preacher curls on a preacher curl bench using a straight barbell

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If you’re looking for the best way to isolate, strengthen, and build your biceps, you should be using a preacher curl bench for your curl exercises.

The preacher curl is an isolation biceps exercise that involves using a preacher curl bench to control your movement on the way down.

A preacher curl bench allows you to sit while resting your armpits on a slanted arm pad. You can then comfortably perform bicep curls with the assistance of the pad beneath your arms to lift and lower a barbell, dumbbell, or EZ curl bar.

preacher curl bench

A preacher bench makes a great addition to your home gym set-up, especially if you are serious about making those gains.

We scoured the web to find the best preacher curl bench out there We compared these products based on the quality of materials, functionality, size, weight capacity, and of course, price.

You will find below our selection of the best preacher curl benches for your home gym to help you isolate, build, and tone your biceps

Each selection features key highlights and a list of pros and cons for you to do a quick comparison.

A quick look at our top preacher curl benches for your home gym

Best Preacher Curl Bench for isolating and building your biceps in your home gym

Keep reading and find out more about what could be the best preacher curl bench that can help you isolate and build your biceps and where you can buy it

Valor Fitness CB-11 Adjustable Preacher Bench

Valor fitness specializes in quality home gym equipment, and their preacher curl bench does not disappoint.

The sturdy bench frame is made of quality 2” by 2” 12- gauge steel for optimal strength and durability.

The arm pad is covered with high-density, dual-layered vinyl padding to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear.

One unique feature of the Valor Fitness preacher curl bench is the pivoting arm pad that rotates upwards with your arms as you bring your weight up to the full position.

The rotating arm pad offers more support throughout the entire movement. It’s an especially useful feature for beginners who are learning correct form. The 5 adjustable arm pad allows for 8.5-inch range of motion.

Its safety features include a 3-adjustment steel bar catch that allows for a 4” range of motion.

The Valor Fitness preacher bench comes complete with an adjustable vinyl-covered saddle seat that allows you to perform your preacher curls either sitting or standing.

When fully assembled, this home gym equipment measures 40.5”x 25.5”, so be sure you have the space.

Also included is a 2-year pad warranty and 3-year frame warranty.

The build quality is quite reasonable but the quality of the welds leaves much to be desired in some instances. These are quality control issues that should not happen for a product being sold at that price point

The Valor Fitness preacher bench is one of the most expensive on our list, but its quality materials and smart design make it worth the price. Find it on Amazon



  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • High-density vinyl covered seat and arm pad
  • Bar holder able to hold up to 200 lbs.
  • Adjustable arm and seat pad to allow for more range of motion
  • Expert assembly available for additional charge
  • Pricey. Price at the top end of your budget
  • Large footprint means it will take lots of room in your home gym
  • substandard welds and inadequate quality control measures

Product Weight: 60 pounds | Product Length: 44.5 inches | Product Width: 56 inches | Product Height: 26.5 inches | Foot Print: 40.5 x 25.5 inches

Deltech Fitness Pro Preacher Curl Bench

The Deltech Fitness Pro bench is made from 14- gauge heavy-duty steel tubing that’s finished with tough scratch-resistant powder coat paint. That ensures you have a home gym equipment that could serve you for many years.

It comes with an extra wide arm pad set at a fixed 45-degree angle.

Unlike the Valor Fitness bench, the Deltech Fitness Pro allows for both arm pads and seat height adjustments to accommodate all body types. It also allows for considerably more weight than many preacher curl benches with a max weight capacity of 500 lbs.

Deltech Fitness Pro’s preacher bench features rubber feet to protect the floors of your home gym. When fully assembled, the bench dimensions measure 37” x 41.5”x 33” and weighs about 52 pounds.

Deltech makes a decent bench for a moderate price.

One common complaint from customers, however, is that it does not include an adjustable bar catch. But if that’s not an issue for you, then you can save some money by going with Deltech Fitness Pro from Amazon.



