceptionally stable
  • Dense foam core with foam padding on all sides for a soft, comfortable landing
  • Kinder to the knee joints and other muscles
  • Made in USA


  • Expensive with price at the top end
  • No built-in handles, making it challenging to lift or transport

Product Weight: 41 pounds | Product Length: 30 inches | Product Width: 24 inches | Product Height: 20 inches | Material: Foam

Visit Rogue Fitness for more info in the Rogue Echo Foam Box

Best Plyo Box For Beginners: Rep Fitness Foam Soft Plyo Box

The Rep Fitness Foam Plyo Box comes in different thicknesses, allowing you to set up a suitable height for your training. Built-in velcro straps allow you to stack them up safely.

Four heights – 4, 6, 12, and 24 inches – are available at different prices. That allows you to buy what you need from the start, or your budget will allow and then build things up later.

The build quality is good, and the equipment is sturdy and firm, though not at the same level as those provided by the Rogue Echo Foam Box. The foam core allows a soft and safe landing, helping to protect your joints.

The Rep Fitness Foam Plyo Box is an excellent option for beginners, allowing them to start their training at a convenient level at a relatively low cost.
Buying the different heights in singles makes the package pricey, but it is worth considering, especially for beginners and those on a low budget.


  • Different height options allow you to start with what you need and build up.
  • Foam core for a soft landing and to protect the joints
  • Easy to stack them for different height configurations
  • A good option for beginners and those on a low budget


  • Not as stable as wood versions or the Rogue Echo Foam Box
  • Could be much more expensive in the long run

Product Weight: Various | Product Length: 28 inches | Product Width: 28 inches | Product Height: Various | Material: Foam

View the Rep Fitness Foam Plyo Box and purchase it on Amazon.

Best Plyo Box Set: Jfit Plyometric Boxes

The Jfit Plyometric Boxes is a heavy-duty welded steel construction with a vinyl landing surface for safety.

The build quality, welding, and finishing are acceptable.

The braced feet have non-slip rubber pads to help improve stability, prevent sliding, and protect your floor. But our research found that it can lose balance and come off the floor, calling its level of safety into question.

The legs are adjustable, making the boxes usable on different floors, including those with a slight slope.

It comes in five different heights, sold individually or in various set combinations. They are nestable and space-saving. Thus they will not take up much storage space in your training area.

They are not that cheap individually or as a set.

But, interested buyers can start with one or two and purchase more height options later. While that may result in a higher total price, it would be a sensible route for novices or those on a budget.

The Jfit Plyo Boxes are versatile, durable, and could be long-lasting, given their steel construction.

One issue worth noting is the landing surface. It is not as broad as on others, making it unsafe for some athletes and more challenging to land on.


  • Different height options
  • Purchase individually or as a set
  • Non-slip landing surface
  • Adjustable leveling feet.
  • Welded Steel construction for durability and longevity
  • Sturdily built and stable
  • Nestable and space-saving design


  • Expensive individually or as a set
  • Some may not find them as stable as others
  • May not be suitable for all exercises

Product Weight: Various | Product Length: Various | Product Width: Various | Product Height: Various | Material: Steel

Check Amazon for customer reviews and more info on the Jfit Plyo Boxes.

Best Space-Saver Plyo Box: Rogue Resin Plyo Box

rogue resin plyo box image-03
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

The Rogue Resin Plyo Box, made from durable recycled plastic, is a space-saving well-constructed plyo box. The design allows you to nest them compactly and vertically after use, freeing up floor space in your gym.

They are lightweight, but the high user weight capacity makes them suitable for different-sized athletes. They are also easy to transport, thanks to the built-in handles.

They come in four height configurations and sell individually or as a set, allowing you to start with what you need and build things up.

Thus the Rogue Resin Plyo Box will be a good option for beginners, athletes on a budget, or with limited gym spaces

The build quality of the American-made Resin Plyo Boxes is high, and the reinforced top portion with a non-slip patterned surface ensures you can land on them safely and without injury.

rogue resin plyo box - image-01
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

They are sturdily built but are not suitable for smooth or hard floors on which there is a high tendency for them to slide, thereby causing injury.

Rogue Fitness ships them flat-packed. Thus they require limited assembly, which many will not find challenging as they come with all holes pre-drilled.

They are versatile and are suitable for different exercises, including box jumps and other plyometrics and squats. But they are also expensive when compared to the 3-in-1 versions.

