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Setting up a home gym can be a costly venture. But you can cut down the cost with some clever choices. One of the best choices could be to add a slam ball to your setup.

A Slam ball is one of the best strength and explosive movement tools for building your core, upper body, and lower body muscles. It can also help boost your fitness levels, burn calories, and build stamina.

best slam ball

Best Slam Balls for Home Gym – A quick look

A slam ball could be one of the best fitness equipment for your home gym.

To help save you time and money, our team has spent countless hours combing the internet to identify some of the best slam balls that can support your training and help you build explosive power.

We are very confident the list we have put together will help take your fitness training to the next level.

Best Slam Balls For Building Strength And Explosive Power

What is the best slam for a home gym you could lay your hands on with your budget? Read on and find out in detail.

Rogue Echo Slam Balls

rogue echo slam ball

Rogue Fitness manufactures and supplies some of the best fitness and home gym equipment. The build quality and reliability of Rogue gym equipment are hard to beat, and the Echo balls are not different.

Designed and battle-tested to withstand any rough treatment thrown at it, the rubberized ball is suitable for athletes of all fitness levels.

Aside from using them as slam balls, you can also use them as medicine balls and wall balls, making them versatile to fit into different training regimes.

They came in different weights ranging from 10lb-50lb., in increments of 5lb. The diameters are different as well. Thus you are bound to find a weight that will suit your fitness levels, size, and goals.

The textured rubber exterior with ridges makes it easy and comfortable to handle the balls. And you can pump it back up with any bicycle pump if the ball loses air.

As expected, the build quality is very high. It comes with a 2-year replacement warranty for peace of mind.

The Rogue Echo Slam Balls are available to buy directly from Rogue Fitness

Yes4All Slam Balls

The Yes4All weighted ball is sand-filled to stop it from rolling around or bouncing. The filling also helps improve its firmness and balance.

The textured and grooved outer PVC shell makes it easy to grip, even with sweaty hands. However, some may find the edges of the grooves too sharp for comfort.

The specially formulated soft shell has a seamless construction for improved durability.

It is suitable for many types of sports, including conditioning exercises, Crossfit, and general athletic training.

Yes4All supplies the balls in different sizes, weights, and colors. Thus you are bound to find one that will meet your taste and fitness levels.

One major issue some buyers have is the design. The filling seems to be in a different container. That could rock the ball from side to side, making it uncomfortable for some to use

The overall build quality is acceptable and could be a welcome addition to your training regimen.

The Yes4All weighted ball is available to buy from Amazon.

RAGE Fitness Slam Ball

Enclosed in heavy-duty rubber makes the Rage ball much more durable than standard medicine balls.

It comes in different sizes ranging from 10lb-40lb, giving you enough choices for your requirements.

The textured surface helps give a good grip, even in wet conditions.

The fitted air valve protects the ball from bursting and makes it easy to adjust the air content and firmness.

Apart from a few customer complaints about the quality and customer service levels, the build quality and design of the Rage ball seem acceptable.

It is an equipment that can support your Crossfit training and is worth having.

You can buy the Rage Fitness ball on Amazon Now!

TRX Training Slam Ball

The build quality of the TRX Training Ball is high, and the ball could serve you well for many years.

It is heavily textured with a durable rubber outer casing, with a grooved surface to give a slip-resistant grip.

It is sand-filled to make it difficult to bounce when slammed. The sand-filling helps to give it weight and shape.

As with all the other balls on the list, it comes in different sizes to meet different fitness levels and requirements.

Just like the Yes4All, one issue some buyers have is the filling could be off balance, making it challenging to use the ball.

Aside from the above, which seems minor to many customers, it is one of the best on our list and worth having.

The TRX Ball is available to buy from Amazon.

Titan Fitness Rubber Tread Slam Balls

Titan Fitness Rubber Tread Slam Balls

The Titan Fitness ball is the most comprehensive, in terms of weight, on our list. The weight ranges from 10lb-90lb, in increments of 10lb. That makes for the ball to meet the requirements of athletes at all fitness levels.

The most notable concern is the size of the balls. The diameter of the Titan balls is much larger than other slam balls, making them challenging to handle. That would be good for athletes with a larger frame but could make things difficult for small-framed athletes.

Titan is a well-known brand in the fitness equipment market, and its products stand up well to rigorous reviews.

The Titan Salm Balls are available to purchase on Amazon.

Day 1 Fitness Weighted Slam Ball

The Day 1 Fitness weighted ball has a tough outer shell capable of absorbing different levels of impact.

The thick outer shell and sand-filled core can force you to expend more energy and power when working with it, helping you to burn more calories and build more stamina and strength.

It comes in different sizes and weights, making it suitable for athletes of different sizes and fitness levels. Irrespective of wherever you are in your fitness journey, they should offer you enough to challenge you in your workouts.