  • Height adjustable arm pad and seat
  • Heavy gauge steel frame with powder coat paint finish
  • High weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • Rubber feet for floor protection
  • Adjustable pads
  • Non-adjustable bar catch
  • Rough welds, pointing to inadequate quality control measures
  • Large footprint

Product Weight: 79 pounds | Product Length: 76 inches | Product Width: 56 inches | Product Height: 55 inches | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

If you’re looking for a versatile preacher curl bench for home gym, look no further than the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench.

The heavy-duty 2.5-inch square tube bench is designed for multiple uses.

It comes with a few attachments and accessories. These help to extend the capabilities of the Body Champ Bench beyond that of a preacher curl bench.

Buy the gym equipment and you will get, among others, an ab crunch attachment with foam padded handle grips for your abs exercises.

With a built-in curl bar and thick padded armrests, you can perfect your bicep curls in comfort.

The Body Champ weight bench also features a dual-action leg developer and a 7-position padded backrest with a weight rack for barbell bench press exercises.

Thus, many different types of exercises are possible with the bench without any extra expenditure on more gym equipment.

The all-in-one weight bench with preacher curl can hold up to 300 pounds. This is quite reasonable and will be good enough for many exercisers.

Unlike the Weider bench, the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench can only take Olympic weights. This is something to bear in mind

The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is reasonably priced for the features it offers.

It is not just a preacher curl bench but an equipment for complete workouts and training. It is worth considering, especially if you do not have much space for much equipment in your home gym.

The Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is available to buy on Amazon Now.

However, if you are looking specifically for a preacher curl bench, you can opt for one of the home gym equipment we have listed.



  • All-in-one weight bench that’s great for performing multiple exercises
  • Includes curl bar and additional ab crunch attachment, among other
  • 7-position adjustable backrest
  • Metal weight rack includes “no pinch” safety feature
  • Holds up to 300 lbs.
  • Poor quality welds in some cases, pointing to inadequate quality control measures
  • Quite a large piece of home gym equipment that won’t be suitable for every space
  • May not be suitable for short people
  • Reasonably priced

Product Weight: 79 pounds | Product Length: 76 inches | Product Width: 56 inches | Product Height: 55 inches

Weider Gym

Weider gym offers a multi-exercise weight bench with a built-in preacher curl bar and padded leg developer for strengthening your quads and hamstrings.

The 61-pound alloy steel weight bench has a 7-position adjustable backrest, including incline and decline angles. This opens up the possibility for many different exercise options.

The preacher curl pad is removable to flatten the bench and allow for even more exercises to be performed.

But the preacher curl pad is not height adjustable. This could make it awkward for people of certain heights to use comfortably

The Olympic sleeve adapter makes the bench compatible with both standard and Olympic plates. But you will need to make provision to buy the weights you need as none comes with the bench. Options for both types of plates mean you can go for whatever type of weights you prefer. It will also save you money if you already have some plates in your home gym.

It has a whopping 610-pound weight capacity, making it possible for trainers of different weights to use.

It comes with a 90-day part and labor warranty. Not much to shout about, in our opinion, given that others offer 12-months to a lifetime warranty

You also get an Exercise Chat and free 30-day access to IFIT. IFIT is an on-demand trainer-led workout app. It can help you learn how to master your preacher curl bench and other workout routines.

Pricewise, the Weider Gym is one of the least expensive on our list. The low price seems to be reflected in the build quality and level of quality control.

The most common complaint from customers is about missing parts and poorly welded components. These are issues that can easily be dealt with by the company with a little bit of attention.

Despite the few complaints, the Welder bench is a gym equipment to go for, especially if you are a beginner, and or are trying to limit the number of gym equipment because of space. Bear in mind though that it may not be suitable for you if you are over 6 feet tall.

The Weider Bench is available to buy on Amazon.



  • Multi-use bench for various exercises
  • Removable preacher pad
  • 7-position backrest with the option to go flat
  • Includes leg developer
  • Space-saving gym equipment
  • Low price
  • Does not include weight rack
  • Preacher pad not height adjustable
  • May not be suitable for taller people
  • Inadequate quality control

Product Weight: 61 pounds | Product Length: 70 inches | Product Width: 24.5 inches | Product Height: 41 inches

Merax Utility Weight Bench

The Merax Utility Weight Bench is constructed of 12-gauge steel with steel plates at its base for ultimate stability. It allows for a weight capacity of 550 pounds making it ideal for heavy lifters.