The Rogue Resin Plyo Boxes are excellent value for money and should be a good buy for many athletes with limited funds or training spaces.


  • Well-built and good value for money
  • Stackable space-saving design
  • Sold individually or as a set
  • Non-slip reinforced landing top


  • They may not be suitable for all floor types.
  • Landing area not as broad as other types
  • Expensive

Product Weight: 12 inches – 21 pounds, 18 inches – 26 pounds, 20 inches – 28 pounds, 24 inches – 31 pounds | Product Length: 19 inches (Top) | Product Width: 19 inches (Top) | Product Height: 12 inches/18 inches/20 inches/24 inches | Material: Resin

The Rogue Resin Plyo Box is available to buy individually or as a set from Rogue Fitness

Best Budget Plyo Box: Synergee 3-In-1 Wood Plyo Boxes

synergee 3-in-1 plyo box-image 03
Image courtesy of Synergee Fitness

The Synergee 3-In-1 Wood Plyo Box is well-constructed and solidly built. Its 450-pound user capacity is high enough to make it usable for exercisers of different sizes and various exercises.

It’s versatile. Flip it onto a side, and the height changes, allowing users at different experience and fitness levels to use the same equipment. Clear indicators on each side make it easy to identify the selected height, saving time and taking any guesswork out of the equation.

It has built-in handles, making it portable and easy to move about.

The build quality is acceptable. The edges are not very smooth but are typical of many wood plyometric boxes on the market.

synergee 3-in-1 plyo box-image 08
Image courtesy of Synergee Fitness

It comes flat-packed. Thus it will require assembly. But our research indicates many can do that in less than 30 minutes.

When assembled, they are solid, lightweight but durable, and should be able to hold their own.

The Synergee Plyo Boxes are keenly priced, and Synergee Fitness offers them in different configurations and sizes at affordable prices, making them appealing to those on a budget. That means there is a high possibility of any exerciser finding one that suits their requirements.


  • Different sizes and configurations are available
  • Flat-packed to save on shipping cost
  • Solid build quality
  • Built-in handles


  • Requires assembly
  • Some may find the edges a bit rough for their liking.

Available Height Combination Options: 30/24/20 inches, 24/20/16 inches, 20/18/16 inches, 16/14/12 inches | Material: Wood

Visit Amazon to view and order the Synergee 3-In-1 Wood Plyo Boxes Now!

Alternatively, you can order the Synergee Wood Plyo Boxes directly from Synergee Fitness.

Best Budget Plyo Box With Adjustable Height: Stamina X Plyo Box

The Stamina X Plyo Box looks more like a workbench than a standard plyometric box.

Four easily adjustable heights between 16 and 24 inches make it possible to adjust theunit to a level that suits your experience or type of exercise. However, experienced jumpers may find the 24-in maximum height too low for challenging movements.

Folding it to the lowest height will allow you to push it under a table or something similar, saving you space.

The build quality is acceptable, and the box feels solid and stable. Fitted rubber caps at the feet help to improve stability, eliminate or reduce skidding, and protect the floor from damage.

The slightly cushioned rubberized top is non-slip for safety and also to help reduce the impact and stress on your joints.

Your purchase gives you access to the müüv smart audio coaching app via your mobile SMART device, allowing you to access trainer-led workouts, exercises, training guides, and music.

The Stamina X Plyo Box will be a good option for those with limited gym spaces or living in small apartments or homes. The 300-pound capacity may seem low, but it should be enough for many exercisers.


  • Four possible heightsDurable Steel constructionSturdily built
  • Non-slip rubberized feet
  • Space-saving and easy to store
  • Requires no assembly


  • Maximum height of 24 inches too low for experienced athletes
  • Expensive

Product Weight: 40 pounds | Product Length: 27 inches | Product Width: 18 inches | Product Height: 24 inches | Weight Limit: 200 pounds

Check out the Stamina X Plyo Box and order on Amazon.

Best Plyo Box – Highly Recommended: BalanceFrom 3 In 1 Foam Plyometric Box

The BalanceFrom 3 In 1 Foam Plyometric Box comes in two configurations – the standard style weighing 16 pounds and a heavy-duty version at 60 pounds.

As the name implies, the heavy-duty version is sturdier, more stable, and sells at a higher price. Thus novices can start with the cheaper lightweight version, while seasoned lifters benefit more from the heavier style.

Like many of the plyo boxes on the list, a quick turn onto the relevant side, and you are ready to go.

Each version has the height printed on the relevant side and color-coded, making it easy to set up for your training without wasting time trying to figure things out.