You can replace your dumbbells with the Day 1 Fitness slam ball for exercises such as sit-ups, squats, and push-ups.

As with all equipment, some customers have issues with quality and durability. But with 84% of 5-star reviews on Amazon, we are confident you will not make a wrong choice if you opt for it for your gym.

The Day 1 Fitness Weighted Ball is available to buy on Amazon.

Champion Sports Rhino Promax Slam Balls

Champion Sports Rhino Promax balls are made from a propriety Rhino Skin leather shell, giving users a controlled and comfortable grip, even with sweaty hands.

Build quality is good, and the balls will stand up to constant slams, throws, and maneuvers.

The Rhino Promax comes in different weights, but they only go up to 30 pounds, making them more suitable for beginners and those with low fitness levels than experienced athletes.

One other observation is the number of seams. Unlike all the slam balls on the list, the Rhino Promax has quite a few seams.
Thus there could be issues of the seams coming apart after time.

The overall build quality is good and acceptable and should to a good buy for those at the beginning of their fitness journey.

You can buy the Champion Sports Rhino Promax Ball fromAmazon now!


Rep Fitness offers the next comprehensive array of weight options on our list after Titan Fitness. The weight options range from 5lbs to 70lbs.

But unlike those from Titan Fitness, the Rep Fitness balls come in increments of 5lbs, and the balls are much smaller too. Thus there is a wide variety and choices for athletes of different levels and fitness.

Made with a thicker shell and reinforced air nozzle, the V2 balls are well-made, durable, and will hardly fail. They should serve you well in your Cross Training and HIIT workouts.

There are a few concerns with the ball splitting. But the overall build quality is very acceptable.

It comes with a full 1-year warranty for home use and a 6-month warranty for commercial use, giving you some peace of mind and the assurance that you are buying a product that could serve you for a considerable period.

The Rep Fitness V2 ball is available to buy on Amazon

JFIT Dead Weight Slam Ball

The JFIT Dead Weight Ball comes in different colors and weights, giving several choices to suit different fitness levels.

The highest weight you get, just like the Rogue Echo Slam Balls, is 50lb, which should be enough for the requirements of most athletes.

You also have three outer layers to choose from – a soft, easy grip layer, a classic thicker skin version, and a thicker, heavy-duty version.

JFit has tried to come up with different options to meet the needs of most athletes. JFit seems to have done that quite well, and they are the only brand with that many options.

The JFIT Dead Weight Ball has gone through many redesigns and engineering. The result is a quality gym equipment that can support your Cross training and other workouts. They can help build strength and explosive power, and burn calories.

With 82% of 5-star-rated reviews on Amazon, you should be confident you are buying a product that can support your fitness and strength training efforts.

You can buy the JFit slam ball on Amazon Now

Why Use A Slam Ball?

You can use slam balls for a wide range of exercises to help build explosive power and strength, burn calories, and improve cardiovascular fitness.

They are one of the most widely-used fitness equipment for Crossfit workouts and group fitness classes.

How do you choose the best slam ball or What to Look for in a Slam Ball?

A slam ball is a weighted ball that does not bounce. It must be capable of absorbing all the kinetic energy.

But there are a few things to consider before making your final choice.

The best slam ball must be

  • durable
  • easy to handle
  • not slippery when your palms are wet or sweaty
  • available in different weights


A ball that is too heavy will be difficult to lift, making it challenging to use. One that is too light will not provide the required resistance.

The weight of the slam ball you choose must be high enough to challenge you and help you get the most out of your workout while reducing or eliminating the risk of injury.

Material and Texture

We all sweat when exercising. Thus the ball must be safe to handle, even when sweating. That means the slam ball must be such that it does not slip out of your hand when exercising.

Build quality and Material

The quality of the materials and the build must be high enough for the ball to absorb the impacts of the slams.

Thus, the Rogue Echo Slam Balls should be high on your list. Their 3 years replacement guarantee is also difficult to beat.

We are confident one of the recommended slam balls will find a place in your home gym and help you build strength and power for many years.

Final Words from LiveLife

All the slam balls on our list are good enough to meet your fitness requirements, depending on where you are in your fitness journey.

Rogue Fitness gym equipment are some of the best in the world. And we will always recommend their equipment over others when considering the quality.

Is a Slam Ball the same as a Medicine Ball?

Though a slam ball looks similar to a medicine ball, there is one main difference.
Slam balls have a thicker surface, making them excellent for high-impact throwing exercises and workouts. On the other hand, Medicine balls have plastic or thinner rubber surfaces, making it difficult to use them for intense workouts.
Slam balls are usually sand-filled, making the distribution of the weight uneven. The design allows for high-intensity training.
You can use a slam as a medicine ball, but you cannot use a medicine ball as a slam ball. A medicine ball cannot take the impact of continuous slamming.