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Best Suspension Trainers for your Home Gym

  • Best Suspension Trainer Overall: TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System
  • Best Suspension Trainer for Outdoors: TRX Tactical Gym
  • Best Budget Suspension Trainer: KEAFOLS Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Kit
  • Best Suspension Trainer for Beginners: QonQuill Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit
  • Best Portable Suspension Trainer: TRX GO Bundle
  • Best Suspension Trainer for Small Spaces: Lifeline Jungle Gym Suspension System
  • Best TRX Alternative: Bodytorc Suspension Trainer

Our Top 3 Suspension Trainers




Best Overall

TRX All-in-One Suspension Training

Best TRX Alternative

Bodytorc Suspension Trainer

Best Advanced

TRX PRO3 Suspension Trainer

Best Suspension Trainers that can help you build lean muscle

woman exercising with suspension trainers

Suspension trainers are some of the most portable equipment to include in your setup. They are also easy to set up. They are small, lightweight, and will hardly take up any space in your gym. And you can carry them with you, allowing you to train whenever and wherever possible.

Including suspension training in your fitness regimen expands your exercise options, reduces your reliance on weights to build strength, and gives you alternative ways to target and work your muscles.

TRX is the market leader, producing some of the best suspension trainers. But there are some alternatives as well, some of which are worth considering.

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Below are some of the best suspension trainers that can support your strength training regimen based on cost, build quality, and customer reviews

Best Suspension Trainer Overall: TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System

TRX is the market leader in suspension trainers. The brand has products to suit every situation and every fitness level.

The TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System is a comprehensive package that will suit all fitness enthusiasts.

The package in the system includes adjustable straps, indoor and outdoor anchors, and foam grips, making it easy for anyone, including those new to suspension training, to get started quickly.

The anchors make it possible to set the system up anywhere.

It is lightweight, weighing just 1.7 pounds. It is also portable, making it easy to set up and train, even when on vacation.

You also get a workout guide and access to online workouts. And you can also subscribe to the TRX app, giving you access to personalized and on-demand exercises.

The system is compact, easy to clean and store, and machine washable. And you get a drawstring mesh bag for storage or transportation.

The TRX All-in-One has all the qualities to challenge any skill level and body type, aiming to turn your body into your machine.

It is not just for novices but anyone who wants to expand their training and fitness opportunities. It is adaptable, versatile, has everything you need, and should fit into any setup.


  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Adjustable straps and foot cradles
  • Easy to clean and store


  • Expensive

You can view and order the TRX All-in-One Suspension Training System on Amazon.

Best Suspension Trainer for Outdoors: TRX Tactical Gym

The TRX Tactical Gym is the option for those who like to train outdoors. It is much lighter than the All-in-one system but more durable, and it comes with a carrying bag, making it more portable.

The military-grade hardwearing construction materials can withstand rain, cold, and other harsh weather conditions and the roughness of outdoor training.

The straps are adjustable for different exercises and users and come with oversized foot cradles to keep your boots and outdoor shoes in place during your training.

It uses a non-locking carabiner instead of adjustable velcro straps for easy and quick adjustment to save time and effort.

And instead of the foam-covered handles in the All-in-one, the Tactical Gym has hard-wearing rubber handles for safety and durability.

It is a comprehensive system designed and created from the feedback of outdoor operators and military athletes to ensure you can push yourself to the limits, either working out indoors or outdoors.

It is washable and portable, and your purchase will give you access to apps and training programs to help with your training.


  • Durable with hardwearing materials
  • Designed for the outdoors
  • Heavy-duty rubber handles


  • Expensive
  • Foot straps are not adjustable and may not suit every user.

The TRX Tactical Gym is available on Amazon

Best Budget Suspension Trainer: KEAFOLS Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Kit

The KEAFOLS Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Kit is an alternative to the TRXs, especially for those on a budget.

It is an over-the-door kit that can help you build strength and lean muscles.

The design is simple, and the straps are lightweight and portable and should work well for beginners.

The build quality is not at par with the TRXs, and some may not find the length of the straps acceptable.

The design of the feet and the handgrips may not suit everybody, and some may find the system of changing them between different exercises time-wasting and inconvenient.

But despite the few limitations, the Keafols are good enough to get many started on their suspension training.

They may not be in the same league as the TRXs, but they are much cheaper and will do the job for many beginners and those looking for a bargain.


  • Low price point
  • Portable and easy to set up


  • Poor strap adjustment system
  • Some may find changing feet and hand grips time-wasting and inconvenient
  • Not the best design and build quality
  • Confusing user guide

You can view and purchase the KEAFOLS Bodyweight Resistance Kit on Amazon.

Best Suspension Trainer for Beginners: QonQuill Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit

The QonQuill Resistance Training Kit is another alternative to the TRXs, especially for beginners.

Included in the QonQuill Kit are a couple of straps, an extension strap, a door anchor, and access to online video workouts

Unlike the TRXs, the QonQuill Kit uses two separate straps. That gives you the option to either work with one or both.

The build quality is acceptable, with QonQuill using nylon for the straps to make them durable.

The handles are well-made and comfortable, giving a good grip and allowing you to train without worry.

The price is much lower than the TRXs, making it affordable to many, especially beginners and those on a low budget.

Each strap comes with a carabiner for adjusting the length to suit your size or type of exercise. But the quality of the carabiners is not the best, making the adjustments tricky at times.

The package includes a set of resistance bands to help expand your exercise possibilities. Unfortunately, while they are a welcome addition, the quality of the bands falls short of expectations.