The backrest has 6-position adjustments with the ability to fully decline into a flat bench. It also allows for 3 different seat adjustments to accommodate exercisers of different sizes and different exercises.

The dual-layered padded armrests and backrests measure 2” thick. Those should make you quite comfortable during your training. The sweat-resistant leather ensures they are easy to clean with no need to worry about bacteria.

This is a multi-use weight bench that has a built-in preacher curl bar and leg developer, both for use with weighted plates (not included). It’s designed with padded ankle rollers for added comfort when doing your leg and other exercises.

The Merax Utility Weight Bench is moderately priced and comes with a one-year warranty. It is available now on Amazon.



  • Multi-use weight bench for arm and leg exercises
  • Included preacher curl bar
  • Padded leg developer
  • 6-position backrest adjustment with ability to flatten
  • Made for use with weighted plates (not included)
  • Removable preacher pad
  • One year warranty
  • Slightly more expensive than similar quality multi-use weight benches
  • Preacher arm pad not adjustable
  • Wobbly when doing some exercises
  • User Guide may not suit everybody

Product Weight: 55 pounds | Product Length: 75 inches | Product Width: 26 inches | Product Height: 36~48 inches | Weight Capacity: 550 pounds

Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench MD-879

If you want a preacher curl bench and squat rack all-in-one, go for the Marcy Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench.

It’s made from a 14-gauge steel tube frame that is powder-coated for resistance against rust and water damage and, has a weight capacity of 600 lbs.

The padded vinyl and foam bench seat and backrest are adjustable allowing for a range of upper body exercises.

The adequate padding on the seat and backrest, and the rubberized grips on the arm curl handle, combine to give you the comfort you need during your workout.

The Marcy bench has a few extra additions, making it quite versatile in terms of exercises.

It comes with a separate adjustable weight rack that can be used for chest press exercises. You can also use the included squat rack for your lower body exercises, such as lunge and walk-in squats.

The rack features extra storage space for weight plates, a convenient space-saving feature.

The preacher curl arm pad comes with a detachable curl bar that can be loaded with weighted plates. But it can only take up to a combined weight of 100 pounds, which makes it very inadequate for any serious muscle building.

Both the barbell catch and preacher curl pad are height adjustable.

The Marcy Weight Weight Bench is pricier than some of the competition. But it has some extra features, like the separate squat rack that other benches don’t have. You can get it from Amazon NOW!



  • Multi-use utility bench
  • Weight capacity–600lbs
  • 14–gauge steel frame
  • Detachable curl bar
  • Included leg developer
  • Weight storage facility
  • Separate squat rack
  • Pricey. Price at the top end of your budget
  • The gap between the seat and the backrest may not suit everybody
  • Some lifters with wide shoulders may find the back pad a bit narrow

Product Weight: 93 pounds | Product Length: 65.75 inches | Product Width: 65.5 inches | Product Height: 64.5 inches | Weight Limit: 600 pounds

Finer Form Multi-Functional FID Weight Bench

The strongest preacher curl bench on our list is the Finer Form Multi-Functional Weight Bench with a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs.

It’s made from high-quality powder-coated steel that provides max stability while training.

It can be used for a variety of upper and lower body exercises.

The backrest is 7-position adjustable allowing for a wide variety of angles including incline, flat, and decline bench positions. That makes it very versatile and gives you the possibility of many different exercises.

A built-in padded leg supports allow you to use it as a sit up bench to perform decline abs exercises.

At 48 inches long, the Finer Form ID Weight Bench can accommodate exercises of different heights including tall persons.

One interesting thing about the bench is its compact size. That makes it easy to set it up in smaller home gyms or even the office.

One notable complaint about the bench is the size of the preacher pad. Some may find them too narrow to use comfortably.

But, for its affordable price, compact size, and multiple features, it’s definitely a home gym equipment worth checking out.

The Finer Form Weight Bench can be found on Amazon.