The build quality is acceptable, and the inner foam core ensures a low-impact landing, reducing the pressure on your joints.

The coated anti-slip surface helps improve stability and reduces the risk of injury.

The prices of both versions are in line with others, making the BalanceFrom Foam Plyo Box worth considering.


  • Two options to choose from
  • Acceptable build quality
  • Inner foam core for low-impact landing and to protect
  • Anti-slip surface to help reduce the risk of injury.
  • Height indicators on all sides


  • It may not be suitable for use on smooth surfaces.

Product Weight: 16 or 60 pounds | Product Length: 30 inches | Product Width: 24 inches | Product Height: 20 inches

You can get more info on the BalanceFrom Foam Plyo Box and order it on Amazon.

Best Plyometric Box – Highly Recommended: Yes4all 3 In 1 Wooden Plyo Box

The Yes4all 3 In 1 Wooden Plyo Box is available in four sizes, each with three height options. Thus exercisers at all experience levels can find a version that meets their needs.

Yes4all also offers their plyo boxes in three colors to meet different tastes and surroundings.

Aside from using them for different exercises, you can also use them as chairs, nightstands, step stools, and tables, perhaps to help serve the need of those unable to afford the right furniture.

The build quality is good. Internal bracing helps to make them sturdy and solid. But our research shows the highest settings are not as stable as the lower heights.

They require assembly. While many will not find that challenging, the instructions could be much better.

The Yes4all Wooden Plyo Boxes are much more compact than many others. Built-in handles make it easy to transport.

The compact sizes make them attractive to those with limited gym spaces, but working with them could be challenging for some athletes.

The Yes4all Wooden Plyo Boxes are compact, budget-friendly, and versatile. The stability is good but not great for box jumps. The low price point and different size options will appeal to many, especially those on a low budget or with limited gym spaces.


  • Sturdily built
  • Four options to choose from
  • Three colors available
  • Suitable for small spaces
  • Handles make them easy to move


  • Not as sturdy as others
  • May not be suitable for box jumps.

The Yes4all Wooden Plyo Box is available to order on Amazon.

Best Plyometric Box – Highly Recommended: Sunny Health & Fitness Foam Plyo Box

The Sunny Health & Fitness Plyo Box is a 3-in-1 solidly built plyometric box with a high weight capacity of 500 pounds, making it practicable for users at different fitness levels.

It’s a wood box, sturdily built, with a detachable foam covering to help improve stability and absorb some of the impacts from box jump exercises.

Built-in handles make it practical to move them about, making them portable. But the weight may make that challenging for many.

They can easily adjust to a different height by flipping it onto one of its sides, with markings making it easy to identify the chosen level.

The build quality is good. It is heavy and does not wobble, making it a good choice for various exercises, including box jumps.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Plyo Box will be a good choice for seasoned and beginner exercisers, but the price is high, taking it out of the reach of some.


  • Good build quality and stable
  • Removable foam covering for extra stability and to help reduce the stress on your joints
  • Built-in handles for easy portability


  • High price tag. Much more expensive than many others.

Product Weight: 74 pounds | Product Length: 20 inches | Product Width: 24 inches | Product Height: 30 inches | Weight Capacity: 500 pounds

You can view the Sunny Health & Fitness Plyo Box and order on Amazon.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Plyo Box – A Buyer Guide

man jumping onto a rogue resin plyo box
Image courtesy of Rogue Fitness

It could be a challenging and frustrating experience trying to figure out which will be the best plyo box for your gym.

Your aim should be to get a plyometric box that can hold your weight to enable you to jump and land safely on, will not crumble, and will wobble.

Below are some factors to look at.