  • Acceptable build quality
  • Quality nylon strapsLow price point
  • Resistance bands included in the package


  • Some quality control issues
  • Poor adjustment facility
  • No wall mount kit supplied

The QonQuill Resistance Training Kit is available on Amazon

Best Portable Suspension Trainer: TRX GO Bundle

Unlike the All-in-one, the TRX Go does not include wall-mounting anchors.

It mounts on a door making it more portable, versatile, and the best option for exercisers who are always on the go.

The trade-off of convenience and portability is less stability and durability. The TRX Go weighs under one pound and is much thinner. Thus while the build quality is good, it is not as high as other TRXs. But it is much more durable and stable than many non-TRX suspension trainers.

Set up is quick and easy. You only need a door or a tree, and you should be ready to start training in about a minute.

The straps are adjustable, and the foam-padded handles ensure your comfort during your workout.

It is a product that allows you to work smarter and not harder to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Your purchase includes workout guides and access to the TRX app for more training opportunities.

You also get a drawstring pouch to help you conveniently store and transport it.


  • Lightweight and highly portable


  • Foot stirrups are not adjustable, making them challenging for some to use

You view and buy the TRX Go on Amazon

Best Suspension Trainer for Small Spaces: Lifeline Jungle Gym Suspension System

The Lifeline Jungle kit is compact and portable, making it ideal for small spaces.

Its split anchor system allows you to widen or reduce the width of the straps to suit your size and to help target different body areas and muscle groups.

Setup and adjustments are straightforward, and the set comes with the necessary mounting kits to set them up indoors and outdoors.

The non-slip easy-to-wipe rubber handles are comfortable and easy to use, allowing you to find the perfect grip for the exercise. And the foot cradle has a sturdy feel.

The build quality is acceptable, and the price is competitive as well.

Your purchase gives you a full-color wall chart and a downloadable video with workouts and exercises.


  • Easy adjustment system to help target different muscles
  • Comfortable hardwearing rubber handles


  • Some may find the handles and foot cradle too bulky for comfort
  • Foot straps are not adjustable

The Lifeline Jungle Gym Suspension System is available to purchase on Amazon

Best TRX Alternative: Bodytorc Suspension Trainer

The Bodytorc Suspension Trainer is durable, well-built, and the best alternative to the TRXs. But it sells at a fraction of the price of any TRX system.

Your order package contains, among others, extension straps for hanging ab exercises and a door anchor for mounting the straps.

The double-stitched, reinforced nylon straps are high quality and hardwearing. Combine them with the optional locking carabiners, and you have a set of suspension trainers that are durable enough to take heavy loads.

You can choose a single or split anchor design to suit your preference. The numbered arms make precise adjustments quick and easy.

The handles and foot straps are detachable, making it possible to use them for other exercises and clip-on devices like Olympic rings.

The padded foot straps and handles are comfortable and should help reduce strain on your joints.

Your purchase gives you access to Bodytoc’s free online library of exercises for different fitness levels.

The Bodytorc Suspension Trainer is durable, well-made, and will not leave a big dent in your bank account. It is the best TRX alternative worth having for your home gym.


  • Detachable handles and foot straps
  • High-quality build, durable, and able to withstand heavy weight
  • Easy to customize, set up, and adjust.
  • Access to an online library of exercises and workouts


  • Ceiling mounts are not included in the base price.

You can view and purchase the Bodytorc Suspension Trainer on Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Suspension Trainers – A Buyers Guide

Suspension training, like many physical exercises, has some risk elements. But opting for the best kits can help reduce the possibility of picking up an injury during your training.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best suspension trainers for your gym.

  • Build Quality
    The build quality of any fitness equipment is one of the most vital elements of any gym equipment.
    Reputable firms with good track records are a safer bet than unknown brands.
    Such brands gain their reputation by producing and offering high-quality, durable, and well-made products and backing them with excellent after-sales care.
    Buying from an established brand ensures you have a reliable product that will serve you well for many years.
    Take steps to establish that you are choosing suspension trainers with high-grade materials, high build quality, reinforced stitching, and enough weight capacity to meet your needs.
    Easy-to-clean or easy-to-sanitize or wipe straps, aluminum alloy or zinc mounting anchors, clips, and buckles are some of the features to consider.
  • Durability and Reliability
    You should consider any purchase you make as an investment. Thus ensure you purchase a product that can meet your needs, stand the test of time and take you through your training for many years.
    Straps should not easily break or wear out after a few uses. Ensure handles are rubber-made or have high-quality foam.
    The build material should withstand the conditions under which you train, such as rain, snow, cold or humid conditions.
    The mountain hardware should be sturdy enough to take your weight, and the length of the straps should be comfortable for your height.
    In general, the weight capacity of the suspension trainer should meet your needs now and in the future.
  • Portability
    One of the vital features that make suspension trainers stand is they are portable, making it possible to carry them with you and work out whenever you want.
    Ensure the best suspension trainers have these qualities. They should not be bulky or heavy. Included accessories like carry bags and pouches can make your life easy and save you the extra expense.
  • Comfort
    Building strength and lean muscle may sometime involve pushing yourself to challenge limits. But that should happen with equipment that allows you to work in comfort.
    Ensure handles are comfortable and will not irritate or leave blisters on your palms. Hooks, carabiners, and buckles, for example, should be robust enough to ensure they do not slide out of place in the middle of a workout.

Final Words from LiveLife

Including suspension training in your workout regimen can open a whole world of training opportunities, allowing you to target your muscles in different ways and angles not possible with other training and equipment. And you will need suspension trainers for that.

While TRX produces some of the best suspension trainers, other brands offer similar products, sometimes at a much lower price, that can help you go into suspension training without leaving a dent in your bank account.

We hope you will discover the best suspension trainer system from those we have discussed to help you meet your fitness goals.