  • High weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. Decline adjustable backrest
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Compact size
  • Longer bench pad for tall people
  • Compact size makes it easy to fit in smaller spaces
  • Great functional multi-use bench for basic exercises
  • Does not include as many features as other weight benches of comparable price.
  • Does not include a preacher curl bar or weight rack
  • Gap between the seat and the back pad when in flat and decline positions may not suit everybody
  • Some may find the preacher pad too narrow for comfort

Product Length: 56 inches | Product Width: 25 inches | Product Height: 18 inches | Weight Limit: 1000 pounds

Benefits of a Preacher Curl Bench

Isolation: Preacher curls focus on isolation and concentration of the bicep muscles for maximum growth. When performing a preacher curl, you are putting a strong emphasis on the negative portion of the exercise (when you lower the weight at the bottom of your curl). This creates time under tension, which maximizes your muscle growth.

Slower Reps: The controlled movement that the preacher curl demands force you to slow down your reps. Slower reps test your strength and require you to focus on your form.

Comfort and Effectiveness: Using a preacher curl bench allows you to perform your curls more comfortably and effectively. Placing an arm pad underneath your elbows supports your arms during the movement and makes it near impossible to cheat. A preacher curl bench limits your movement, therefore forcing you to isolate your bicep muscles.

How To Choose the Right Preacher Curl Bench for You?

When choosing the right preacher curl bench for you, there are a few things to consider:

Quality: Always look for a quality product that is made well. Look for gym equipment made from steel or iron as these are the strongest materials available. It’s crucial that a weight bench be durable and stable, otherwise, you risk the possibility of injuring yourself.

Comfort: Look for a preacher bench with thick padding to ensure you have a comfortable workout experience. When you are performing multiple exercises on your preacher bench day after day, you want to be comfortable. Thinly padded seats and arm pads may make you uncomfortable and negatively affect your exercise performance.

Load Capacity: If you are a heavy lifter, you need to find a weight bench that can accommodate your weight, plus the weights you will be lifting. You don’t want your weight bench to give out on you in the middle of a heavy lift and cause injury.

Space: Make sure you measure your space and compare it to the dimensions of the weight bench before purchasing. If you have limited space, you will need to opt for a smaller-sized bench.

Usage: Consider what you will be using the bench for. If you are looking for a bench solely for the purpose of performing preacher curls, look for a bench specifically designed for that. It could save you some money

But if you would like to make the most out of your purchase, a multi-use weight bench would be your best bet.

Preacher Curl FAQs

Do I Need A Preacher Curl Bench?

A preacher curl bench makes preacher curls more effective and easier to perform, but it’s not necessary. You can perform preacher curls without a bench by using any inclined slope that can act as support to isolate your bicep muscles while doing curls.
You can also do preacher curls from a seated position by leaning forward until the backs of your arms rest on your knees.
From here, you can perform your curls as you would on a preacher bench. The benefit of having a preacher curl bench is that you can perform this exercise more comfortably and effectively. Thus, a preacher bench for home gym is not necessary to do preacher curls.

Is the Preacher Curl Bench Dangerous?

Like any piece of home gym equipment, you should be cautious when using a preacher curl bench. If a gym equipment is made well and set up correctly, you should be able to use it safely.
Make sure you are doing exercises correctly and take heed of warnings, weight capacity, and set-up instructions from the manufacturer.
If at any time your weight bench feels wobbly or unstable, check to make sure it’s set up correctly or use less weight.

Final Words From LiveLife

Bicep curls are some of the popular exercises that are known to work and tone the muscles in your upper arms, as well as those in your lower arms. Using a preacher curl bench for your curl exercises is one of the most effective ways to get results. Thus, you must aim to include one of these gym equipment in your setup to support your weight-training exercises.

Which preacher bench you choose will depend on what your needs are. If you want a bench that allows you to perform multiple exercises, look for a multi-use utility bench like the Finer Form Weight Bench.

But if you are specifically looking for a bench to target your bicep muscles, then the Valor Fitness preacher bench should be high on your list.

But we are sure any of the home gym equipment we have listed can meet your goals.

Before making your final choice, you must consider your available gym space and budget. Check the product’s dimensions before purchasing to determine if you have the room for set-up. And if your budget is small, compare multiple benches to find the best value for your needs.