  • Size
    Plyo boxes come in different sizes with varying heights. And given that the main idea behind them is for jumping onto, you ought to ensure your choice will be tall enough to challenge your jumps in the future but appropriate for your current level of experience.
    The best way to resolve the dilemma is to opt for a 3-in-1 box like the Rogue Games Box or the Synergee 3-in-1 Plyometric Boxes.
    A 3-in-1 box has three different height options. They are easy to set up or change heights, will save gym space, and in most cases, cost less.
  • Material
    The material used in the manufacture of boxes varies. These include wood, foam, metal, and recycled plastic. Each of these has its merits.
    Beginners and athletes worried about the impact of jumping on their joints can consider plyo boxes with foam core.
    Generally, you want to choose a box with durable and hardwearing components that can hold its own during your rigorous training.
  • Weight Limit
    The box must be sturdy and stable enough to hold and support your weight, including your clothing and any equipment you plan to use.
    Devote some time to reading customer reviews, and don’t hesitate to ask questions when in doubt.
  • Safety
    You may have little control when jumping and landing on the equipment.
    Ensure it has non-slip surfaces or grips. That will prevent slipping and sliding and reduce any risk to the barest minimum.
  • Versatility:
    Plyo boxes are not just for box jumps. You can use them for several exercises, including dips, step-ups, and push-ups.
    Check and establish that your choice is versatile and capable of supporting your training.
  • Brand
    Reputable brands, for example, Rogue Fitness, have a good track record for producing high-quality fitness equipment. They have built that reputation over several years. Their customer service is also outstanding.
    While there is nothing wrong with buying from a newly established company, ensure their products can stand the test of time and will be able to serve you well for many years.

Is a plyo box worth it?

Yes, a plyometric box is worth it.

Including one in any home or commercial gym setup can give many benefits and help support plyometric and HIIT exercises, giving many benefits including,

Boosting athletic performance
Plyometric exercises involve rapid, high-intensity movements that can improve your explosive power and speed. The repeated movements can help increase strength, agility, and balance, making it an effective conditioning tool for athletes.

It can help target multiple muscle groups.
Plyometric exercises work out your entire body and strengthen your core, glute, leg, and arm muscles. You can customize the movements to target specific muscle groups, making it a perfect addition to any program.

Cardiovascular health.
Box jumps, like other plyometric exercises, are a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which is a great way to boost cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, and build endurance. They are a fun and effective way to incorporate interval training into your routine.

Convenient and easy to use
You need a plyo box and your body weight for box jumps and other plyometric exercises can. It is easy to use, store, and transport.

Plyometric boxes are relatively inexpensive compared to other fitness equipment. They are stable, well-constructed, and safe to use.

Thus a plyo box is a cost-effective and versatile piece of equipment that can help target different muscle groups, improve athletic performance, and boost cardiovascular health. The many benefits make it worth considering for anyone looking to elevate their fitness levels.

What Are Plyo Boxes Used For?

Plyo boxes, or plyometric boxes, are a type of exercise equipment primarily for plyometric training.

Plyometric exercises are explosive movements involving jumping, bounding, or hopping. Such movements can help improve power, speed, and athletic performance.

You can use plyo boxes for several exercises, including:

Box jumps involve jumping onto and off of a plyo box. The exercise can improve lower body strength, explosiveness, and power.

Step-ups comprise stepping onto and off a plyo box. They can help improve lower body strength, balance, and coordination.

Depth jumps involve jumping off a plyo box and immediately jumping as high as possible upon landing. They can help boost explosive power.

Bulgarian split squats involve placing one foot on the box while performing a single-leg squat. the exercise can help with lower body strength, balance, and stability.

What Size Plyo Box Should I Get

The size of the plyo box you get depends on your fitness level, experience, and the exercises you plan to do.

Generally, the boxes come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Small plyo boxes are about 12 inches high and are great for beginners or individuals who are short stature.
They are ideal for exercises such as step-ups, lunges, and box jumps at a lower height.

Medium plyo boxes are 8-20 inches high and are suitable for tall exercisers or those with some experience in plyometric exercises.
You can use the box for several movements, including box jumps, step-ups, and depth jumps.

Large plyo boxes are 24 inches high and are ideal for advanced athletes or individuals with more experience in plyometric training.
The tall boxes are for more challenging exercises, such as depth jumps and Bulgarian split squats.

Some plyo boxes are adjustable, allowing you to modify the height according to your needs.

Consult with a fitness professional to help you determine the appropriate size for your goals and fitness level if you are unsure of the unit to get.

Final Words from LiveLife

Athletes of all levels, from beginners to professionals, can use plyo boxes.

Most are adjustable to different heights to accommodate several exercises and skill levels.

The market abounds with many sizes and types, but those looking for quality and reliability, and want to save on shipping costs, will not go wrong with the Rogue Games Box. They can, however, consider the Synergee 3-in-1 Plyometric box if on a low budget.

Athletes with knee joint issues can consider the Rogue Echo Foam Games Box. Beginners on a low budget can opt for the Rep Fitness Foam Soft Plyo Box. It will help them to start with what they need in the short term and build on from there.

To summarize, we are confident one of the plyo boxes on the list can help challenge you and push you toward your fitness goals. Your requirements should help you make the best choice.